U.S. And China Say They’ll Resume Trade Talks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

U.S. And China Say They’ll Resume Trade Talks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “U.S. And China Say They’ll Resume Trade Talks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  • Trump, on his knees. China is the largest trading partner of more than 100 countries around the globe.

    The foreign investment in China and China’s outbound investment have both exceeded $130 billion every year.

    Since 2006, China has contributed about 30% of world economic growth, more than all developed countries combined. Since 2006!


  • Really good job numbers? Why did the labor dept reduce new hires by half a million for last year? And the GDP was revised down too.


  • LOL so many "Americans" rooting for the Chinese to make Trump look bad. You are all idiots. Go live in communist China for a couple years. Half of you would need to be "re educated" for speaking out against government officials.

  • Trump has China by the proverbial balls!!! They have to feed their 1.4 Billion people every day!!! And they can't do it without the U.S.!!! With companies pulling out of China and China devaluing its currency, the handwriting is on the wall!!! This would be a colossal achievement for Trump and the stock market will take off like a rocket!!! More important, they won't be taking 500 BILLION out of our country every year to fund their military expansion!!!

  • Sure, having done nothing but destroy the economy, trump gives away the whole store, furnishings and all, with a free pass on intellectual property, and tells us he's won a terrific victory!


  • Didn't his aides say last week that he was lying about this exact thing? But we believe him this week, after SharpeGate? China won, Trump will have to concede since he is hurting worse and has to be reelected to avoid jail on multiple charges. That and I'm willing to bet China hacked his tax returns and told him give in or we will release them…😂😂😂

    We shouldn't have dropped TPP, it brought together most Asian countries with US to fight China economically…

  • China don't give a nickel worth of dog meat what he wants or think. China has him by the testicles and China will drags this out. People are working two jobs.

  • The Cost of Living in this country IS TO HIGH. It doesn't matter if it fully automated or not, the only thing that matters to a business is PROFIT!!

  • Gonna be interesting to see what comes out of the talks between US and China on trade war. The thing is we can't believe what comes from Trump and this White House. China is the more reliable sources between the two. What a shame.

  • Trump says trade war with China is easy, and we're winning. Just like he said he's gonna balance the budget, he's going to build the wall, and Mexico is paying for it. This President has no credibility.

  • Customers are buying??? Where I live in real life all the UPS, Amazon Fed Ex trucks aren't delivering like they were. These numbers are false!

  • More of Trumps Bull 💩 He has no leverage on China they can wait this clown out. More important our farmers are going bankrupt cause of Dullard we have in office.

  • All people must ask questions of long-long future. If you support authorizations then tell us what is the plan? Where it leads? What is the end game? What is waiting for us after we do what you want? The same works for others directions… you want to ditch the robots and create more middle class… ask the questions again.

  • This meeting is nothing more than a charade, nothing will become of it.
    The soybean market has already been replaced by Russia, Brazil and Argentina. The only key agricultural item China needs is Pork, and I m pretty sure Dumpet will wreak that deal in no time.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the median income of his base is $72000 a year. And over a third of them take home more than $100,000 a year.
    They have more disposable income to buy the red hats with the lie printed on the front.

  • Sure! I will believe it when I see it. Trump won't back down – that will make him look WEAK!! We all know what's going to happen. Let Trump come out and say he will do a deal with China and not raise the tarrifs!

  • So here is Trump playing with dictator countries and these countries are laughing at him,in the meantime we are loosing all of our allies because they know what this game is all about,Trump is playing with fire and the US is the one getting burned,this is a dangerous game for the US 😡

  • Why doesn't Trump use some of the billions and billions of dollars that the trade war with China is bringing in to pay for the border wall? Oh that's right… it's not bringing in any money, another Trump lie!

  • At 5.50 "it's the great con" sooooo true. And what does that say about the IQ of Trumps base. Fancy the most powerful country in the world being controlled by the vote of bogans with so few brain cells that they wouldn't bump into each other even if they were blindfolded while they walk around in the almost empty space in their heads. Scary stuff

  • Dog and Pony show. PooPoo's PooPoo's. Swindling Don is in charge. His true colors are showing. Farmers are committing suicide. Farmers have no where to turn. Suckers. Vote 2020. YUKA YUKA YUKA

  • No Chinese say they wont to resume trade talks and turmp was gest waiting them out remember gest gest a few days ago msn was saying turmp doesn't no what he is doing but now you see turmp new exactly what he was doing fighting for American msn so gutless disgusting world currency is still based on dollar turmp nose this go turmp go turmp 2020

  • i t doesn't matter if wages are slightly higher when cost of living is out pacing wages and the rich are benefiting from the tax cuts.

  • dont hold your breath,trump will only make matters worse with his arrogance,he wont concede that he has hurt the world economy. he has no idea how give and take works.china and the u.s. were benefiting,trump wanted everyone to see china as our enemy.trump is the enemy with his God Complex.trump is the only one getting rich out of his warped business views.

  • Umm Stephanie incomes are baaaaarely eeking up and unemployment is low but Consumers are still broke. Car loans arent being paid, Credit card debt is at an all time high

  • How sad that now we tax payers are paying for the wall. Donald Trump's lie about all this wall. Mexico was never going to pay for it. We are. So sad he is taking money from the military and FEMA.

  • Has the Farm bailout run out of distributed funds, so he can put that on the China bill to pay up? You know for China will pay my tariffs…

  • Protecting the IP rights of Microsoft for instance is somewhat futile. I assume that Microsoft is happier for poor Chinese people/companies using a bootleg Windows than going to Linux or something Chinese grown, I think they look another way on purpose. For all Chinese Windows users paying a full price was never an option.

  • Wow as a wealthy urbandemocrat, I thought Trump was horrible, but now that I've learned that Trump is actually doing my biding secretely I guess I'm voting for him?

  • Wanna bet it still going when we vote trump out? Any amounts will be accepted at 2 to one, the trade sqeal will be on when trump leaves office you morons. Trump cant get the tech concessions he won't stop them stealing our technology. Like we did TO england when we took over the 🌎 So if he cant get the deal. He cant get out.

  • Well..if trump not strong enough to go all the way with china then he will lose vote and lose a re-election next year for sure.

  • 2:22 — 'unemployment is historically low' = meaningless. All those numbers register are people not actively seeking jobs. People who give up are counted as not unemployed (as opposed to employed). People could work 1 hour a week or have a gig economy job and be considered employed for the numbers. Low numbers don't necessarily equate to people gainfully employed and a strong economy.

    2:23 — 'wages are ticking up' = misleading. Although many have seen a slight wage increase, those increases haven't matched the COL and the net worth of those wages equal less than they did in previous years using the adjusted numbers. Most wages have remained virtually stagnant or gone backwards in buying power. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and can't survive a $400 emergency.

    The winners here are those in positions of upper management or executive positions, where wages have gone way up, which drives the overall numbers up when taken as a whole. As someone once said, it's like inviting LeBron James to your home and saying the overall height of your family has risen.

    2:25 — 'consumers are spending' — because they have to, in many cases. But consumer debt is also increasing (household debt rose by $124 billion to reach $13.67 trillion in the first quarter of 2019). Which is the sign of a failing economy. Not a strong one.

    This supposed financial reporter doesn't appear to understand basic economics.

    7:47 — Trumpster's deregulation helped the wealthy squeeze out more profits through financial means deemed dangerous to the economy by the previous administration and allowing businesses to bypass EPA regulations to pollute the air, land and waters of our nation. It allowed companies to lower or bypass inspections for products sold to consumers. Deregulation has nothing to do with helping anyone but the rich to become richer at the expense of everyone else.

    I wouldn't get excited about China quite yet. They've had representatives meet with ours in the recent past with absolutely no progress. Especially because they want tariffs removed so as not to be negotiating with a gun to their heads, and Trumpster loves them too much because he thinks they're a winning strategy.

  • No, China has been cheating for 70 years and no one had the balls to stand up to them, no one till Trump. New sheriff in town, and this one Does have your backs!

  • Trump is fuxcking with China the way China has fuxcked with America for generations. MSNBC does not get it, leftist propaganda hoping for a recession just to spite Trump. GFYs

  • Billions of people boycott racist fascist USA. We will never buy American goods no matter what trade agreements our countries make. USA is the enemy of all countries. They ignore international laws and are terrorists.

  • Ignorant buffoon tariff man Gump has got to GO! 15 more months of this dunce. Sheesh. He can still do lots more damage before he's gone. If we're "lucky" he'll only leave us with a nasty recession and not a multi-trillion dollar war as well before we can get rid of him.

  • Meeting the demon of the Satanic ruling class. They employ a number of tactics to establish themselves higher and you lower as well. As members of the ruling class cult, there emotions rise to great heights of signifagance, as you're lowly nature pales in comparison. The demonic ruling class delight in your futile insignificance and human traffic torment. I can't see as how this MSNBC cult stands much the chance without increasing the intensity of their alt gov. torture chamber psychology programmers. They must get you under deep dark depression vote suppression control.

  • Devil may care one must celebrate one's unquestionable resourcefulness to exuberant excess, as you bring you mighty alt gov torture chamber mindfreak programmer weapons to bear. Yes world citizens are not we new ruling class something.

  • This Trump and China seesaw drama is beginning to stink, especially that it is supposed to affect Ivanka's fortune, quarreling with China.. People could be raking so much money just paper insider trading since Trump started off this "trade war".

  • I don't get this trade stuff with China.I go to markets. And where the kitchen appliances are. And all of it is from China.I Wonder how much more they have there fingers in.God if we cut them off that would be the end of them.

  • I need Airstrike in the Philippines not like world tradecenter or terorist world government ineed the interpolice too..you know the Traitor country. . .

  • And Trump will again say he is a great negotiator and Xi is a great leader, until China outsmarts Trump again and pulls out of a deal last minute, making Trump furious and making Trump lose the election in 2020.

  • That's a lie. Trumpets will do nothing but steal all the money they can from the America PEOPLE.
    These other countries can do without anything from America.
    The rich white nationalist took those jobs and laughing at the poor white nationalist trying to make a dime.
    Trump will never bring any job back and his companies he has in China are not coming to America. LOL
    Capitalism is real..

  • "Trump voters need to be realistic…" Come on..that's NEVER going to happen. Even as these farmers have gotten conned losing billions of dollars and watching markets move to other countries never to return, these folks still support Trump by a very high percentage.

  • Seems an unflushed toilet in the whitehouse won't be the worst thing that trump leaves for the next President to deal with.

  • Sure, resume Trade talks but one corporation at a time. Set up an off shore bank account and take in a Bribe, implement kick backs and set up oversight of skimming operations. Trump does not know global economics, he does know how to skim and set up off shore bank accounts.

  • So much for your fake Lying recession LIES.oh don't worry China Will Make a deal if it's the best deal and our great WINNING President Trump knows how to deal with China that OBAMA sold America to.america was owned by China because Traitor Obama sold America to the highest bidder which was China the COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST COUNTRY that's why DEMOCRATS are pushing COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM IN AMERICA to be controlled by a one World GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS.very Evil

  • Fake Lying news media and other people are hoping for a RECESSION in America just to Blame our president and they don't care if MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS lose there jobs,homes,cars no food the Demonrats don't care because it won't effect them even the federal reserve and central banks are trying to crash the Economy and it's all there FAULT IF IT DOES.trump is getting RID of the federal reserve and central banks OWNED BY THE ROTHCHILDS by the way and starting a brand new ECONOMY FREE TRADE AROUND THE WORLD THE WAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.

  • I see why people hate so many of these news stations. Everyone watching is completely brainwashed into thinking that the US is horrible. The CCP is a dictatorship and will do nothing but exploit the world to build itself up and dominate. They constantly cheat and lie in trade and want to destroy us. Wake up..

  • recession in 2 years; the rump is out/in jail, and says "look what the democrats got you into (scribbled with a black sharpie on the cell wall)

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