Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question & Get The Job✓

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question & Get The Job✓

Where do you see yourself? What a stupid question to ask… It really is… Interviewer: Where you do you see yourself
in 5 years? Me: Well, I am going to tell you that I see
myself at your company at a role where I contribute to the organization’s success… and you
will not believe that I am genuine but then I will say that anyway because this is the
only answer I know you are looking for… If you are wondering how to answer this question
properly, and increase your chances to win that job then stay tuned until the end. I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and for
the past 10 years I have been interviewing thousands of candidates as a hiring manager. At The Career Mastery, a blog that I own I
help change some of the notions when it comes to interviews and hiring. Whatever you hear from represent my view as
a hiring manager. I am not HR, never been, nor have any intentions
to become one at any point in my career. In an ideal world, if you are interviewing
with a highly professional company and highly professional hiring managers, they won’t
ask you this question. Because, they know that you are just going
to lie. I hope they really won’t. It’s meaningless and encourages the candidate
to lie. It serves no purpose. But here is the thing… We are not living in an ideal world, and the
chances they will ask you this question is very high. In fact, unfortunately, I was asked this question
when I interviewed for PwC Consulting 4 years ago. Worst of all, this question came directly
from the partner himself. And no not partner in charge of HR. But partner in strategy consulting… Alright, I will share with you a beautiful
answer. But First things first, here are what not
to dos; – Don’t, don’t, don’t try to be funny
for – god’s sake. I remember at least 4 candidates who said
they saw themselves in my position in 5 years. The funny thing was I didn’t even ask where
they saw themselves in 5 years. I didn’t even ask that. Really. I just asked about their future plans and
whether they’d like to stay in Dubai over the foreseeable future. After all, this is an expatriate oriented
city you know. And we have a very high expat-turnover. Plus, this is probably the oldest joke in
the book. Where are they learning this from? Seriously! Please don’t do that. It’s not funny and also not even logical. If I am interviewing you for a junior consultant
role, it will take you a lot more than 5 years to become a manager like me… Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot you
know. Another no-no; you don’t really need to
talk about your ambitions for future. Start from today. After all, we are interviewing you to fill
a current role. Not necessarily a role to fill 5 years in
the future. We are not going to hire you to train you
for “that” role for 5 years. Right? I hope it’s making sense to you. Alright, now let’s move on to construct
the perfect answer. I will give you 2 approaches to this question. First, I will share with you the conventional
safe approach. And once it’s out of the way, I will share
with you my way. The first approach is the safest one. It’s what everybody uses and it is what
I call “Bullshit” answer. Your bullshit answer may tick the box and
prevent you from taking any risks. But at the end of the day it’s bullshit. To craft your perfect bullshit answer, you
need to hit certain triggers. The way I see, they are like this;
– You need to show them you are committed and not a 2 year jumper
– Another one, The reason you are here is not to find a quick solution to your unemployment. But rather, you are thinking of us as your
last destination in your corporate career. Simply, you are not here to wait for the next
best offer. Then, off you go. From hiring manager’s perspective, this
is a big challenge. Finding the right candidate consumes so much
valuable resources from the company. Time being the most important one. – Final one, Ambitious and assertive characters
are in high-demand for certain roles, especially in sales related positions. Please keep this in mind. So, feel free to clearly state that you are
looking to grow with the company, learn from the best, and ultimately, when you are ready,
take on more responsibilities. So, a safe bullshit answer may look something
like this; I will also put this in the description I’d like to deliver to the best of my abilities
while learning from the best. Having said that, I see myself 5 years down
the road growing into a managerial role and demonstrating my leadership capabilities. Or another one,
I am really looking forward to spending the next five years in an organization where I
feel I share all of its values, especially when it comes to [some values]. I would love to have the opportunity to demonstrate
my leadership capabilities when the time is right, hopefully within 5 years and contribute
to its growing success. Alright, as you see from these responses,
they are safe answers but not necessarily something I would say. This is especially true if I am interviewing
with a hiring manager. The hiring manager will most probably be your
direct line supervisor. Do you really want to start that relationship
based on lies and BSs? I don’t. And I didn’t… When I was asked this question 5 years ago,
my answer was something like below; So, he asks me Deniz where do you see yourself
in 5 years. Me: Hmm. Let me gather my thoughts for a second… [Yes, I literally took my time to think. You should try it too…] Judging by the fact that where I saw myself
in the past and where I ended up, it’s really hard to say where I will be. The only way I can see the future is by looking
at my past, right? and if you asked this question to me almost 10 years ago when I was working
at Standard & Poor’s as a financial analyst, I’d tell you I wanted to be an investment
banker, then 5 years later I was a project management consultant, then sustainability
consultant, and now here I am interviewing for a management consulting role which I can
confidently do very well. So, as you see, where I wanted to be almost
never happened and it’s really hard to say now where I will be in 5 years. But I guarantee you one thing. I will do my best in this role and try my
best to have a wonderful career at PwC with your team and with your leadership. And when the times comes, I will assume more
leadership roles hopefully easing some of your intense work load. When I gave this answer, something incredible
happened. Partner was definitely shocked hearing my
answer and I could tell he wasn’t expecting this. But… He was incredibly impressed… I could see it in his eyes. And after that, he started to pat me in the
back, telling me “son it’s ok. It’s very normal going through things like
this at your 20s, we don’t always get to have the career we want. But don’t worry things will be a lot more
clear for you moving forward with us.” The remaining of the interview he was completely
engaged, conversing with me, giving details about the way they work, and telling me that
he’d love to have a talent like me in the team. Then, he asked how soon I can join… I couldn’t ask for a better interview for
sure. And imagine this person was a Senior Partner
at PwC Consulting, a role that’s almost as high as it gets. It just worked. What worked was the honesty! Look at it from his perspective, after having
a 30 year career, I was probably one of the few people who took
the path less travelled. I was someone who had the courage to give
a less than perfect answer instead of lying and bullshitting. With my answer, he realized that I am someone
who will never give excuses or lies no matter how stressful the situation may be. So, think about it. Next time you find yourself in a situation
like this, maybe honesty is what you need. That’s it for now. Before, I go, can you please give me thumbs
up if you beenefited from this video. And also please subscribe to my channel if
you’d like to see more videos like this. Oh finally, I have one more awesomeness for
you. I spent about 6 months developing a free 3-day
video training where I teach you step by step how to achieve a career with multinational companies. Trust me, it’s an awesome training. And again it’s free. Alright, until next time.

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