Global LNG media searched and summarized in LNG News Flash podcast on 05.08.2019

Good morning and welcome to the LNG Marketplace Weekly News Flash. Here is the latest news we have selected for you from all over the media. Singapore Exchange will stop producing and publishing its spot LNG price indices – “Sling”, less than four years after its launch – dashing the city-state’s hopes of becoming Asia’s […]

Interview with Alex Lee, Wired Magazine

– So my name’s Alex. I’m a journalist at Wired UK and I think for us at Wired, it’s really important that accessibility is actually put on the agenda in terms of disability. We don’t see that discussion having a lot of impact in the media so I think it’s really important for me to […]

Cagatay Ulusoy ❖ Hello Magazine ❖ Images & Interview Excerpts ❖ Closed Captions 2020

This video contains images and quotes from the interview with Cagatay Ulusoy which appeared in Hello Turkiye on 5 February, 2020. The background song is “London Calling” by the Clash. Working hard and being passionate are the most critical factors for success. Curiosity takes one to a different place. I always wondered what it would […]

“Our defence has to be the basis!” | Julian Brandt joins Matchday Magazine | SV Werder Bremen – BVB

After an exhilarating night against PSG, BVB’s next assignment is in Bremen, where the Black & Yellows will be looking for revenge. The Matchday Magazine has everything you need to know ahead of the game. The games are coming thick and fast, and next up is Werder Bremen. My guest today was born in Bremen […]

LG화학 배터리 분사, 신의 한수다

RBI Will Not Stop ₹2,000 Notes

A WhatsApp message that has gone viral is saying that the RBI is withdrawing Rs 2,000 notes and will issue new Rs 1,000 notes. It has also said that, once the Rs 2,000 notes are stopped, people can go to banks and exchange these Rs 2,000 notes in the form of Rs 200, Rs 100 […]

Discipleship for revival in Europe – Rene

Hi guys, my name is René. I was invited to speak to you a little about discipleship and I love to do this. The reason is, when we want to see Europe saved, when we talk about revival, it’s going to be discipleship in beginning, discipleship in the middle and discipleship in the end. When […]