What HR Managers Learn About You By Looking at Your Clothes

What HR Managers Learn About You By Looking at Your Clothes

Now I’m told it takes an HR manager only one look at you to understand how reliable and competent you are. And to draw conclusions about your social status and goals. Do they have a crystal ball or some tea leaves or something? Well there are 5 things you should know that hiring professionals use to form their opinions about you, and decide if you will fit into the cooperate culture Now don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on post notifications to keep up with our updates What the colors of your clothes say about you.

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    What the colors of your clothes say about you 0:33
    What the style of your clothes says about you 3:21
    What your brands say about you 5:07
    Illustrative details 5:47
    How well can you fit into the corporate culture 6:52

  • Interesting that they won’t change their sexist graphics despite all the comments. I’m not watching any other content they provide.

  • What about a dark brown leather aviator jacket with fur collar and a russian mink hat with ray bans in your dress shirt under your jacket. Maybe this is why I am still unemployed …. 🙁

  • Blue is definitely the best color for a job interview. I used to have a royal blue blouse that I wore to about 15% of of my interviews. Every single job interview I wore the blue blouse to, I got the job! Every single one!

  • The color of my clothes don’t say anything except I have no money to buy different clothes because I need a job 😂

  • In general both men and women should dress neat and simple, look professional, no matter what job they are interviewed for. Not to much jewelry and makeup for sure. As per HR? You are giving them way too much credit. They don’t hire you in the first place. Your manager does. What hr knows about engineering, manufacturing or designing field. They are there to process the paperwork. Lol, you make them look like they are God.

  • They dont look at my clothes or the way i look. I speak chinese and in my city very few people do, so they need me for the job and hire me. I guess i am lucky.

  • Remember the type of industry is the most important. If you are interviewing for a banking job in the Northeast, wear a suit. If you are interviewing at a Tech Company in Silicon Valley, wear whatever you want. At Google one of my best interviewers in five years wore sweatpants and had bed head. We didn't hire the one person that interviewed in a three piece suit. Ask your Recruiter or Hiring Manager what is common for that company and that is the best place to start. Lastly, your grooming is more important than your clothes. I hope this helps!

  • I think this idea is outdated and has to go. Steve Jobs; arguably one of the most successful people of all time wore blue jeans, and a sweater to work, and he changed the fricking world!!! Don't judge the quality of others work based on the clothing they wear.

  • So ladies remember to wear four inch heels, short skirts or dresses and look perky. Yep, thats the talent they want.

  • I would wear a bright red shirt preferably chocolate brown hair but anything is fine… dark blue costume pants and nice low cut low heel black shoes.

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  • I could watched that this video was only focused on female audience, but this video could it be more useful if this was open both to men and women.
    Please!, Be equitative!

  • I’ve never been able to buy clothes in the color I want or the brand, since it always depended on my wallet, so no, they would never be able to read me correctly 😳

  • I'm an Interior Designer & Decorator ,Wear what ever my Cr8ve Energy Feelz.
    Self – Employed .

    Everybody ,Whom come n 2 contact Comments .

    Nobody has the right 2 tell u what 2,wear .
    Just use common sense ,
    Gd Lux.

  • I was wearing blue and black to my interview today lol with a mickey mouse bag and shoes haha 😂 but they aren't over baring

  • I have hired hundreds of people. Dress for the job you are applying for. If you are a nurse, wear scrubs. If you are a business person, wear a suit. Smiling and eye contact and nodding are #1. Don't talk about anything negative. Don't take the bait when the interviewer tries to get you to talk badly about your former employer. Best reason for leaving is that you want more money. This will be in the back of your new employer's mind when you ask for a raise..and they may fear losing you. If they press you, you can simply say "I don't want to say anything bad about my previous employer because I appreciate anyone who gives me an opportunity" They will realize you are trustworthy in also not saying anything bad about them and will appreciate them for hiring you. So much more…too much to write…don't have a stack of resumes. Make the interviewer feel that this is your first choice job. Like dating..you wouldn't want to onow about other potential dates.

  • The first impression you give will stick with the interview you do not need to be rich to dress looking rich make an effort to look the very best you can for the interview select clothes the day before or a couple of days before be ready to look smart not tacky It my pay off you got nothing to loose only to gain the job you are looking for appearance does matter l

  • So many comments about being “judged by your clothes “, but the truth is it’s almost entirely subconscious, the interviewer does not realize what gave a good or bad impression only that they got that impression

  • Don't follow this video. With their color suggestions, chances are you will not be hired even if you otherwise would.

  • I always try to look like an upper middle class person, regardless of how much money I'm making at the time. I've gotten really skilled at making clothes from Target look much more expensive and "high-class," by using bright jewel tones and funky/pretty earrings and such. I try not to seem desperate, even if I am.

  • Nurses are not at the same professional level as shop assistants. A registered nurse has gone through rigorous academic training and passed a professional licensing exam. Today, you must have a bachelor's degree for entry level. In addition, master degrees and multiple certifications have become the norm. The content for the video appears outdated and very sexist. Please revise the content to accurately reflect today's workforce. Most people get hired by passing a qualifications check. Recommendations from instructors and employers are sought. RN's must pass a criminal background check as well. They are in a position of high public trust. I agree that your must look professional and well put together. You must also have excellent communication skills. Good manners are standard expectations when working in a customer facing position.
    Hiring managers are the people who have the final say on new hires. HR functions as an initial screening level for job candidates. Navy blue and black are safe choices for an initial interview. People are subconsciously affected by color.

  • Any HR person or hiring manager who’s put off [read: intimidated] by a business suit and a good watch is one you don’t want to work for. As an executive recruiter in Manhattan, and the surrounding NY Metro, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot taking this poor advice. A navy suit with white button down or pullover for ladies, is foolproof for ANY level job. An entry level associate who shows up “overdressed” as this video suggests, gives the impression of an up-and-comer. He or she can land the job if he interviews as well. Creatives, techies, and tradesmen may dress in neat, professional attire best suited for their industry. Always err on the side of professional interview clothing, and you won’t risk coming across as amateur.

  • Red is prohibited as it is a power color. One may come off as too dominant and that can intimidate the hiring manager. Black and white, grey, navy blue and white. In terms of the bag it depends on how relevant the bag is. A vintage name brand bag in good condition states otherwise. No hoop or dangling earrings, pearls or studs. Cover the neckline, no mini or thigh length dresses or skirts. There is nothing wrong with being conservative.

  • Biggest mistake most companies make is hiring a woman to be an HR director in the first place. Most women are the biggest BS’ers I know one claimed on her Linked In she was the IT director of a previous firm she worked for she could plug in a usb mouse what a joke.

  • If the job I apply for has an uniform to wear while at work, should I dress a replica of it 😂😂
    Everything boils down to how that hiring panel (people) like you or not and who you know in the company…interviews are just a bunch of unnecessary bull if they are so picky about what I wear or how good I lie to their unnecessary questions. Sad job hunting times😏

  • As an exotic dancer i do need short skirts low cut tops heels heavy makeup and animal print. So the job your applying for greatly influences how you need to dress.

  • i wore jeans, sandals, and a green t-shirt to my interview for a management position, and i got the job.

    of course, i was interviewing for management at a cannabis dispensary… 😉

  • Twice in my years of education I took a color/line/design class. I've been working for decades and this is a heap of BS!!

  • The color thing is true but u also have to have the demeanor associated with the color for example red is primal life blood and death means your ready to jump on and work hard blue is calm articulate and very smart and sophisticated and orange is deemed as kind of inmate color .

  • Dress however u want because it doesnt matter how you dress it's hot asf outside in fl and well ur only working for minmum wage 9 out of 10 times

  • I was told to be myself (including my style of dress) for interviews so I will be comfortable and confident; but I still don’t get the job.

  • The best thing is to get any professional job according to my experience is talent and how you introduce to yourself clothes doesn't matter with this two matter

  • Wow you have covered all the blatantly obvious stuff. Dont need to be a HR manager to form these opinions.

  • I wore an orange jacket to a job interview and got it lol! Worked there thru college and trained my whole department 😂

  • The image is only one aspect. I have an interview by HR people who had no clue about the job I was supposed to do and could not really ask questions well and even worse they did not understand my answers

  • I dress for an interview by season wear white /cream shirt -pull over sweater tailored pants gray , with black blazer, matching shoes flats – sip on or lace and purse , light make up , minimal dainty jewelry , my short hair has to gelled and sprayed neither one works with out the other lol .

    Carry a small umbrella in purse in case of abrupt weather change , leave cell phone locked in car , put car keys in purse , I put my hands in my lap palms facing each other with finger tips of corresponding fingers touching , it gives the interviewer the signal they have your undivided attention
    Carry pen and note pad in purse to take notes iffy ,

    Switch out chain driven wallet for flat one I can put into an inside blazer pocket and by all means I SIT UP STRAIGHT . .

  • i feel like these videos are all directed towards business related jobs…what should i wear to a production worker job interview? whats something thats classy- casual ? nothing fancy like a suit

  • Oh my gosh. over one million views of what is clearly a piece put out by someone who knows very little about the actual process No one in HR makes determinations based on this data. Please people, don't watch this kind of stuff.

  • HR Managers in the United States have really shown discrimination to more mature applicants, heavier and darker applicants within the last 15 years no matter how qualified they are. And it is truly unAmerican that the hiring practice also discriminates against people who have been out of work for over a year. These practices need to be stopped.

  • What I want to know is: who the heck drew that cartoon's bottom? And what is she doing with her hands?

  • When I was young I learned that you're suppose to wear black slates, black or dark brown shoes, and a white or black shirt. I learned that it actually depends on the type of personality that is going to be interviewing you.

  • people let me tell you something if you are going to a job interview from a HR professional. Wear BLACK & OR WHITE, no out there colours or prints. Pretty much ignore the advice in this video. Keep it simple…

  • The way I see it, HR managers are like fashion judges who observe people who are being hired for job interviews. For example, they'll say, "That polka dotted 👗 looks great. You're hired". 👍🏻 if you agree!

  • Nurses should wear a suit to interviews. You insinuate nurses are not professionals which is utter nonsense in the UK. This leads me to doubt any advice from this channel. You need to get your facts right.

  • Ask what the company dress code is and take it up a notch.
    DO NOT ever wear jeans. You can never go wrong with nice khakis or pants.

  • I have read that everyone looks good in cornflower/periwinkle blue. And it has a comforting effect on others. Just different enough to stand out, but it follows the guideline to wear blue.

  • The color and style of the clothes make first impressions but colors and styles can be viewed differently in different countries and also it’s reasonable to choose them based on the type of job you’re applying for.
    However, I think it’s important to present yourself the way you are and not cover your personality in the color or style of the clothes.

  • Yellow color makes you seen as a person who cant be trusted. You wont get a job (nor make new friends) wearing yellow..

  • Dark blue shirt with black pant, light silver studs,dark blue pumps . Hair nicely straight and done .light make up .

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