Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too… | Ben Mezrich | TEDxBeaconStreet

Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too… | Ben Mezrich | TEDxBeaconStreet

Translator: Emily Qiu
Reviewer: Denise RQ OK. stand there, there, there. You’ve got a circle for me? Hi everybody, my name
is Ben Mezrich, and I’m an author. I’m here to talk about UFOs. But I’ll talk about how I got to UFOs because my parents get very upset
when I just talk about UFOs. I’m a non-fiction writer. I never really wanted to be
a non-fiction writer. I hated non-fiction growing up. I loved TV, really bad TV, like “Saved by the Bell”
and “Three’s Company.” My parents, fearing the worst,
made a rule when we were little that we had to read two books a week
before we were allowed to watch TV so I became a speed reader
so that I could watch “Three’s Company.” When I graduated from college,
I realized I wanted to be a writer. I locked myself in an apartment
in Boston nearby here, and I wrote nine novels in a year; not something I recommend to any of you. I was rejected by everyone in publishing. I got 190 rejection slips
– had them taped to the walls -; I look like a serial killer
in my apartment. I was even rejected
by a janitor at a publishing house because I wrote manuscript and sent it to an editor
who was no longer working there. They got thrown in the trash. An editor took it out the trash
and then rejected me. So it seemed unnecessary,
but that’s what happened. I went on and on and on,
and eventually, I found my way, because I was hanging out in a bar
in Boston called “Crossroads” – Some of you may know “Crossroads” – and there was a group of MIT kids there,
and they had tons of money. And it was all in 100 dollar bills. I didn’t know why they had
all this money in 100s. So I met the main guy; he invited me
to his apartment in the South End, and in his laundry was 250,000 dollars. I said, “Are you a drug dealer?”
And he said, “No.” He said, “Come to Vegas with me.” I went to Vegas, and that turned out
to be the lead of the MIT blackjack team. I joined the team, and I wrote a book,
and it became the movie “21.” “21” was about to come out,
I was sitting at home, and I got a weird little email
from a Harvard senior, and it said, “My best friend founded Facebook,
and no one’s ever heard of him.” Another weird little moment in my life: I go out for a drink
and in walks Eduardo Saverin; – you’ve seen the movie – kinda looks like the guy in the movie,
not as good-looking. if you watched 21, it was the best looking
group of MIT kids you’ve ever seen. “Social Network” was the best looking
Harvard kid you’ve ever seen. Anyways, Eduardo walks in, sits down,
and says, “Mark Zuckerberg fucked me.” As a journalist, I had to say,
“Tell me more!” And that became the movie
“The Social Network.” So that’s the kind of things
I normally write. About a year and half ago,
I heard about another story. It was about a guy named Chuck Zukowski. Chuck was a reserve sheriff’s deputy
in Colorado. Chuck was investigating
a cattle mutilation. Out here in Massachusetts, we don’t know
a lot about cattle mutilations, but in the West,
they are an enormous problem: over 10,000 cows and horses
have been found lying on their left side, missing organs, all of of the cuts
are surgical and circular, and bodies are
completely drained of blood. This has been going on since the 60s. It’s such a huge phenomenon,
that in the 70s, three state governors got together, petitioned the Attorney General
of the United States and demanded an investigation. The FBI investigated,
involving 100 agents over 10 years, and found nothing. No one’s ever been arrested, there’s not a single fingerprint,
not a single footprint, these cows are just found lying there,
missing all their organs. It’s really weird. Our sheriff’s deputy, Chuck,
was investigating this, and he starts to think, “UFOs.” He was immediately fired
from the Sheriff’s Department. This is what normally happens
when you say UFOs. Anyways, he decided
to become a UFO hunter. He got an RV, filled it with his family, and started going up and down
the Midwest looking for UFOs. His family didn’t believe,
his wife is a total skeptic. I interviewed her, and I said,
“How did you put up with this?” And she said, “Well, it could be worse!
He could be off having affairs. He’s just in the mountains
looking for aliens!” So anyways, he starts
to make a weird discovery. Turns out that the majority
of UFO sightings occur along the 37th parallel
of the United States. It also turns out most cattle mutilation
are along the 37th parallel. It also turns out that almost all
of America’s underground military bases are along the 37th parallel
of the United States: The Pentagon, Cheyenne Mountain,
Fort Knox, all the way over to Area 51. Chuck is investigating UFOs. He starts to have weird run-ins. You would think he’s having run-ins
with the government because the government used to
investigate UFOs in this country. There was something
called Project Blue Book. After that, there were
two other secret projects, but the government
no longer investigates UFOs. It turns out Chuck was having run-ins
with a private corporation. This is true, and this is where we are
going down the rabbit hole a little bit. There’s a company run by a billionaire
named Robert Bigelow. Robert Bigelow made his money
from Budget Suites of America. He then put most of his fortune
into something called Bigelow Aerospace. – You might heard of it – They have pieces
on the International Space Station. They make something
called the TransHab with NASA which is an inflatable gasket
that astronauts can live in. They are intending one day
to build hotels on the Moon. – It was their original project. Anyway, this is a real company. It turns out for the past 20 years,
they have been investigating UFOs. They’re doing this in conjunction with
certain government organizations. If you get a copy of an FAA manual
that all of our civilian pilots use, and you look through it,
deep into the writing, what a pilot’s supposed to do
if they see something in the air, they don’t report it to the FAA; they don’t report to their airline
because then they will be fired; they report it to Bigelow. Bigelow gets all this information. He sends out a well-paid for teams
of investigators who investigate UFOs. Chuck started having run-ins with them. He didn’t really know what was going on. The story comes to a head at Roswell,
as all UFO stories do. If you know anything
about Roswell, it’s very kitschy, you can go there now and eat a hamburger
in an UFO-shaped restaurant or go to the alien ball,
dressed as your favorite Wookie. But the reality is the story
behind Roswell is fascinating. In 1947, America’s first nuclear base was
there: it’s called Walker Air Force Base. They started to track something
coming through a storm in the middle of the night in July. Whatever that thing was, it was hit by lighting
and crashed on a ranch in Roswell. It’s spread metallic debris
over 300 yards of this ranch. The metallic debris was covered
in weird hieroglyphics, it was made of the material
that people couldn’t identify. The rancher sees all this crap
on his lawn, he calls up the sheriff, the sheriff calls the Air Force Space. They send out a team. The team gathers up the debris
and then puts out a press release. The press release
from the US Air Force says, “We now have
in our possession a flying saucer.” This is true. Two hours later,
they rescind their press release. They gather up all the material, they go for inch by inch
and gather it all up, they put it on a plane,
first they land in Dallas, where they stage a photograph with a radar operator sitting amongst
the debris of a broken weather balloon. Everyone who was involved
in that photograph has since come forward
and said it was fake. The person who took the photograph,
the person in the photograph, and the person who ordered it. Anyways, the debris was then carted
to Area 51 where it is to this day. For whatever reason, the Air Force
will not release the files on this crash. Hillary Clinton, a few month ago,
was on Jimmy Kimmel, and she said
if she were elected president, one of the first things she would do was get the Air Force
to release the UFO files. Sadly, that is not to be. (Laughter) I don’t know if she was trying to go
for the UFO vote with that. I don’t think there was enough UFO people
to get over her over the edge. Every president we’ve had,
with the possible exception of Obama, has believed in UFOs and has tried
to get these files released. Jimmy Carter believed,
Ronald Reagan believed, Bill Clinton tried twice to get
these files released and couldn’t. Hillary wanted to do it, we don’t know
whether Trump will or not. These files do exist. For whatever reason, the government
will not show us what was at Roswell. I’ve seen documents which say it’s still,
to this day, an unidentified debris. That’s very strange.
This was a long, long time ago. So anyways, I dove into this story
about the 37th parallel, and I have come to believe
that there is a very good chance that whatever crashed at Roswell
was not from here. As I said, my parents hate me saying that, because the reality is when you talk
about UFOs, there’s a giggle factor. Everyone assumes you are nuts. A respected sheriff
can’t look at a crash site and say it’s an UFO without getting fired. A journalist can’t talk about UFOs without hearing X-Files music
in the background. And no scientist can look into it with the possible exception of the people
that Robert Bigelow has hired. But we don’t know what they are doing
with the materials they find. So I want to leave you with this: the impediments to believing
someone has come here from another planet, have actually disappeared. We used to think
there wasn’t life out there, right? Now we are all pretty sure
there probably is. We find an Earth-like planet
almost every day. We used to think these planets
are too far away, right? But we now know that’s not true, Proxima Centauri, which is
one of these planets is reachable by current
technology in 40 years. That’s not that long. So, those two reasons
aren’t around anymore. The Catholic Church recently
put out a weird little edict where they said, “If we do
discover life on other planets, it will not affect Catholic doctrine.” (Laughter) I think they’re covering
their basis, right? But I think that there’s a sea change
going on in the opinions of whether or not there’s
life on other planets and whether or not
they could come here. And to be honest, looking at the news
that we are seeing every day, if a UFO landed
on the White House lawn tomorrow, it wouldn’t even be
the top five strange things in the newspaper today. Anyways, thank you very much.
I appreciated it. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too… | Ben Mezrich | TEDxBeaconStreet

  • A time lapse camera set up on a dead cow has debunked the mutilation case. Maggots and boating that causes tears are your aliens.

  • Hit by lightening???????
    Really dude?…..yeah..the lightening was an electromagnetic scaler weapon…..( Radar with a Twist)
    This was restricted airspace…the 509th was there…..the only atomic bomb Bomber squadron in the world!!!!….UFOS were constantly checking it out and three of them were shot down, by a triangular set of Radar systems….one of which remains as a museum today……
    I'm 😕 confused……was this supposed to all be a running joke?
    Because….there really likely isn't much remaining at Area 51 these days either, since the bases disclosure in the 90's

  • If people start believing in UFO then they will stop believing in God. The political parties can no longer be able to control people based on God and religion and that's why American president is not powerful enough to release the files. I believe it's for the greater good of the most powerful people on the planet.

  • There are NO ufo's. Also aliens don't come from space, they come from the poles, exactly as admiral Byrd reported they do. If you see it, our government, or another conspiring government, either owns it or has identified it. Levitation was mastered by us in the 1950's. Earth is not a planet, and there is no South Pole. Tedx are the most lying videos on YouTube. Don't believe a single video from Tedx.

  • I belive they were from mars we found radiation traces in mars atmosphere that cannot be created naturally only by bomb we also found 2 big impact zones on mars where the ground was turned to glass which is the same if we detonate a nuke here on earth. Now the aliens were seeing not sure if there from there but I do belive there was life on mars in the past mabe there on big ships now without anfood planet or living undergroundmabe even hidden here on earth by the help of our governments. Who knows lol I just know there really to much evidence not to be

  • To get to Proxima Centauri with current technology, it would take 80.000 years!!!! It would take 4.5 years if you were traveling with light speed. 40 years? Lol, do the math…
    Also, if somehow aliens had the technology to travel such long, unimaginable distances, do you guys think that they would …crash on earth? When i hear about interstellar technology that …crashes on the ground i just want to laugh.
    I don't claim that alien life doesn't exist. In fact i am sure it does. The universe is so vast, the possibility of non existence of alien life is practically zero. Has an intelligent alien form visited earth? I don't know, i don't rule out anything. But if they had the technology for interstellar travel, they would surely know how to land their ships and not crash. And if they wanted to be undetected, they would surely be. Our tech would be a joke to them, like monkeys' toys are to us.

  • UFO'S . Sure as in unknown object which everyone thinks is a n Allen monster from outer space wherein it's debris from space that has finally entered earths arena and our gravity pulls into our atmosphere ..so if it was a space ship don't you think it would endure the reentry into an atmosphere that's most likely a lot less dense than what they came from or having the superior technology to get here after millions of miles or decades of travel would be able to actually land like we do at least.. sorry ..but trix cereal is for kids

  • The known Universe is approx 14billion years old as we know it and our planet Earth is 5billion years old so approx 1/3 the age of the Universe. There are 100billion known galaxies that will probably quadruple over the next decade or so dependent on technology. The idea that there is NO other advanced intelligent life able to travel interstellar in the universe is so far fetched as to be incomprehensible to me.
    We overestimate ourselves so much that we are delusional.

  • The reality is the sick superiority complex that white folks have will not allow them to admit that there are beings far more advanced than themselves in technology and can destroy them in two seconds if they wanted to. Now that is one aspect of it , another is that they are trying to learn as much as they can from the technology for one reason , to have power over every other nation on earth so they could subjugate them all and enslave them. Industry would have to be overhauled totally and replaced with the advanced technology and that means trillions of dollars lost.the zionist power structure will not allow the truth to be known no matter what because this is their economy and money for them trumps everything and everybody, so until they can catch up with these super advanced beings , they do not exist and if anyone comes close to proving that they do then that person will seize to exist…

  • Wish they would come & take me away from this world… They are probably thousands of years ahead of us & they’re technology makes our look so primitive. Probably have every cure to every current disease including cancer…

  • Even if the government released all information on Roswell and rolled the wreckage out into the street. You 👽 flat earth 🌎 nut jobs would still say there lying. Everyone has eyes or had eyes. I've never seen a green alien yet


  • I’ve seen a gigantic triangle under 100 feet above my head. Twenty minute sighting. Don’t know who was driving it. No doors lights windshields landing gear or any openings or engines. Near silent no wind produced by it high pitched noise not loud at all. Gave me the vibe of the obsidian door from space odyssey. I’m a stranger on YouTube, not the best place for trust worthy sources but those who’ve seen know. I couldn’t be more curious about who pilots it, government staging an incident like that is just as strange as inter-dimensional aliens singling me out. Life’s a mystery from every angle.

  • Lasers and solar sails is how you make it to Proxima in a normal human lifetime. It's not fiction, and it is, ironically, not rocket science.

  • On January 7, 1948, 25-year-old Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, died in the crash of his P-51 Mustang fighter, after being sent in pursuit of an unidentified flying object. The event was among the most publicized early UFO incidents.

  • The Gov already say they exist, why do yall need the files so bad? Maybe it's better this way yall ever think about that? I don't see em walking up to any of us and introducing them to us a holes, so I don't see where it matters. I've seen them in the skies that's enough.

  • you must believe in ufo,s as it makes some people a lot of money and causes fear and intrigue in others and it is a very good cover up for new aircraft,s being built for military use,

  • Why would UFOs have external lights? Arent they simply to help avoid collisions at night? Interplanetary travel and you need lights?

  • 20 years ago I accompanied my roommate to his hometown for a wedding. We drove north from TN to IND.
    It was about 10 o’clock in the evening when I noticed a funny light in the night which I initially presumed to be an aircraft.
    The “light” began to dance around the stars; left and right, up and down.
    I thought maybe a spotlight or something.
    Then it just took off to the other side of the sky, literally as far as I could see.
    Then, whoosh! All the way back, in a second.
    At this point I’m a little excited and nervous.
    Suddenly there were TWO of them, whipping around each other and whizzing to and fro like nobody’s business.
    Every few moments or so a large(to the best of my description) ball of orange light would form and hover in the air, slowly dissolving. 4 balls of orange total.
    It seemed as if the 2 “aircrafts” were flirting or playing a game with each other.
    I don’t know much, but I have never seen anything move the way that they moved that night, whatever they were.
    The entire experience was maybe 2-3 minutes.

  • If any gov keeps keeps secret any info regarding UFOs then they are not your government. We should not allow any one to become so powerful that they can deny us of important information regarding such things.

  • UFO are ships designed and build on Earth. People that use them are the elite and the technology is known for many millennials but is hidden from us as it was something from somewhere else than our earthy reality. GOD BLESS YOU, CONFESS JESUS AS YOUR LORD HE WILL SAVE YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU

  • If you had tech that permitted travel across the light years, it should be trivially easy to not crash and die on an alien desert, to not leave 500 kilogram corpses lying around, and to not have conspicuously bright and flashing lights on your craft as you "fly" over populated areas.

  • Anything you can't identify is unidentified. Aliens are not what you think they are. With that being said, if everyone like you would stop wasting time effort and money on ufo investigations and help the soldiers and homeless people get off the street, maybe just maybe we could make America great again.

  • It's only after ' The Roswell Crash ' , that technology took a great leap. The IC (integrated circuit) , Microchip and fibre optical cable was recovered from the ufo and reverse engineered. However , the reverse engineering is still not perfected , those recovered components have much greater potential, example , telepathic communication between human mind and devices or machines . So far only ' Android ' is evident.

  • There are 2 types of human in this universe:
    Those who live by their discoveries and findings and those who live by their prejudice and judgment.
    Lo and behold the second is the vast majority.
    Just read through the comments and count.
    What an impulsive and mentally-dead species we still are 😑

  • Chuck Zukowski, his son, Dan, and paranormal investigator Heather Taddy garnered a cable network program "Alien Highway" which is a real sketchy attempt to prove the existence of 'UFO's'.  I totally believe in unidentified areal phenomena.  But, 'UFO' means unidentified, as we all know….so, we should all stand on the same page…Let's all say 'alien technology' instead of "UFO", which is too ambiguous.  These technologies may be intra-dimensional, maybe from some base on the seafloor, or in the wildest case, from some planet in our galaxy….there is something here…and, perhaps, one government in the world will be first to spill its secret guts on the presence of alien beings….but, who decides?  Personally, I believe aliens and Freemasons are those in charge, everywhere.  So….

  • Soon AI will become so good in faking videos and audio samples that we will be thought to ignore everyting because we will think it is fake. And thats the chackmate.

  • Great guy. Funny story, but to Proxima Centauri it wouldn't take about 40 years, but, with the technology we have today, about 70 thousand years…

  • UFOs have temporarily shut down nuclear missile sites. These instances have been documented by military personnel. Pretty crazy stuff.

  • You do know that there are nearly eight billion people on this planet and you can't watch all of them, all the time. Animal mutilation has been going on for hundreds of years all over this planet. This guys facts are all over the place.

  • 9:48 that is complet BS. It literally took me under a minute to figure this information was fake. How am i suppose to give him any credibility after that. Please if you read this beware of what you see, hear, and read even if the information is attractive because it corroborate your opinion. Base your opinion on things you can verify rather than on what some people say… Escpecially if it is a writer who does not have any expertise on the subject and initially wanted aliens to exist…

  • At one point in time people refused to believe that the world wasn't at the center of the universe…. They were wrong. People refused to believe the world wasn't flat….. They were wrong. People, time and time again are proven wrong, mainly due to the lack of ability to keep a open mind or for fear of ridicule by their piers, imagine what we will be wrong about next?

  • Thanks, Joe! I had previously seen the films from the U.S. Navy jets, but not the others.
    I am 67 years old, and ( for as long as I can remember) been fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life. I have read countless books and seen many movies and television programs regarding this subject.
    I do recommend a book entitled, UFOS, CHEMTRAILS & ALIENS, What Science Says, by Donald Prothero and Timothy Callahan.
    Live long and prosper! 🖖

  • Mad cow disease ect actions by government to secretly stay on top of situation and not do damage to beef exports.

  • Beware of people who sound so convincing, while giving you totally false and fake facts. Took New Horizons 10 years to reach Pluto, which is 5 hours at light speed. Proxima Centauri is 4 light years away, which means it would take New Horizons more than 7000 years to reach it. Or, put it the other way round, if Proxima Centauri could be reached in 40 years, it would take us 2 days to go to Pluto.

  • Proxima Centauri is 4200 light years away. I don't know how many rules of physics one had to break to get there in 40 years but certainly not with our technology.

  • Most of this talk is all common knowledge to most people who are familiar with the subject of Ufo's, aliens government cover up etc

  • I am the author of Binoetics' First Touchdown: Artificial World (Facebook/Binoetics) and I met an advanced race of ETs called Esseliens who revealed to me things that might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. They said our Solar System including Earth, the Moon and all the planets was not naturally or randomly formed as our scientists tell us, but it was artificially created. What we call "nature" is not natural at all, but artificial nature. Life itself is not natural. We should also be very careful about the notion of "reality" because relatively to them (Esseliens) it is not a reality. They do not have bases, but they do have splendid cities inside Earth. They use sound to produce light instead of relying on the Sun. They were here before the arrival of humans on this planet. There is more to the story and my book revealed some of the forbidden mysteries of all times. "What you call life was created by someone greater than you."–Steve Jobs. He was not talking about God here.

  • This is good stuff… although giving money to people who can’t tell the public what they find… is a complete waste of money… they will never tell ppl… what is really going on… its power…that’s all … ufo is and always will be… or until they land the biggest secret

  • It will take around 20000 years with our fastest spacecraft to reach Proxima Centauri, which is definitely much more than 40 years

  • I wish we would finally be visited by alien life. There’s some karma on this planet that needs to seriously be leveled.

  • There is not need for ET to surgically cut cows or horses .. Their technology is far away better then ours… That is definitely government stuff… To make us believe alien are dangerous when they are not … I do believe in aliens i do not believe in creature been killed by aliens … This is government work for the next future war business ( a Galaxy war where all people of the world will be united together against aliens , be aware of human made UFO machine. They want us to believe aliens want to kill us )

  • I dont think traveling across the Galaxy other then in generational ships
    I thought if the debris at Roswell didnt come earth then it most likely interdimensional

  • Traveling to Alpha Centauri using today's technology would take more than 50 thousand years. Even intelligent aliens are bound by the laws of physics, meaning they can't accelerate a ship to light speed–a speed that, while fast, would still require more than 4 years to reach our closest stellar neighbor. Space really is just too voluminous for anything but ageless machines to undergo traveling such distances and for such duration.

  • Yes, there are UFOs but DON'T jump to the conclusion that what we're seeing is manufactured and controlled by intelligent life forms. That's a
    big mistake.

  • I have a question for you if you think you’re so smart. These videos can be easily photoshopped and how do you think humans could perfectly shape what a alien looks like even though we’ve never had and photo proof up close? Answer that, no? Ok well answer this one, how come people don’t know what god looks like (apparently) but know what aliens look like? The answer is you need FAITH to believe in these things, aliens may not be a religion obviously but there is no evidence of religions being true and same goes for aliens being true

  • The Roswell incident is so easily and frequently debunked. I really wish people wouldn't let their need to believe cloud their common sense.

  • How dAre alieNs pollute our oCeanS and uSe technoLogy thaT othEr peopLe canT affoRd!!!! TaLk abouT discrimiNation. BaN aLienas NOW BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  • Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.
    So alien enthousiasts …. show me the proof and don’t come back with fuzzy videos and photo’s or “trustworthy” People. I need solid proof.

  • Aliens are fallen angels! There goal is to deceive you into believing there is no God. Nature cannot create LOVE. Love is devine and intimate, and it comes from a creator!! Jesus is KING

  • Anyone who says they believe or do not believe in a ufo gets under my skin because unidentified flying objects could be anything it just means it hasnt been identified and its flying, why do people just assume this means aliens its like me saying i believe in unidentified plants then some moron presuming i believe its an alient plant. These unidentified flying objects are real theres no debate, the question is what are they ? Not weather you believe in them or not its not no nonsense like religion, thats a belief with absolutely no evidence but a ufo is nothing like that they are actual solid objects not fairytales like the bible and bigfoot theres a reason these objects are no longer called a ufo they are called an aav because some have been identified as advanced flying machines. Am i the only one who gets pissed of with this ?

  • Of course UFO exist!!! It is a trivial fact which has been confirmed many times!!!!

    Because UFO means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object 😉

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