Why Should We Hire You? Learn How to Answer This Job Interview Question with this #1 tip ✓

Why Should We Hire You? Learn How to Answer This Job Interview Question with this #1 tip ✓

How to answer; Why Should We Hire You? Well, to start with; that’s the entire purpose
of the interview, isn’t it? It is for you to give answers to why they
should hire you. If you do a great job in the interview, and
implant your messages of why YOU are the best candidate, then there will not be a question
of “why should we hire you” at the end of the interview. A hiring manager will not waste his time asking
that question if you already made him feel that you are the right candidate. I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting, the creator
of Landing Interviews Guaranteed and The Career Mastery. I try to help unemployed and underemployed
find amazing jobs through my free video training series. Alright let’s continue. Let’s say the hiring manager isn’t sure
yet and he still asked. What do we do? Well, that’s what I am going to share with
you today. Watch until the end of this video to learn
the best way to answer this question. Soon you will learn the best way to answer
this question. But I just need you to be patient. Let’s first analyze the situation. First things first. What are your main objectives? What do you need to accomplish with your answers? Well, you need to convince them that;
– You will fit in well with the organization culture
– You possess all the skillsets and experience required
– Hiring you will make them look smart – You can deliver great results
Great! So far so good
Now, in order to give these impressions, you need to understand the requirements of the
role. So, think of about
– What skills are required in the job description? – What experience are they looking for? These are different things. Now, I think we got the fundamentals out of
the way. It’s about time we take it one level further. I believe you probably fit one of the 2 categories;
You are either an experienced hire with many years of experience or a fresh graduate with
limited experience. Let’s start with the first one, shall we? If you have years of experience, then you
need to know that you the time has long gone for you to “take more than you give”. You are not a fresh graduate, you have years
of experience, so we expect hardcore results from you. Right? You may even be joining the firm to solve
a particular problem. Maybe increase the revenue if it’s a sales
role, or whatever. It’s No big deal. You just have to prove in the interview that
you can generate results. To do that, I suggest you use presentation. When they ask you why should we hire you,
then you should just take out your printed out presentation and demonstrate your abilities
and past experiences. You can use these slides on the screen. I will be sure to put a download link in the
description below as well. Anyway, let’s continue, while crafting your
slides, think about the examples from your own career. Example is the absolute proof that you could
do it before, right? That means you can do it again. Each example should illustrate;
– what was the problem – what did you do
– and what was the result. If you can, then also write down the methodology
you applied while solving the problem. This is especially true if you are applying
for a consulting role. We are really interested in application of
methodologies. That’s it for the experienced hire. Now, let’s talk about candidates with limited
experience. If that’s the case, then your job will be
a bit different. And you will use different slides to impress
them. Using the impact slides I showed earlier will
not help you as much as it will hurt your chances. They may consider you are simply BS’ing
them. Because you really haven’t yet accumulated
enough relevant experience. However, this is important, you have indeed
developed certain skillsets that you can definitely leverage in the interview. I suggest you develop a 1-slider, something
similar to this one. Because to develop skills, you don’t necessarily
need to have decades of experience. Again, I will put a download link in the description. Alright, so we covered the basics. Now, let’s take it even further. More advanced stuff. Shall we? If you are saying that “Deniz, I need to
go even extra mile. I need to just freaking rock that interview. What can I do?” Well, I have an answer for that too. First, if you like the video so far, please
do me a favor, give me a thumbsup and subscribe to my channel. Cool? Ok, let’s continue. I have 1 more great tip for you that I don’t
know if anyone else knows about or talks about at least. What it is, the unwritten requirements. This is important. Unwritten requirements are those that are
too long to list down in a job post. But they exist. They exist in the mind of the hiring manager. He knows them inside out. After all, imagine all the things you will
be doing in that job, all the tools and software you will be using. Would it be even remotely possible to list
in a job post? Impossible. Let’s look at the examples;
For example, – You may talk about your ability to use SalesForce. This would be really suitable for a role that
you know the company uses SalesForce. This is something again that will work great
with Hiring Manager. HR wouldn’t even know that the company uses
SalesForce. But Hiring manager will like the fact that
you are great at SalesForce – again assuming that they are using SalesForce
– Another one, for example, your expertise in using IFRS or local GAAP for an accounting
role. – Another one, MS projects or Primavera for
project management roles. – Or, Your knowledge in project management
framework from PMI or a project management methodology like Prince 2. Once more, mentioning these unwritten requirements
will really really work wonders with your hiring manager interview. But be strategic about this. If they ask, why should we hire you? Don’t go about it and say you should hire
me because I know how to use salesforce… Just make sure you mention them in your pitch. Remember it’s all about collecting points,
and increasing the likelihood of them liking you for that role. You gain a few points from here a few points
from there and that’s how you get the job. Before I conclude this video, I have to more
things. First, if you benefited from this video, could
you please give me a thumbs up. Also, this is a very new channel and I will
only put more videos if people subscribe. So, it will be a good indicator for me to
see if more people want to see these insider tips. So, please subscribe if you wanna see more
videos. Finally, I have one more awesomeness for you. I spent quite a long time preparing a free
3-day video training for you. This is where I teach how to prepare, pass,
and land interviews with multinational companies. Each video runs for about 30 minutes and they
are very comprehensive with life changing tips. I highly recommend you check it out at Landing
Interviews Guaranteed. See you next time.

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