The TRUTH About Swallowing Gum | Responding To Comments #16

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  • Hey! Why does drinking caffeine makes me so anxious ? It feels like my heart's racing … how to over come that caffeine hangover … i do like green tea… but that's no substitute for a good cuppa … sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do…

  • Question: When I start sweating (either through hot days or exercise) I really cannot stop and it makes me so embarrassed, I sweat at what feels like every single sweat gland possible (such as hair, forehead, arms, legs, back, chest, feet, hands) what is possible steps I can take to minimize this?

  • Question: I tend to sweat a lot more than ordinary people, I start sweating after the work and not during the work. My father has the same issue. What should I do?

  • Question: can u name any good birth controls? My parents are conservative and I can’t go to the doctor with them… (20years old)

  • Dr. Mike, I seriously have been curious about botox for Hyperhidrosis! I have it and am unsure about all that procedure would entail. If you decide to do this yourself, please share it with us!

  • My father had to be on IV antibiotics after a back surgery, believe me people this was not fun for him to carry around a murse with anti biotic fluids attached to him. Just not fun.

  • Hi!! I love your posts. I think it’s a great way to help some of my type of people. I’m a person who has since getting older have had several stomach issues. And I feel like I’m on way too much medications. But it’s hard to figure out what I need to weed out. So when I go see my doctor, which I see her often, what should I be asking?

  • Do you think the lifestyle we live, in terms of the technology and food we eat, is causing more people to get cancer? Because I personally know people who had cancer, and went completely organic (avoiding kemo) and it helped to certain point?

  • Heres my theory of where “swallowing gum can stay in your system for 7 years” comes from, I’m pretty sure at one point someone thought that chewing something for more than 10 minutes and swallowing it is gross so they came up with this myth just so that they don’t have to deal with seeing people chewing gum and swallowing it

  • He said it's interesting the commenter knew it was her uterus and not intestines…
    I definitely know the difference everytime. And the pains aren't exactly in the same spots either. Do men not know we know the difference?

  • Im a recovering heroin addict and I am currently on methadone. Can it cause tics? my neurologist says its most likely not related because I had them as a child but were not nearly as bad.

  • Dr.Mike, I can hear my heartbeat in my ear. It sounds like a swooshing ocean noise. My dr. said not to worry, but why does this happen to people?

  • "Is it a good idea to remove a bullet logged in your arm?"
    Me:I probably have a rock stuck in my arm for about a year now and it doesnt hurt or cause any infections.Am I good or am i gonna die?

  • Question: I sometimes experience a sharp pains from my chest (height of my heart, on both sides) which is so painful that I can't move for a few seconds – is that normal?

  • I'm so afraid my question will sound dumb, but here goes. I've been told conflicting information and hope you can clear it up. Should I go to the doctor when I have a flu, or should I ride out the symptoms (using over the counter medication of course) and let my body fight of the virus by itself?

  • As an EMT we always try to inform the public the same thing with CPR. If you dont know how to do CPR just push hard and push fast BEFORE calling 911.

  • Question, I can vibrate my eyes, it’s a little talent I’ve been able to do since I was a kid ( my dad can do it too). Found out that it’s something called voluntary nystagmus. So what exactly is going on with my eyes that causes them to “vibrate”? Is it just a weird genetic thing?

  • I am having trouble seeing at night or in dim lighted room ( I got lost because I couldn't distinguish the streets once going back home at night while in the car, got hit in the face because I didn't see the door…) knowing that I have myopia and Strabismus…I already wear glasses any advice to solve this? Maybe changing my glasses?

  • Question: i am in middle school and i sometimes and( by i mean sometimes is every morning) i drink coffee a cup a day what does it do to me

    Edit: I don’t know i put edit

  • My grandmother used to say if you swallow bubblegum and stay in your stomach for seven years it was my grandmother or my dad I think

  • Question: Hi! 😊 just want to ask is it normal that my breast are not the same size (never had breast surgery in case you might ask 😊) cuz sometimes it feels uncomfortable when I'm wearing bra and curious too 😁 Thanks! Love your channel 👍

  • Q:when having an anxiety or panic attack .can taking a bite of lemon or lime help you ?
    Q:I hate my voice and how high pitch it is for a man. What are ways to lower my tone
    Q:a stink bug burn my skin when it sprayed and now I have this darker shade of skin will it go away eventually?

  • Hi Doctor Mike, I take Carbomazapine twice a day for epilepsy. If I accidentally miss the dose of medicine in the morning, will this increase my chances of having a seizure during the day?

  • What do you think about cupping? i just went to a chinese med doc who said that after 9 sessions my 6 year chronic back pain would be healed……………………………

  • I would love to know the ages of some of these people asking these questions. Allot of these answers are common sense IMO.

  • I know you've talked about studies showing that popping your knuckles is safe, but what about popping other things like my neck and back? Is there a major difference between a chiropractic adjustment popping everything and me just doing it at home?

  • Asking for some answers from Dr. Mike:

    I have noticed my hands start to sweat in school in some lessons. Is it good or are am i in drouble

  • Hi, I have an irregular heartbeat and I have long qt syndrome. I have checkups every 6 months with ECG s ect just wondering if you can explain a bit more or if anyone else has the same experience as me.

  • Does taking St John's Wort affect the effectiveness of birth control? I know antibiotics affect effectiveness of birth control. And some herbal OTC affect other types of medication.

  • my hands sweat when I watch a video of some1 close to falling from some height..What a nice defence mehanism, if I am in that situation my hands are ready for slipping yey

  • Q: My father had a pinched nerve in his lower spine in previous years. He had some surgery and physical therapy but I'm becoming worried. He recently had pain starting again. At first it was his left leg, and now it is his right. What can I do?

  • Is it misophony when the noises bother me when chewing or movements that other people make that my eyes capture? It is very annoying to feel the tingling in my ear when that happens (noises)

  • I was under the impression that antiperspirant deodorant causes some type of cancer as it's blocking the sweat from coming out. Is this not true? If it's true, is botox safe to be injected for this reason?

  • "Is it a good idea to remove a bullet logged in your arm?"

    I really hope this question is coming from a scene in a movie, not in real life.

  • I have been curious about Botox injections for decreasing sweating for a long time! I would love to see a video about that!!!

  • question: i can’t be the only one who has a pencil lodged in my hand, and it’s been like 10 years so is can that be harmful on the long(er) run and will it stay there forever? it’s in the palm of my right hand and you can see it thru the skin, it looks like a beauty mark

  • Question: I live in a constant 24/7 migraine. Despite endless effort, all my neurologist can do is take the edge off through my meds. How can I continue to learn to live with this?

  • Chubbyemu did a video about someone taking too much benadryl for sleep. Pretty sure that person died. Both diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan are commonly abused OTC medicines that can have serious consequences and effects for those taking them. If you are going this, take some time to research the effects that they can have.

  • How can you recommend injecting botox into your sweat glands? Sweating seems like a pretty fundamental function of the body that shouldn’t be inhibited.

  • I don’t understand why people would dislike these videos. It’s informative. If it’s not your type of video then click off of it. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a video before. If I don’t like it then I just stop watching it, and move on to a different video….

  • Question. Around when I turned 20 my gag reflex started to get more sensitive. I am now 26 and I will walk outside and sometimes start to gag for about a minute for no real reason. Any idea on how to prevent this?

  • Question : Hi ! I have a rare condition called aquagenic urticaria (Rashes when i'm in a long contact with water) have you seen somebody with the same condition ? What do you advise us ?

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