Top 3 Tough Job Interview Questions And Answers ✓

Top 3 Tough Job Interview Questions And Answers ✓

To start with, there is no such a thing as
a tough interview question. Everything they can ask you can be tough or
easy depending on your preparation. That’s why it was very difficult for me
to prepare this video. But there are a couple of questions that are
tricky. So, stay tuned to find out what they are. I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the
creator of The Career Mastery. I help unemployed and underemployed find jobs
with multinational companies through my blog and my youtube channel. Alright let’s continue, right, about the
trick questions. The first tricky question in my mind is What
Are Your Weaknesses? See, this is tricky not because HR or the
hiring manager are trying trick you into making a mistake. This is very tricky because you, right you,
have been misguided so far. So, it’s tricky because you are trying to
shoot yourself in the foot and that’s why I wanted to list this question at the top
of this list. Let me explain further. You are probably thinking that when you are
asked about your weaknesses, you should take your greatest strength and then take it to
extreme. For example, your greatest weakness is that
you are a perfectionist, you don’t delegate as much as you do, you are not great at work
life balance, etc. See, this is very dangerous. What you are doing is called “straight up
lying”. I need you to understand something, the interviewer
is a person. He or She has a functioning brain. Just as how he can spot a bullshit in his
personal life he can spot a bullshit in his corporate life. This is additionally important if you are
interviewing with a hiring manager. There were numerous times I heard the classic
bullshit answer and was this close to ending the interview. Simply because, I don’t want to work with
a liar in my team. I am not a partner at PwC so I don’t have
the authority to end interviews like that. But I heard a few stories where partners just
kicked the candidates out when the candidates straight up lied or gave bullshit answers. Remember this, if you are interviewing with
a successful multinational company, the employees of those firms are pretty smart. And if you are interviewing with a multinational
management consulting firm, then you are interviewing with extraordinary talents. People who are pretty much at the top of the
food chain when it comes to corporate careers. They don’t deserve to be lied. They gave you an opportunity to present yourself
and invested their time, so the least you can do is be honest. If you want to find out what is a good answer,
I have a video for it. So, you can click somewhere here and let it
open in the new tab. But stick with me because we have 2 more questions
to go. The 2nd tough question is I think “Tell
me about yourself”. This is also very tricky because you need
to present yourself adequately. You need to understand what the requirements
are and then present your background accordingly while making it clear that you possess those
skills. But here is the tricky bit. The hiring managers ask this question not
necessarily to find out whether you possess the right skills or expedrience. After all, they have seen your resume, they
may have even googled you. One of the primary reasons they ask this question
is to gauge your presentation skills. Imagine if they asked you to present the company,
it would be very unfair to you. You don’t know about the company or its
services well enough to deliver an impressive presentation. But what better material is there then your
very own background to present? Right? This is definitely very important. Companies want employees who can impressively
present in front of the clients.So, that’s your opportunity to showcase your presentation
skills. I shot a video about this as well. If you want to know how to answer this question
in more detail, then click here and open it in the new tab. But again, don’t go yet. We have one more question. The 3rd tough question they may ask you is
“Where do you see yourself in 5 years”. Again this is very tricky. When I ask this question to candidates, I
think around 70% give me a very cliché answer. It’s something like, I want to contribute
to the organization with best of my abilities and grow with the organization. Then, hopefully within 5 years I’d like
to assume more responsibilities. This, what I said isn’t the worst answer
as far as bad answers go. But, you can answer this question a lot more
strategically if you make a better research about it. Also a lot more honestly as well. For example, did you know that when I interviewed
for PwC 4 years ago, the partner in charge of strategy consulting asked me this question
and I said I don’t know. But then I gave a very good answer and the
remainder of the interview the partner was incredibly impressed and asking me how soon
I could join. Again, I have a video for this. Somewhere here. Alright, that’s it for today. If you benefited from this video, please give
me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this. Finally, if you want to take your career to
the next level, please join me at landing interviews guaranteed .com It’s an exclusive
free 3-day training program where I teach you how to achieve an international career
with multinational firms. Alright, see you next time.

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  • Hi Deniz. Getting so much benefit from your videos. Thank you so much. Question: I am doing a series of Skype interviews, which is certainly something that is happening more and more. Perhaps I missed this one, but have you done a video specifically on interviewing on Skype? If not, is this an area that you have interacted with in your work? Thanks again!

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    Kind Regards

    Dean Burton

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  • My Interview Success MasterClass is now on YouTube! You can watch it here;

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  • My greatest weakness is always working. This is my weakness because I always go to work when I get called in. And sometimes I would go on my off days. Another example is when I went in to work on my off day to do some supervisor training modules when my sister came from Germany and surprisingly showed up at moms house. I could of left work at anytime but I really wanted to get those modules done and i haven't seen my sister for 1 year and I'm really close to her . And this was in November 2016. And I still did not see her. I don't know when I'll see her cause I'm gonna join the Air Force now. Forgot to mention that I would always stay longer if asked too, also would do double shifts, cause I wanted too, never obligatory

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  • Thanks. This is the first video on the topic that teaches how to do "honest" interview and to show your best side. Almost all the videos teaches you how to shamelessly bullshit and lie to yourself and them that you are the best for the job. I agree that no one likes to hire a liar. In real life all my best friends who went out of their way to help me and were grate asset to me were those who looked very dodgy and looked like a loser. You cannot judge a book by it's cover.

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