How To Sleep, Restart, Sign In, And Shutdown Your Computer

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another episode in this windows 10 course. In this video im going to teach you how to sleep, shutdown, restart and sign into your computer. So first let’s talk about how to lock your computer, you can lock your computer by clicking on the start button at […]

Michael Spicer: Top 10 Job Interview Tips

Hello. Today, I’m going to show you how to get the job you want with ten sure-fire job interview tips. Tip number one. Remember, every question is a test. So when they say, “How are you?” reply, “Goal orientated, thank you.” Tip number two. Be confident but subtle. Tap flattering comments about yourself in Morse […]

US Citizenship Interview & Test Official N400 Application 2019 |

N-400 US Citizenship Mock Interview Hi everyone. Welcome back to our Channel. The purpose of this video is to help you prepare for the naturalization interview and test. The interview situation in this video is an example of what an applicant may experience at an actual interview. The scenario is based on official USCIS materials […]

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for social care and nursing jobs

Our care sector experts recommend going through a job specification and identifying scenarios in your own experience that match the requirements. Be prepared to talk about current legislation that impacts the role and demonstrate an interest in your new employer through insightful questions.

Infosec Skills: The bad guys are getting smarter, are you?

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Build your cybersecurity knowledge and get hands-on experience with Infosec Skills. Skill paths contain a collection of courses mapped directly to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education’s CyberSeek model. Each course is broken into a series of videos focused on specific cybersecurity skills. The videos are designed to grow your skills […]

Government resume strategy – Use OPM’s buzzwords

welcome to The Gov Geeks! I’m Javier and here’s quick tip number two to help you get in and get ahead in government. Use OPM’s buzzwords OPM has position classification descriptions these are available to the public for both seeing as well as using go to their website and find your series number and then […]

CRUSH Your College Interview in 2019 (How To Answer Common Questions)

Hey guys, Greg here, and today you’re going to learn how to ACE your college interview. I’m serious– if you apply the tips that I’m about to share with you today, it does not matter WHO your college interviewer is, it could be someone that has nothing in common with you, it doesn’t matter, they […]

Consulting Prep | Fit Interview — Pitfalls I

Today I will talk about the Fit Interview. A student from LBS asked me: “What are the pitfalls?” Before I go into those pitfalls, let me frame the Fit Interview, so you understand what it is about. The Fit Interview, or the Personal Experience Interview, is how the interview starts. For 15 to 20 minutes, […]

Como en el Cielo – Elevation Worship | (Here As In Heaven) LETRA ESPAÑOL

The atmosphere is changing now For the Spirit of the Lord is here The evidence is all around That the Spirit of the Lord is here The atmosphere is changing now For the Spirit of the Lord is here The evidence is all around That the Spirit of the Lord is here Overflow in this […]

15. Tip No.15 on interview preparation. Do I need my CV during the interview?

Hi, welcome back. Today I’m talking about tip number 15: make sure you take a copy of your CV with you to the interview. Although it’s always best to try and remember exactly everything that is on your CV without looking, sometimes nerves get the better of us and it’s a good idea therefore to […]