Tell Me Who I Am | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tell Me Who I Am | Official Trailer | Netflix

(motorcycle revving) (glass shattering) (metal scraping) (tires squealing) – I remember opening my eyes and looking around the room I instantly recognize my twin brother and I just said, “Hello Marcus.” But it started to dawn on me
that I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know what happened to me, I didn’t even know my own name. Everything had gone. There was so much to learn. – If he hadn’t known who I was then he would have been
all alone in the world. But he wasn’t alone in
the world, he had me. – I started piecing things together. He would give me a photo and I would construct
a memory around that, and life seemed good. Privileged family, normal parents, he painted an idyllic picture. Though I was never questioning anything. I had no reason to doubt him. – I, from day one, painted
a picture of a normal family but none of that was true. It was a fantasy that
I was creating for him. – How could we have secrets? We don’t have secrets. The one person that I absolutely trusted has betrayed me. I just cried and cried for days. – [Marcus] I have been
lying for twenty years. I was too much of a coward. – [Alex] I don’t know who I am. My life is not real. My life is the one he gave me. – I never told a living soul about what happened. So we’re here now. – Here we are. (soft piano)

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  • The scenes with somedays Alex missing and somedays Marcus missing from their beds with the sound of the car leaving on the gravel is haunting. Finally at the end they are both in their beds sleeping.

  • I got so emotional after that. I sat exhausted after work to watch and I wasn’t ready. Everyone can associate. I had a similar experience when I was 16. You are never ready to talk about it. We all have traumas and it will always stay in that box.

  • As I was listening to these men tell their story I kept say poor babies as my heart would ache for these men and for their inner child; what a monster of a mother. I have trouble seeing mothers hit or speak down on their own off spring… it’s very hard to understand how can someone be so cruel to a little person they birthed .. what this women did to her two boys is horrific my heart goes out to them and all who share similar stories

  • So beautifully done. I get goosebumps every time I rewatch the trailer. The Cinematography & the musical score, just breathtaking at times. I could feel the brothers anguish through the screen & I just wanted to hug them. I am recommending this to all of my friends. Well done.

  • Wow I’ve just watched this film and it was heartbreaking, I cried so hard when Marcus was telling the story and it was horrible. Their mother was a monster who didn’t deserve them as her sons.

  • I recommend watching this but definitely have tissues on you (my mistake I didn't have any). I don't watch documentaries normally but this one had me from the start.

  • If it were my brother or me who lost their memory, I would cut out the pain for them. I know others would disagree and I know we learn from pain. But some stuff is too, much.

  • And then there it is….bright shining love filled light amidst gut wrenching horror. I came from a home much like this and it's not that unusual to be honest. This happens everywhere. It's like caviar for psychopaths to do this to children. It's been going on a long time and very well protected. And not just in wealthy families either. I personally think the father was in on it, he had to be in my book. These families give each other perks too, money, position, power, etc. I have worked with abuse victims all my life on my own, no charge, and I have to say I have met soooo many bright lights, heroes themselves for surviving like these two. Evil is so not as strong as love but we have to get better at pulling the blinders off. Signs of abuse are often very very present and people stay in their comfy bubble. "Not my problem". Actually it IS everyone's problem. We have to study our human predators and finally swallow that they ARE all around you, not just here and there. There are people like family, friends, teachers, neighbors who do just as much damage by inaction. As awful as this film is in some ways, it warms my heart to see "the love". They are lucky to have each other, most of us from this nightmare are not so lucky. This film will help many. We have to start talking and keep talking. Marcus did the hard thing, he really did.

  • I didn't like the format of this. It begins with endless suggestions of what happened to the point where you imagine it or maybe even expect a far worse thing. Then at the very end they finally say it bluntly with little explanation expecting it to be a bomb that needs no context. But then leave so many questions they have raised totally unanswered that they've forced the viewer to have in the head

  • Something about this Doc with the twin Marcus seems to be missing. I understand he built their twins on a lie after the bike accident but… idk. And there were other siblings but never mentioned. Idk seems odd that while Documentary. Bless them.

  • This is a two edged sword for twin Alex living with lies and deceit because his brother says he love him and gave him a false narrative. And truthfully he still doesn’t know who the hell he was is.

  • It was heartbreaking to hear Markus call himself a coward. He is anything but. I feel like he first lied to protect his brother and then kept on lying to protect himself too. He did what he had to in order to survive. No one can blame him. He's not guilty of anything.

    I feel so terribly sad for those two little innocent boys.

  • What's the interview on sky news I then proceeded on Netflix what are horror story I'm sitting here shocked amazed that a mother can do this they have each other

  • The thing that angers me the most is that they will NEVER face a DAY in prison. They died and got the easy way out… This is such a horrible and sad story. I'm sorry you had to go through this, Alex and Marcus, and if there was a way to go back in time and change all this; I would do it in a heartbeat no matter what.

  • I do get flashbacks of childhood trauma in my past. I think I have unknowingly suppressed all the traumatic memories and move on with my adult life. Yet, somehow something triggers them through my fears, anxiety and depression. This documentary gives me inspiration to accept my past, no matter how painful it was and preserve and cherish the best moments we still have.

  • She was a monster but I think you 2 have become 2 wonderful amazing gentleman.Stop blaming each other and make your own nice memories. All you have to do is to say THAT WAS THEN THIS NOW

  • Evil bitch might have seemingly got away with it but depending on what you believe… her punishment will hopefully be eternal

  • What these two went through is horrible and terribly sad..but, does anybody else think that what what Alex was making Marcus do by having him tell him what happened during their childhood was kind of messed up? Hear me out!
    I understand that he has EVERY right to know. It was his life too..BUT! Marcus was doing nothing but trying to protect his brother. Protect him from living the horrible life he had lived all these years from remembering what his mother did. Alex has the “gift” (I’m putting that in quotes cause he said it, but it still sucks it took him losing his memory for this to happen) of forgetting that his mother molested them. I just didn’t like how Marcus had been dealing with this his whole life, and when he finally got to a good spot, Alex made him tell him everything and relive it AGAIN. Not only does that open up these wounds for him once more, but it also did the same for Alex. Such a sad story and I commend them both for telling their truth nonetheless

  • I think deifying parental figures was, in retrospect, a mistake in human cultures. Our ancestors knew there were monstrous parents but chose to put all parents on pedestal in a vain effort to establish a subconscious control, a gripping imprint in the back of humanity's mind that might have served as part of a moral compass, but at the same time, barred children from seeing them as real flawed humans, which in turn, warped the resentment and unsolved frustration into far uglier impulses and outlooks. Parents are not infallible.

  • CW: Child Abuse

    Is their sexual abuse of children spoken about in this documentary? I just want to k now because I can't watch it then and it would save me a lot of trauma if I know beforehand.

  • As for me, I think the other brother did his best by keeping silent just to protect his twin brother recovery process smooth.

  • Meanwhile, porn is raging on the internet (now it's so hard core it should be labeled "medical"). Hollywood is ran by pedophiles, pride parades are X-rated, parents are transitioning little children, there's a registered sex offender on every other block, and they're teaching elementary kids how to have safe anal sex. And idiots like Beto O'Rourke are promising to punish churches and private Christian schools if elected (places that trying to protect and help people deal with these issues).

  • I hope one of the brothers that has the memories tells who he was pimped out to. I know he said one of them was a famous artist I hope he names names. We need that today. I went to the same thing. Being the oldest I had to protect my sisters.

  • Marcus, you saved your brother. Twice. I would've done the exact same for mine. So much love to you both…thank you for sharing your story. What I most admire is your love for each other, it's a beautiful example of how a sibling's bond is truly stronger than anything.

  • Who were those high class people associated with Jil Dudley? In which society they belonged in order to abuse children comfortably without any fear of getting reported, who are those big heads covering up those monsters ? Those are questions that need to be answered and investigated , those high society secret clubs need to be exposed fully and taken to the courts of Justice. Their position or power is irrelevant to the harm they are causing destroying children’s lives for ever in order to satisfy their perverted appetite. Those people and their links need to be exposed as their financial status or social class is not an immunity to crime prosecution! She was exploiting the twins in exchange of money and cover up / protection from high standing friends.

  • Pero que cojones??
    Ellos scribieron un libro imaginario de su madre o es todo mentira?
    Porque a su hermano le mintió y al publico no..
    Yo creo que esos hermanos debieron ir a la Policía y no a Netflix

  • But what the hell?
    They wrote an imaginary book of their mother or is it all a lie?
    Because he lied to his brother and not to the public ..
    I think those brothers should have gone to the Police and not to Netflix

  • She didn’t deserve to die peacefully she should’ve died in jail , i hope all pedophiles burn in hell , if that didn’t happen to them they’d have grown up with a normal life

  • Honestly this story is still all i think about several days later…. It's so dark. I wonder WHY did i watch it and WHAT was the purpose other than to share their story? i am glad they did. they DESERVE to share it. I am glad i watched it … However I wouldn't recommend to anyone… i just hope they naturally stumble upon it themselves. Because it is so hard to hear this, it stays with you for days. But i gotta say… no other documentary has ever left their mark on me quite like this one did !

  • I feel Marcus is still lying and leaving out details from his brother.Father definitely knew that's why he asked for forgiveness before dying.I still don't understand why they weren't allowed to have the keys to the house? What was them finding money in the jars part about? I guess I have to check out the book

  • 1) Why did she do it? Not to confuse victims and perpertrators here, but yes, what has happend to her that she did that to her own children?
    2) There are no "monster, devilish looking" people living among us traumatising children.
    These are ordinary and less ordinary people from all sorts of social background.
    They are our parents, relatives, friends, random people.
    3) The secrecy and the compliance, the ignorance and the obedience. The blind authority and no regard for emotions of other people. Not even the children.
    4) How many more grown up people around the world suffer in silence, we will never know.
    5) How many children go to bed tonight with eyes wide open, afraid of their own parent(s)? Those are the new generation of scarred souls for life.
    6) When will it end?

  • Ok but is there anyone else to substantiate these claims. The patents are dead. Why did the boy feel the need to pretend he didn't have amnesia as a teen? Is that just so that if anyone comes forward to say he didn't he can fall back on saying he was pretending to be normal. I watched this I feel bad saying it . Not everything adds up.

  • After watching and hearing the absolutely horrific disgusting vile things that happened, I and no one else ever has the right to judge either of them particularly Marcus. Unless you experienced the sheer and utter horror he/they did, you wouldn't know how to cope with that or the mechanisms he used to try and forget and to give his brother a better life. In that sort of situation there is never a right or wrong answer. I understand where Alex is coming from and i understand where Marcus is coming from but i will never understand the true magnitude of the horror they went through. The fact they are still alive is incredible given the sheer amount or torment suffered. Phenomenal story. Thank you so much for sharing and getting this off your chest forever. Lots of love from Australia.

  • Just watched it. Its so touching yet scary. I'll do the same if i were you. Its the right time to tell him the truth.

  • Through the movie i kept thinking how the ending was… and it still not even close.. it was very disturbing. Glad you survive those kind of evil. Bless for you and your family.

  • Guys, i just have a question… So i read that the twin boys actually have 2 half siblings named Oliver and Amanda and Oliver was abused too… but my question is, why didnt Oliver and Amanda tell Alex the whole story if Marcus didnt want to all these years?

  • Watched this after hearing about it from The Tigerbelly podcast, I'm about a hour into it, just as they sit down face to face.

  • Poor kids. Evil, filthy mom! What kind of sick planet are we living in? Life is very scary because we don’t know what kind of family we’ll be born into. I truly hope that reincarnation is not real, because I never want to come back here. This is hell, plain and simple. UGH!!!

  • The most heartbreaking documentary i ever watched, the love e understanding between these brothers is pure.

    Netfix nailed, very well produced and the way the narrative show us the story is so sensitive and respectful. Well done.

  • I just finished this documentary and I am bawling out my eyes. Incredibly courageous men! I haven’t recovered yet from crying but I just want to tell them that they are my heroes and Marcus, if you read this I love you! Your pain is incredibly painful to watch! Let me go finish crying now…

  • I cried over the fact that Alex told their mother he loved her. How painful it must have been for Marcus to live through that. Their father is also part of this crime because of his negligence. He must have known what his evil wife was up to! Why would he ask forgiveness for?

  • Watched this late on Halloween night not know anything about it except that's it's good. Turned out to be the scariest film of the year.

  • This absolutely broke my heart. As someone who can’t have children stories like this really get to me. To know women like her have children and abuse them I just don’t have words. The only good thing thing about this is that Alex and Marcus have each other.

  • This breaks my heart those beautiful boys were abused unfortunately. Being a boy lover myself I asboulty despise that mother fortunately she does not represent the vast majority of the boy lover community

  • Marcus, you are not a coward. You are incredibly brave. He did what he did out of love, and Alex needed to know so he could move on. Neither of them where in the wrong. I hope they both find peace.

  • I just watched this last night….quite literally the first time I've cried during a movie since E.T. The scene towards the end when Alex is discovering what happened, and you start to see his bottom lip shake uncontrollably, I just about lost it. You can basically see his emotions pouring through his skin.

  • Guys thanks for sharing your inner most secrets stories. It makes us questions, who we really are? Although we all have our secrets, and dilemas it takes bravery to face and get them out of our chest! Amazing documentary…👏🏽👏🏽

    To say I enjoyed this is wrong due to the subject matter, but it was such a powerful story to follow and I was gob smacked, gut wrenched and flabbergasted. It was not the happy ending I thought it was going to be. It was disgusting but so important to watch.

  • I had no fkin clue what to expect from this documentary, it hit me with all kinds of emotions. Their mother better burning in hell right now, she was a monster scum of all scum.

  • I just finished watching this and wow… the person who is supposed to protect you from all evil while you are a child is the devil herself.

    I do think Marcus made the right decision… he wanted to protect his brother. He didnt tell in much detail what they been gone through but he is 54 years old and still cant talk or even think about it without breaking down.
    I feel for Marcus, he kept it all to himself and never allowed himself to heal and process his inner wounds.

    Unfortunately their mom got away with it… I do hope that maybe some of those horrible "friends" of their mom do get punished.

  • Marcus. You are NOT a coward! You actually brave enough to choose to live and move on with your life. Brave enough to lock shit up and still give happiness to your mom (if you can still say that) through your brother. If someone ask me, who you think win life? You did Markus. You did. You win.

  • I can see Marcus is still trying to keep Alex from the pain of what really happened.When Marcus said she made us touch each other and then he couldn’t go on,It was clear she made them have sex with each other,Alex to me is the selfish one.Why isn’t anyone asking Marcus he had you but who had you.

  • You two are so incredibly brave. There are no words. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope it has served as some sort of closure. Amazing souls.

  • This documentary got a hold of me..what an amazing sad story of pain and love and the protection of one brother for the other

  • Why make a film and accuse a dead person of these evil acts. Why havnt they went to the police with the names of all the abusers? If he can remember the houses they were abused in surley the scumbags can be traced ? Seems a bit odd to me tbh.

  • I just watched it.
    I did not think that the abuse would be to the extent that it went! 😢
    I rarely cry from movies, but when Marcus told us what had actually happened, I paused it and cried. Because it is just so sick and disgusting!
    And after you hear how Marcus felt, I agree with what he said. "I'd expect him to do the same."
    Also when people say, 'oh he should have told him the truth!' Keep in mind what ACTUALLY happened to them! Keep in mind that, as Marcus says in the video, he would have to open himself up to the past and re-live it. It wouldn't just be telling his twin about it, it would be having to remember continuously that that had in fact happened.

    But I'm glad that they are still so close to this day. God bless these two brothers!

  • Marcus gave his brother the gift of more than 10 years of no horrific memories in his mind, no excruciating pain, no trauma and he did it out of love 💕

  • Marcus, if you’re ever to read this understand that anyone who loves anyone would have done the same thing and you are not a coward. I can’t imagine being put in a situation where in order to help your brother remember his life, you have to relive a dark time for the both of you. And in the story you said that your father asked for forgiveness…I believe he knew exactly what was happening and the both of them were apart of a child sex trafficking/prostitution ring and we’re getting paid money for their horrendous acts. I pray for peace and happiness in both of your lives. And know, not everyone deserves forgiveness

  • Just stumbled on this documentary film and really glad I did! A really well put together film with such an interesting, heartfelt and sad story. God bless those twins for sharing their story and keeping strong in there lives!

  • What an incredible thing Marcus did for his brother I can understand Alex's frustration bit he was only protecting you. I would not have been able to verbalize the trauma marcus went through I dont blame his silence. What an absolute horror of a childhood hes lived. I would have sent her and the other abusers to jail!

  • I balled my eyes out once they sat across from each other near the end, and Markie explain to Ali why he held this secret in. 😢😢

  • At about 1:15:00 in the documentary you can see the weight of pain in Marcus and the naked realization of Alex. Such a striking contrast among twins so connected.

  • I just watched this, and I am so sorry these brothers went through what they did. So many questions still that will never be answered to them because of their parents death. They found money tucked away… it's likely the mother may have molested them only to condition them to later make money off of them. Where did she find these pedofile men? And I think the father knew, as he asked for forgiveness on his deathbed. Such a disturbing situation, and it frightens me how often things like pedofilia, sex trafficking, and rape happen, and many survivors don't want to talk about it. These things aren't even just happening randomly, these things are often a black market business and unfortunately it happens so much more than we think. Sex trafficking is one of the most profitable businesses, and it's the consumers who enable it. That's how many rapists there are out there. Let that sink in…

  • It always strikes me how evil always finds evil. I cannot understand how pedophiles even find each other to be able to network like this. How could the topic ever be brought up.

  • I was blown away by Tell Me Who I Am. Sad you
    poor guys had to be 54 to finally face the truth. Being a mom of a 25 year old daughter I am horrified that a mother could possibly do this to their children. Not religious, but there is a place in hell for such evil sick self centered people. Am sure there are more stories like this that I cannot fathom the reality of. Love to both of you who have had to endure this for so long & for your bravery. Am sure it will help other victims

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