What Is Your Biggest Weakness? How To Answer This Job Interview Question.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness?  How To Answer This Job Interview Question.

(jazz music) – Hi, I’m James Ball, founder
of the Interview Academy, and welcome to our series on
how to answer the most common interview questions that
you’re ever likely to face. Today’s question is, What
is your biggest weakness? Okay, hands up, I personally
hate this interview question, but that’s not to say that
it doesn’t get asked all of the time because it does.
Now personally I’ve had to answer it many times right
at the beginning of my career and I can honestly say I’ve
always struggled with it. It’s only when I started in
recruitment that it finally clicked in my head what
the question really means, but before I tell you
how you should answer it, there’s something that you
absolutely shouldn’t do and that’s to lie. Everybody
has a weakness, so don’t make the school boy error of
saying, “I haven’t got any “weaknesses.” All that’s going
to happen if you say that, is that the interviewer will
think that you’re really arrogant and it will give you
an instant black mark against your name. Also, you’ve got
to be careful not to be too truthful, because let’s be
honest, you don’t want to go off on a ramble about how terrible
you are or X, Y, and Zed, because that’s also not what
an interviewer wants to hear. You have to be tactical. You
have to select weaknesses that make you look human and
not incompetent. Finally, and this is possibly the
worst things you can do, don’t say some kind of
cliche answer like, “I’m a “perfectionist”, or “I work
too hard”, or anything cheesy like that. Honestly, answers
like those say nothing and they just irritate interviewers
and I should know cause I’ve heard it thousands of
times. So, that’s what you shouldn’t do. No lies, no awful
confessions, and absolutely no cliches. So, now you know
that, how should you build your answer? Well, in my
experience, the best answers obviously include a weakness,
but the best candidates will use that weakness to reveal
some positive attributes about themselves. So,
briefly, state your weakness. Then, show one or two
positive characteristics about yourself that are
helping you to overcome that weakness. Now that
might sound complicated, but it’s really not. So,
for example, you could say something like this. “I’m
not great at time management. “I’m definitely guilty of
over-committing and trying “to do too much at once and
then I often struggle at “prioritizing my workload,
but I have been working on it “over the last few months
and I found an online “time-management course which
I’ve personally subscribed to “and it’s really starting
to pay off for me. It’s just “helped me look at things in
a completely different way “and it’s led to me being far
more productive and focused.” Now in this example,
time-management is obviously the weakness and the strengths
are dedication, passion, initiative, and proactivity.
You want to take some time to really show how you’ve
improved your situation and you’ve become more
employable because of it. The only thing to be careful
of here is using the example I’ve just given you, if
time-management skills are a must for the role, then saying
something like that might just shoot you in the foot. So,
plan your answer carefully in conjunction with the
vacancy’s job specification, or even the underlying job
advert that you saw when you applied for the role, and
if you haven’t got either, just ask the recruiter to
send them across to you in advance of your interview.
Okay, that’s it. If you want full details on how to answer
this questions and the other remaining nine most common
interview questions, then click on the link below and download
our free guide that will give you full details on what
you should be saying in these questions and some sample
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answer the other nine most common interview questions and much, much more. Good luck with the interview.

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  • tell me a time you failed in a project, 2- tell me a time you take a risk and failed,,, i have confused how to answer these questions, as if i answered i tell the story that I have mistake so maybe it will be a conflict with leadership principles, so can you help me plz

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