What it Takes to be a Great Account Manager

21 thoughts on “What it Takes to be a Great Account Manager

  • What do you think makes a great account manager. We wear so many hats it was hard to pick just three. I'd like to hear from you.

  • "Don't doubt yourself", words to live by.

    i just took over a huge account from a giant who'd been there for a decade. Daunting as hell but especially when i got Zero handover.

    Welcome to flounder city? OR… Put on a big grin and get stuck in!

    Guess which one i did.

  • Warwick, you nailed it with this video. I plan to share this with those I mentor. I couldn't agree more with being honest. Without honesty and credibility you won't be that customers AM very long. I often tell AMs that we're in the customer service business. We want our customer to be comfortable in doing business with us and the company they represent. It's all about the Feels. At the end of the day if you treat someone fairly and with respect they'll usually do the same for you.

  • Can being too honest be bad?, I’ve been told by many of my friends that I can be too honest sometimes, but they say that’s why they value my advice.

  • Hi Warwick ! Great video and insights.

    We also made a video on "How to find great channel account managers"?

    Let us know what your thoughts are 🙂

  • Warwick, Thank you for your video it was very insightful. Currently I work for a company that is very loosely defined and we don't have a specific person fulfilling the role of account manager. In fact the CEO and his son personally manage the relationship with our customer. My goal is to convince my boss to look for an account manager. If you were in my shoes what would you tell the CEO are the main advantages to having an Account Manager are? Thank you!

  • thz for sharing this video. But I wanna request can you upload the next videos with subtitles sometimes I can't catch up with your words maybe I'm not English well? I hope you do my request!

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