The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez | Official Trailer | Netflix

This case is going to be
very emotional. At any point you find yourself
getting a little overwhelmed, please step out
of the courtroom, compose yourself, 
and then come back inside. This was the case that… just has followed me
from that night. It’s still hard to believe two people did all those
horrible things to him. Gabriel Fernandez was, at the time of his death,
eight years old. That was my friend and… it really caught me because… it was his parents
who took his life. He was a very good kid,
very playful, loving. These two people
murdered this child. How did this come to be? How did a child
who had so many signs of repeated
and long-term abuse slip through the cracks? It really wasn’t until
I got all of the evidence that I realized
how egregious the case was. This was a story
that could not be ignored. The question was, could we uncover
what was really going on? The Department of
Children and Family Services had significant
involvement in this case. Board of supervisors
had now taken notice. There’s something
about this kid’s death. There was
no medical follow-up even to the injuries 
that were acknowledged by the department. You’re thinking about,
“How could this be true?” As prosecutors,
we need to up our game. She didn’t just prosecute
the mother and her boyfriend. She also took the step
of prosecuting the four social workers. They had a job, and their job
was to save a little boy. The system is overtaxed. The most children I had
was about 280. I did not commit a crime. When the details came out of how this poor child
was tortured, and all of these people knew, I think it shook
the county to the core. Bureaucracies
tend to function to preserve
the institution at all costs. The system has
this enormous power. There are those
who think that, by not talking,
you can limit the bad publicity. I believe the ultimate evil
is seeing what’s wrong, and looking away
when you have a power to make the difference.
That is true evil.

100 thoughts on “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Watching this now and I can’t stop tearing up. Can’t believe that little boy went through such trauma for such a long time. Absolutely disgusted with how his case was carried.

  • 2 episodes in already… gotta stop for a little while. It’s hard to stomach and we haven’t even gotten to the mother in court.

  • It really sucks, that the system that is suppose to protect children doesn’t bother to care for them. I don’t understand how someone can abuse a child and no one even noticing or caring. That’s why he’ll exits, so that people who did terrible things to children can live in external pain in the burning gates of hell.

  • I can't believe it's been so many years and I still vulnerable to what he went thru. My heart is heavy. I am sorry Gabriel that no one was there to protect you. 😔

  • Sweet boy Gabriel, I think of you each day.  It is so sad to think his own mother did this to him.  She choose her pathetic boyfriend over her loving boy.  He would make pictures of him and her and write Gabriel is a good boy.  He went to school with a smile on his face even though he had black eyes.  He wanted to live… but the bitch that gave birth to him murdered him.

  • It makes no sense to me that as a child welfare official that this is not a major issue. These kids are the future! As a social worker why did you not examine all evidence and access all situations. You should visit that child and speak with them alone you don’t tell the parents/career your coming over and if they have nothing to hide it shouldn’t be an issue… this broke my heart on a next level. When the saying goes “ it takes a village to raise a child” it means every person that child comes in to contact with has the obligation to protect that child, the teachers the neighbours the man at the shop counter. If you feel a child is being abused tell the authorities if it comes to nothing at least that child is ok but if there is an issue you will save a innocent life. The unspeakable acts that that child had to endure I hope the parents feel that pain deep within there soul, they don’t deserve to breath let the devil have them back! let them live there days in trauma and pain scarred to wake up another day. And the people who did not do there job in protecting this baby should face justice because they too let that child down. How can there be such deprivation, depravity and wickedness. This is torture. I have to choose to be POSITIVE believe in GOD and to LOVE!!! stand up for another human…

  • This documentary was so hard to watch, especially knowing that Gabriel didn't have to die..His mother is pure emotionless, demonic ,trash & her boyfriend a disgusting repulsive, bully, whom together enjoyed beating a child to death..May they never sleep absent of Gabriel's beautiful face haunting them ..I hope they spend every second of everyday in unbearable pain & misery..Sweet Gabriel may you feel love & happiness like you never were able too on earth…Rest little warrior in the most beautiful eternal peace…🙏

  • Just finished watching it just now never. Been so disgusted in my life. They both should rot in hell I was crying from the beginning to end Rip Gabriel

  • 😢my heart hurts for this poor boy. God please somebody do this heartless animal the same thing they did to this poor angel. Give me some time with this woman. 😡🤬😠 if i was a correction officer i would hurt this woman. 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😠

    Rip this angel

  • I just binge watched this, and it was very well done documentary. I can not stress enough that nobody suffering from depression should watch this…ever!!!! This mini-series is a very hard watch if you do not have such issues. It is both horrifying and heart breaking. If you can watch without it bothering you at all, you might need help, because this is very disturbing to see that some monsters are real. It does need a strong warning though.

  • This documentary was definitely found wanting. Half of this show was of nurses crying and upper-middle class guys walking to and from their cars. There was too much of an effort to dramatise an already dramatic situation with emotional music and pan shots of irrelevant buildings and landscapes. There should have been a much more holistic approach in this documentary. By failing to contextualise Gabriel's story, it did not do justice to this tragic event.

  • That teacher should have done more. Why would she let him go home or why didn’t she go to the home with the social worker there’s sooo much she could’ve done

  • Cowardly disgusting people to abuse and murder a defenseless child. They both need to rot. Better yet, why this stupid b** even take him if she didn't want him? She's a mom behaving that way. Disgusting.

  • A child is walking into her classroom everyday clearly with signs of abuse. Why would the teacher not call the police if the child said he was shot in the face with a BB gun by his mother?? She still allowed him to walk out of her classroom and get on that bus to go home?? She didn't care anything about that boy she was just trying to cover herself by only reporting it.

  • Gabriel you will never be forgotten, you’re a beautiful angel 👼 now , I know you are with God , justice will be served my sweet angel 😭 ❤️they will pay , those that turned a blind eye will pay , 😭

  • I just watched the documentary.. everybody failed this poor child from child protection services, the police, the neighbors, the teacher, the relatives, I’m sick to my stomach right now. Lord how can someone be so evil do to this to a innocent human being.. Why?!? No child should ever go through this type of torture!!

  • Four social workers could not handle one case? This system is demonic! All the signs of abuse were there. What were they thinking!

  • That teacher kept sending him back home knowing that he was being abused and just making a stupid call to the same person who didn't take anything seriously? could of at least tried to keep him in class till someone actually and spoke to him… does she not know she still has an authority to go beyond just calling a number!!!!!!!!! She should be in jail too

  • Just finished watching it :/ It was difficult to watch especially Gabriel’s siblings testimonies, those details makes your skin crawl how could you do that to the child.. that mother was just a pure evil showed no emotion :/
    I hope you are at peace Gabriel
    Thanks to the prosecutor Jonathan Hatami its his hard work that helped Gabriel get some justice and all the good people who tried to get him help

  • I watched this and i lost all control of my anger. I have 2 kids and i couldnt imagine what he went through.. jesus christ this is sad.

  • This is making my husband cry and he never cries for me nor anyone this is a sad documentary
    But I know this kid is in heaven

  • This is a hell of a wake-up call for us to take care of each other, sometimes we can't wait for negligent people with power, we have to keep an eye out and react, if not with violence, then with compassion.

  • The disgusting “parents” and social workers need to spend the rest of their lives in prison. No pity for them. They all deserve to rot in prison. All of you individuals had one job to do , you failed and a young child died a horrible death. Now you pay the price.

  • The death penalty is just too lenient for these scumbags ….. they should be tortured the same way they tortured Gabriel

  • She's us. If this case doesn't light a forest fire in your ass nothing will. I've seen 3 episodes and I had to check my blood pressure a couple times. I hope the next 3 are safe to watch to watch from home. Thank Gawd my next door neighbor is a Thoracic surgeon who replaces hearts like they're spark plugs. How has Netflix cornered the market on this awful stuff? Sure has shaken my beliefs in humanity, sorry to say.

  • Makes me angry how that bitch do not get a trial and got out easy without punishment to hear a trial!
    And that juror #8 is a dummy got me angry 😡
    There’s 2 children that have haunted me baby Brianna and Gabriel 💔

  • Netflix outdid themselves with this one. They are dominating the documentary world. What a heart stomping, brain melting, rage inducing documentary. Such a fantastically immense documentary and such a shocking ending. What a vast cynical world. Wow just wow…

  • I did a presentation on Gabriel my sophomore year of high school (I’m a senior now). The class was gasping and silent. I cried making it. Glad that more people are becoming aware of his story and that we can learn from this horrific situation.

  • Very moving , very direct. Evidence & details that are shocking how can something so inhuman have slipped through the fingers of those with a power to make a difference.
    RIP beautiful sweet angel

  • Acabo de mirar la serie y uno llora, llora de dolor y de rabia… Y pensar que apenas en enero de este año desestimaron los cargos contra los cuatro trabajadores sociales, malditos irresponsables.

  • I don't know if im ready to watch this. It really brakes my heart. He was just a kid. He should of been enjoy his life playing with friends. 💔😭💔😭 Can't imagine the pain he went through. Just horrible.

  • Just watching the first show in series, how awful those monsters were. They also forced him to watch them have sex. Hopefully, inmates will make them suffer in prison.

  • So the manager of the social workers said that none of them thought it would lead to his death… So it seems ok that he just kept being abused (excessively) as long as he doesnt die… That is absurd.

  • As someone who works in policy and my wife who is a social worker, Los Angeles has the worst training of social workers. We both are from the Bay Area moved to LA two years ago, and we are shocked on how behind this county is in structure & policy. There are so many non-profits who hire non-experienced workers who allow their own personal bias get in the way of the work. There is also the issue of funds being cut, case workers can have over 30 Clients and they get overwhelmed because the organization or county can’t hire enough due to budget cuts. This is what we call in Public Policy a “Wicked Problem” there are layers upon layers of problems with the system of social work.

  • This is so heartbreaking I can’t bare to think what the poor child went through may be rest in peace. I hope those monsters rot in hell, they are the definition of evil.

  • Rip lil papa dis shyt hurts me especially me being a father I hope that in prison the homies torture u slowly n rape the shyt outta of u n only because ur in death row don’t think ur safe!!!!!

  • Hard to imagine what this child went through, but he did. Honestly we will never know the depth of pain he endured. I just hope things change for children who go through this nightmare.

  • I don't know why the US swears by the Jury system but it's incredibly flawed to expect a regular person off the streets to apply case law above emotion when they have no experience whatsoever in the legal system. On this case that 1 Engineer guy nearly threw off the whole verdict because his opinion is his opinion and that's how juries work. Luckily it didn't fail this time but we've seen many documentaries where people used their emotions and bias instead of evidence and logic. This system is stupid and dated FFS

  • so so sad amazing documentary on that beautiful dear precious little boy heart breaking I had never heard of sweet Gabriel before I am in Australia thankyou for telling his story and letting the world know what happened to him that dear sweet angel :'(

  • Currently watching this!! It’s very hard to watch! It’s unbelievable what happened to this poor boy! They both deserve the death penalty in my opinion. And the social workers should held responsible 100%!! This should have never happened!!

  • The first grade teacher is no brain surgeon or a hero. She’s a dope. How many days did Gabriel have to show up tortured and beaten before she made the choice to call someone other than that moronic social worker ? The BB shots to the head couldn’t get you to dial 911 you idiot ? No guarantee they would have done anything but there’s a chance. Hope everyone involved who ignored this kid succumb to the Coronavirus soon!!

  • I just finished watching this and it's a disgrace how the system failed this kid, over and over again. It's awkward to see how incompetency of a system that should be able to protect a child can result in a such an horrific death. In some ways everyone failed Gabriel, starting from his grandparents.. social workers, teacher, except justice but only for the true killers.. but its too late even for this. Everyone had their share of guilt, especially the social workers who are actually PAID to prevent further child abuse if they are getting REPORTS, which they have had… and did absolutely nothing.

  • This little boy 😢😢😟😩 I wish I could go through the screen and hug him and take him away from that hell he lived in. Oh my god this is terrible. Those people need to rot and get tortured over n over when they go straight to hell. My older son was sitting next to me and I hugged him so tight and told him I love him so so much and held him. I can't I imagine my life without my kids.

  • Just finished binge watching this and it's so heart wrenching i'm not going to give anything away but this is a must watch RIP Gabriel a beautiful angel ;-(

  • This is ONE of the MOST if not THE MOST mind boggling and distressing cases of a child abuse I have EVER had the misfortune of learning about because of how it HAUNTS me! ALL those f.cking people who's JOB it was and had the POWER to DIRECTLY intervene and help ABUSED children and NOT ONE, except for his teacher, did their f.cking job to HELP him! I hope EVERYONE one of them is HAUNTED by their FAILURE AND I hope this case HAUNTS their every waking moment! Here's a thought, IF JUST ONE HAD REALLY GIVEN A SHIT HE WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY!

  • I live around this area and the sad thing is he isn’t the only child who was killed in the care of their “parents” or “guardians”. The community knew about his death and the death of others and it was devastating. The sheriff’s turned a blind eye and CPS turned a blind eye. This series is bringing more attention to his death and I’m hoping people start to investigate the CPS, foster care system, and the sheriffs department out here. There are to many kids out here that go through things like this … There’s only some much teacher’s,duty aids, and friends can do. It’s like we tell the authorities and they say they have everything under control but then this happens. A while ago another case had went around the community about a baby who was rushed to the hospital because their parent had neglected them in the bath with the water running burning hot.

  • I don't understand why the teacher didn't call the police or take him to the hospital for check up when she saw that the social worker didn't do nothing. The boy was shot with a BB gun. Hard not to judge the teacher even if I try not to.

    His so called mom and stepdad is the scum of the earth, low life. I don't care if mom had a hard life herself growing up. No excuse. She didn't hurt her two other children she knew right from wrong.

    R.I.P sweet Gabriel

  • I wanted to watch the trailer before watching the documentary and I don’t think Il be watching it. It’s just so sad. I already started crying just from watching this and just wouldn’t be able to sit. Thru the whole thing. Those shit heads that were his parent should get the damn death penalty! And I don’t even think that is enough.They should never be able to walk this earth even if it’s in prison! I hope someone in prison let’s them have it! Rip lil man 💔

  • With the teacher when Gabriel said to her that he didn't want to go home. Why didn't she say to him to stay, get the cops to the school, they can see the bruises and cuts for themselves, and then gone and arrested them. Put him up in an emergency accommodation or at least get him to a hospital. I couldn't work out why she didn't do that

  • This is a tough one for me to put myself through for over 5 hours, but I am going to watch cause I feel Gabriel's story needs to be told and It is important that we all listen…. Such a sad story, may that young boy rest in peace.

  • I cried every episode every time I seen Gabriel face I just can’t understand and imagine the pain he went through . I’m so sorry Gabriel no one was strong enough to stand up for you and save you .

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