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RBI Will Not Stop ₹2,000 Notes

A WhatsApp message that has gone viral is saying that the RBI is withdrawing Rs 2,000 notes and will issue new Rs 1,000 notes. It has also said that, once the Rs 2,000 notes are stopped, people can go to banks and exchange these Rs 2,000 notes in the form of Rs 200, Rs 100 […]

Discipleship for revival in Europe – Rene

Hi guys, my name is René. I was invited to speak to you a little about discipleship and I love to do this. The reason is, when we want to see Europe saved, when we talk about revival, it’s going to be discipleship in beginning, discipleship in the middle and discipleship in the end. When […]

Actress Hilarie Burton Whines She Lost Hallmark Job Over ‘Diversity’ Complaints

At the 2018 Academy Awards, best actress winner Frances McDormand closed her speech with a cryptic, meme-worthy sentence: “I have two words for you: inclusion rider.” If you didn’t quite get the message what she meant, comedienne Whitney Cummings had an explanation for you: “An inclusion rider is something actors put into their contracts to […]


Tata vs Mistry Battle Ends

In 2012, Ratan Tata the chairman of Tata Group retired and Cyrus Mistry took his place. However, four years after the appointment, Mistry was suddenly removed. Mistry and Ratan Tata had a fight over important investment decisions. They then removed him. After Mistry was removed on Feb 2017, Natarajan Chandrasekaran became the Chairman. Cyrus Mistry’s […]

Tihar Jail Preparing To Hang Nirbhaya’s Rapists

We all know that in Delhi a very dangerous incident occured with Nirbhaya on 16th December 2012. 4 men raped Nirbhaya on a moving bus and they insert rod in her private parts. It was very dangerous. She died in a Singapore hospital. When the Indians heard about this they got very angry. The 4 […]

Richard Wolff summarizes the history of the USSR (1917-1975)

And so in the chaos of all of this two political parties made an alliance and called for a revolution. A lot of people don’t know this; number one, a wing of the Social Democratic Party (the wing calling itself the Bolsheviks) were part of this and the other party that allied with them to […]

World Disability Day Walk in Mumbai

This is Pradeep more – sign name- and he is the General Secretary of SLAD. On 3rd December which is World Disability Day, out of 21 different disabilities, ours is the Deaf community. Why has the Deaf community gathered here on this day? They have gathered here to create awareness about ISL and to showcase […]