Your Green Card Marriage Interview: 12 Questions You Must Know (Part 1)

Your Green Card Marriage Interview: 12 Questions You Must Know (Part 1)

Hey, today, what we want to do is talk about green card marriage interview questions. A lot of people come up to me and they say that “Look, getting a green card through marriage is the easiest path to permanent residency.” And well that may be true, it’s not a simple path. The biggest concern is what happens at the interview. “What will I be asked?” That’s what we’ll going to learn today. Today, we’re going to discuss the various topics, the various kinds of topics that you might be asked at your green card interview. But first let me review with you a few preliminary matters. Normally, the government is going to review your application for marriage fraud. That’s just automatic. Okay? But in most cases, they don’t schedule a specific interview to go through items where they could be exposing inconsistencies between you and your spouse. But if they spot something in your application, red flags, then we could have some issues. And some of the red flags you might not think seem fair, but the government seems to think that they are viable areas to look at. For instance, if you have a marriage of individuals from different races, they are going to scrutinize that a little tougher. If you have individuals with a wide age variation between the husband and wife, who is 20 – 30 years older or younger than the other spouse, then that could be a problem. Then there’s also targeted nationalities. Targeted nationalities could be a real issue. There are other issues: trial separations, property. We’re going to go into those. Okay? Now, note this. This is video number 1. This is lesson number 1. We are only going to cover four topics because this is a pretty tough area to cover. I don’t want you to be sitting around having to watch a video of long duration, in order to understand what’s going on. So we’re going to go through some of the issues here real quickly that I am going to touch on and hopefully help you prepare for your own green card interview. First question is how you met. When did you meet your spouse? When did you guys first stare in each other’s eyes and fall in love? Who was there? Who was there at the meeting? They’ll ask you who was there at the interview. Where were you at? Was it day? Was it evening? They’re going to ask you questions like that. Now, I’d like to say that over the course of the next three videos, you are going to get a complete guide to permanent residency marriage interview questions. But that is absolutely impossible. For every question that I share with you here, there are at least three times that amount that I can think of in my own mind that they might ask you. So where did you meet? Did you meet at a party? Did you meet in a house with some friends? Were you introduced maybe at school? How long have you known each other? And then how long after that did you start dating? How long after that did you guys become serious about each other? Who proposed? Those are the types of questions. Simple stuff really. If you’re really married, simple stuff, right? Not if you’ve been married for a long time, I mean, that’s the stuff you kind of forget. Let’s go to employment. The issues of employment. Where do you work? Easy question. How much do you earn or your spouse earn? Where does your spouse work? Easy questions, right? Do you know your spouse’s boss? Have you been to any parties at your spouse’s company during Christmas or any holiday? Have you met any of his co-workers? Oh, what’s your spouse’s wages? Or how are you paid? Direct deposit? Deposit into an account? And did you get any bonuses? What about last year, did either one of you get a bonus? They are not going to ask you, did either one of you get a bonus; they are going to ask you first about you. Then they’re going to ask you about him and then when you go – or her – and then when you go to the interview, they’re going to separate you. You will be in separate rooms. If your case goes this far, you’ll be separated and when they separate you, they’re going to ask you about her and him, you and your spouse. They are going to ask you about, they are going to separate you, and they’re going to see what kind of answers you’ve given. They’re comparing. Because if you don’t give similar answers – they don’t have to be exactly alike – but they should be similar enough that they can tell that, “Well, you guys really know each other. You are a real couple.” If you can’t get that out of them, you’re in trouble. As I shared in a previous video, when I was as a rookie attorney, you know, less than a year in practice, I was duped by a couple, and I swore to myself that that would never happen again. I was furious at the end of that. I was furious. I was furious that I didn’t catch the warning signs. But that’s how you learn and you get better. I had to admit at that moment I was like, “Boy, did you really go to Law School, buddy? I mean that was, you know, you should have spotted some of the signs I think.” But being a rookie and it was no harm, no foul. They did not go through with whatever they were trying to pull off and they understood, “Hey, we really goofed.” And I don’t really know what happened to the couple because they disappeared. But don’t try fraud. That’s the one thing I’m trying to point out here. Okay, issue number 3 that you might want to think about is your current home. When did you guys move in there? Oh what colors are there? Oh, and the walls in your bathroom, what color are they? How many bathrooms are there? What about the kitchen? Do you have curtains? What colors are the curtains? What about the living room? Do you have curtains in there? Do you have carpet in there? What color are they? Easy stuff. Easy stuff. If you are a real couple. Okay? But that’s not always the case. And that’s why they do these interviews. They’re going to weed you out if you’re trying to perpetuate a fraud. And that’s good. That’s good because immigrants do not need the negative publicity from those fraud artists that are trying to make money off unsuspecting individuals from other countries. And a lot of times, that’s what happens. People are told that, “Hey we can pull this off, and you can get a green card.” No, no, don’t go in that direction. And you may want to check out some of my other videos that I posted on fraud because it’s a serious problem. Okay, item number 4. I know, this sounds almost like a video on fraud, huh? I’m just kidding. I mean I’m really talking about interview questions, but the reason they do this is to prevent marriage fraud. They don’t want to give green cards to couples that are not bona fide, that are not legitimate, that are not real, that their marriages are not real. Special days and vacations. What is the biggest holiday for your family? Where do you celebrate it at? When was the last time you went to watch a movie? What did you watch? Where did you take a vacation? Have you taken a vacation since you got married? Where did you go? Did you take pictures? And what special events, did you go to a concert, when you were there? Did you go to a baseball game, a basketball game? Did you go to a night club? Did you go to a nice restaurant? Hey those are things that you should know. And they are ripe for questioning. You have to know. You have to sit down and think about the things that you might be asked, to compare notes because sometime you guys might not recall as readily. Both of you may not recall and that could create a problem. Because that will look like you’re perpetuating a fraud. You don’t want that. You want to think about your life. And those are really, really what they look for, is one, they are looking for your relationship history. Your history of relationship. They want to make sure that it’s a real relationship. They’re looking at your recent history together. Do you have a history together? Are you really a couple? And they take it from there. Because look, they want to make sure that if they give someone a green card based on the marriage, that it is a real marriage. And that’s perfectly understandable. Hey if you like this video, feel free to subscribe to my channel. I have other videos about permanent residence through marriage, through defending yourself if you are facing deportation, and a whole bunch of other issues. And if there are any topics that you like me to address, write it in the notes below. So like this channel. Subscribe to my channel. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this and hopefully this is helpful. If you have any questions, you can also email me at [email protected] and I hope this has helped you a little bit and feel free to look for video number 2 on this topic. I’m going to discuss four other categories. Take care and have a great day.

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  • Hello Carlos. I wanted to know your thoughts on the chances my husband gets an ir 1 visa approval. Married 5 years living in Dubai. He's a Palestinian national born and raised in Syria as a refugee. He got rejected for a visit visa for no ties to UAE… Would anyone in his situation have ties anywhere anyway… He's not been to syria in 7 years. I'm just worried about the travel ban now. We want to settle down permanently so we and our American daughter have a place to call home

  • Hi Carlos, does this apply to F2A cases where the spouse (applicant) is in a foreign country and has not been to the US? The green card holder (petitioner) is in the US. Per instructions, the petitioner is not allowed to attend the interview. Only the applicant attends the interview. Right?

  • Hello, I was wondering if all this can be done if both of us are in college? My girlfriend and I are 21 turning 22 soon and currently I am protected under DACA. I want to know if my status can be turned down? Also we have been together for 4 years and planning on getting married but don't want to file and then get deported. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • we just had our interview and my wife got her green card it was very easy just a few questions and mostly going over the forms to make sure they are all correct we have over a 30 year age gap the fist question is what day did you meet than just normal conversation about things like joint account, lease together file joint income taxes it was very nice and easy
    richard in fort Lauderdale go into interview prepared bring lots of back up info the more you bring the less questions we did not get separated but everyone else one know did

  • Mr Batara you are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to make the videos. They are really helpful.

  • At the first interview my friend was missing a document, she brought it back to to officer the same day, she never had the interview and they said they will reschedule, how long does that normally take? I think it’s almost 4months already

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  • How do I get in contact with you? I have specific questions and requests for information. I'm currently awaiting and answer from the USCIS. Please respond

  • I am an US citizen my new wed wife is Algerian. I traveled there to her and married both legally and ceremonially. Received documents and photographs. She has never been to America. We are of the same religion but different races. I filed I-130 for residents immediately after returning to America after our marriage.

    So, she will have her interview in the US Embassy, alone?

    Is there any practical way to get her to America before the finishing of the green card process, such as with a visa?

    Then extending the duration until we receive an answer of approval or disappoval?

  • My wife (25) and I(28) had our interview for the removal of the condition of my green card today(8/20/18) in NYC and it was very chill even though the officer didn't speak English very well he was very friendly which helped make us comfortable during the interview. Our appointment was at 2 and we were the last ones to be called for the interview which was almost 4pm. Besides the long wait pretty much everyone was very nice to us. We didn't have a lawyer, we studied the sample questions anyway and brought all the the documents that was asked on the interview letter and also the documents we used in our first interview which we keep all in the same folder since the very first initiation of the green card petition. He mostly asked questions about the first forms we've filled and that made it a little confusing to us because we've had 5 different addresses since we started my green card petition and when he asked for "our previous" address it took us a few tries to realize the "previous" address that he was asking for was actually one of our first ones haha. Anyway, the interview seemed to have gone well, we sure hope so, we stayed together the entire interview also. According to the USCIS officer we should hear from them in a month with the decision.

    Thank you for sharing this video, even though they didn't ask most of the questions in the PDF it still helped us feel more comfortable about what kinds of questions to expect.

  • Im a US born citizen and been married to my wife for longer than a year and have a 7 month baby girl together. My baby is still nursing from my wife and Im afraid that in the interview she would get locked up and deported leaving my child with no mother. In the age of Trump I have read some news articles that mothers married to US citizens have been deported. Im so afraid for my wife and daughter that I am the one holding back putting in the paperwork to claim her. Have you guys heard of any such situation?

  • its been 4 years and 5 month since the interview (based on a marriage with US citizen) and never got the green card !!! status still pending , no solid answer when I call . I just have my EAD employment auth doc renewed every year (my 5th EAD until now ) .. what should I do ? plz

  • Hi my husband is from Guatemala and we've been together for 5 years on his birthday married for 2 out of the 5 years and we have two beautiful children a boy and a girl my son is 2 and my daughter just turned 1 we've been seriously considering to try to get a green card for my husband but we're not exactly sure if you'll be eligible for when and we're afraid that maybe he might be expedited back to his country will any of this have an effect on the application

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  • Hi thank you sir for your helpful videos,I have just completed my green card interview with my husband and my daughter,the officer gave us easy questions and looked satisfied,but at the end of the interview she gave a notice that says"uscis is unable to complete your case at this time your case is being continued until a final decision can be made.your case is being held for this time uscis does not require any further information or documents from you.should further information or documents be required, you will receive a notice in the e-mail. We may also schedule u for another interview. Otherwise a final decision will be mailed to you once your case is complete". I don't know what that means,do they give this notice to everybody after interview??or I have special case.please answer and I have citizenship interview next month,is that gonna cause any problem for getting my citizenship???

  • me and my husband live together in the same house all of our bills have our names and adress but we don’t have a lease since we are living in the old house my parents lived at which is their boss . I have my interview coming up . Would this be a problem? Thanks for this video !

  • If my spouse has Child Support back payments will that be a determining factor in the process of the filing?

  • Also there is no lease or no joint account with both of us name on it except about only two mails, would they think our union isn’t bonified? We do live together.

  • Hes telling the truth right on the money. I'm older than my husband and they gave us a hard time , we didn't have a lawyer, big mistake . Which I seen this video before. Never go to immigration without a lawyer not because your marriage is legit, dont think they wont give you a hard time. Better you spend the extra money . My husband eventually get his green card but it was not easy.

  • I'm confused, I thought the us citizen spouse of immigrant didn't have to attend the interview. That is what the NVC site is saying .

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  • They called us for the interview next month. This is our second interview, last time we answered all the questions correctly but we didn't have enough evidence, so I was denied. In this coming interview appointment, they have asked me to take all the documents USCIS has ever gave me when I am going for the interview, I have them all organized, but I don't know why because my marriage is legit. Is there any problem or that's how they do it?!! Thanks for these videos.

  • Hi Carlos, my question is, that I think I made a mistake on my application where they ask is u have ever denied a US Visa to the USA I was but guess I mark the wrong box no, how do I correct that ? Plz and thank you

  • It's just a slip of the mind, it was in 2006 I got denied a US Visa in my country and went back in 2014 where I get a visitor Visa, sometimes we do forget things but will fix it when I get there , and u are doing a very good job to educate us , may God bless you always.

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