Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

like it or not life is full of measuring
sticks how smart we are how fast we aren’t how well we can but up until now it’s been pretty hard
to tell how well kids are competing in schools and how well they going to do
when they get out of school we’d like to think that i had two cases
system does that but when it comes to learning what they
really need to be successful after graduation if a girl in your neighborhood being
taught as much as her friend over the next time is a graduating senior and say find lowest as they’ve had to get a
job at the graduate in shanghai it turns out the answer to both of these
questions is now because for years face had been setting
different standards for what students should know and be able to do it each
grade level that’s making it too hard to know if our kids are really doing well
enough overall and if they can really compete for jobs
someday what we really need a clear goals that’s where the common core states band
is coming fell like a total sea change in
education consistent strong clear benchmarks split
english language arts and men here’s how it works you can think of kindergarten through
twelfth grade like a giant staircase each step is a skill your child needs to
learn before stepping up to the next but right now too many kids are really
confident with like supose to before they have to move on to ten times too we need more focus on the skills that
help the move up the stairs or take a step up and bought a house endeavor not a problem whatever everyone stares will made a
different hats well here we go again they are aboard in seattle who’s writing in a in
english literature could be getting a field his chicago friend staircase we need to create consistent that’s an
education to sulfides east and decrease the landing
on the staircase i’ll stop along the way is it out heads to what high school
graduation each stop is a chance for every parent
and teacher to focus on the skills that students are supposed to know assets
that no matter the zip code language for free and more importantly its standard make
sure all students are learning what they need to know to get to graduation and
again because something like coming to a hundred least understanding
dollars and sense what you’ve actually leads to
understanding how to manage attached secondly the standards are consistent
from school to school and then match-up against international standards to now we know how we doing compared to
just about everyone so even the local communities will still be found their
own curriculum with the same roles everybody can
compete on the same time the staircase but standards that’s why we need teaches parents and
students to help make that happen now working together to help kids meet
the fan the world’s getting more and more
competitive everyday when our kids get to the top of the
staircase making headway more options away their
life goals for me clear goals confidence well-prepared students that’s the common cause they think

49 thoughts on “Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

  • so, how do you propose fixing the human element in the mix? i mean, if a child (a) in st. louis is taught the same as a child (b) in chicago then they should excel the same right? some variables to consider… child a is overall smarter than child be… child b has a teacher who doesn't want to hold them back and passes them on to the next level… child a teacher grades on a curve so that the other classmates don't feel inferior… child b hates to learn anything while child a loves it… common core is not the answer… better parenting, less tolerance for non-performance, greater rewards for excellence, i could think of a few more… glad my kids learned mathematics the right way and not the common core way… they stand a better chance at keeping their jobs now… thank you indiana for not adopting common core math…

  • Fuck common core.
    Example: 5×3 is 5+5+5=15 right? WRONG. 5×3 is 3+3+3+3+3=15 with common core. The first way of doing this problem is wrong in common core, even though 5×3 IS 15.
    Remove all this common core bullshit, and take example from Finland, which means less homework (>30 Min), shorter schooldays, (3-4 hours for first grade, 4-5 hours for second, 4-6 for third 5-6 for fourth, 5-6 for fifth, 5-6 or 7 for sixth and so on), more creativity (this isn't 1912 and most people are going to work in factories), cooperation instead of competition.

  • Human beings doesn't work very well with standards. Here in Brazil we have national educational standards coming from the central government for almost 80 years and until now we achieved just two things: the medium IQ of the population is decreasing and the party in charge inject its ideology in the "Core".Its incredible. All that doesn't work around the world the central US Government is importing and freely distributing to the US people.

  • I love surrealism. Great piece! I think the artist is trying to demonstrate his three-part phallogocentric negation and sublation of history which can be grasped easily. Yet even such a sublation, of history as timing through the mediation of law–the vanishing moment of sequential human temporality into a catachresis named Time, is not the final hortatory instrument of the text. Amazing! But is Common Core the name of the piece or a sub-genre?

  • This concept works well in K-5 education but is a mess in secondary and post-secondary education. I speak from experience

  • This is garbage. The common core report card is purposely so convoluted that parents really don’t know what their kid is learning. If i have an engineering degree all my boss needs to know is that i know how to design a wall, not that at a sophomore level in college i was able to integrate sin x. The same is true of grades. It is not useful, as a parent, to read every little detail about what my child is learning. What is useful is to know a general grade in he subject. Common core has been overhyped for far too long by those who have something to gain from it. Like pearson publishing who writes the tests and stands to gain billions of dollars at the cost of my kids Education. It is a sham.

  • You say needs to learn, meaning they need to learn it to continue to dole out income for the government agenda. When you get right to the core facts of what a child needs to know to survive and not what they need to be another appendage for government profit they truly only need to know how to grow and obtain their own food how to make their own clothes how to obtain proper hydration and how to create shelter. None of which are taught in school hmmmm.

  • It's cute to think that this is how common core works, but passing through grade levels doesn't really have anything to do with whether someone is smart enough to move on or not. It just has to do with "Well, I'm x years old now, so I have to go to grade y." I'm gonna be a senior next year, taking the SAT in a month, and I still don't know how to divide. I sure as hell wasn't prepared as well as I should've been, and regardless of what kind of "level playing field" that common core is trying to establish, the fact of the matter is that I shouldn't be taking some stupid classes that don't have anything to do with what I want to spend the hours of my life on. I get it, try everything once, but when you've been sitting in a classroom for 11+ years, learning the same subject you aren't gonna use to make a living, that's not trying anymore, that's just stupid.

    Also, tell me again why a guy like me who doesn't know how to divide has gotten an A in every math class he's ever taken? What kind of "level playing field" is that? I'm not learning anything besides how to abuse a grading system.

  • The part about different standards in states is bold faced lie. Back when we had the best education on the planet was when states were the only one handling the education. Once the fed got involved is when it went down hill.

  • common core may be a good process but the implimentation and actual usage is creating really stupid people. if you could not get it with multiplication tables you will NEVER get common core. go back to what has worked and stick with it. common core is politicly correct but completely wrong in our school.

  • Washington Post published an article stating that Common Core is NOT preparing students well for college and career.

    There are gaps between what K12 teachers teach and what college professors think is valuable. Same for the workplace. Employers find that Common Core does not teach what matters to the workplace and build a successful work environment.

  • The real question is why the state standards are different. In Singapore theres a national wide exam thats the same for the whole country and is marked to show the overall standard equally which forces all our regions to teach the same standard

  • This is ridiculous. Young people should not be subjected to conformed standards of education. They should be given the possibilities of learning on their own, through experiences and passions. Many passions are stifled at a young age because we’re told it’s not important and won’t get us into a good college. I will not sit around and watch the world’s “leaders” turn our future generations into mindless robots who think like everyone else. I will not be average.

  • A complete ignorance of education and how individuals learn. ex…. A Farmer probably doesn't teach his child computer programming languages….vice versa…This is a communist style of learning, and does not match an American ideology. Diversity amongst the States and the Individuals, explodes competition and spurs economic growth…ie the free market and capitalism….. thank you… common core…….. suck it!

  • I personally support the idea of nationwide standards but there is so much irony in this video being posted by DCPS

  • Or simply restructure the existing subjects and methods into a universal standard based on data indicating what made each individual school successful.

  • Pure bullshit. This is not Common Core. There is nothing unifying about what standards are with Common Core. You need a strong curriculum and dedicated teachers. You need to require memorization, promptness, attentiveness, involvement, tests, homework and answers to questions. Common Core makes children seek a million ways not to find an answer. That means nothing in teaching how the world works, how to solve problems and how to succeed.

  • A good place to start… force teachers to answer students questions instead of the … "If you'd been paying attention; you would know that!" Crap!!

  • Our elected officials and special interest groups should refrain conning the public, that is, raising standards in some regions while dumbing down standards in other regions, happy dumb, dumb medium, White Elephant. Education in public institutions requires effective reformation, for example, teaching people how read and write well. The department of education has known for years what works; but does nothing because THEY want to keep everything the way it is, a public who for the most part cannot compete with the upper echelons of our society!

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