10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs

Are you thinking about changing careers but feeling intimidated about the education and licensure associated with well-paying jobs? Exactly how much GRUNT work does it take to get the GRATIFICATION of a new career making at least six figures? We did the math on the grunt-to-grat ratio for you, with 10 jobs you wouldn’t expect […]

OMG I quit my job and I’m travelling on a budget! Best decision, here’s how…

OK, so I quit my job and I’m travelling the world! But, just one little problem… I have no money! So how do you travel the world cheap? Let me show you how! So, I did the normal life route, I went to university I made my mum proud, I got myself a job and […]

Epic Minecraft Memes – LWIAY #0084

*clapping* LWIAY review LwIAY REVIEw LWLASYTS Leave your entries in the- oh my god is my discord showing- This could be embarrassing. Does it show that I am drinking 2 G-FUELS! ThatS rIgHT. NO I’m NoT AddiCtED Welcome to LWAIY everyone where we review THE MEMES, the top-notch memes on this channel that has been […]

Interview: Questions for the Interviewer

It is important to have at least a couple of questions that you will ask the interviewer at the conclusion of your interview. There is a great deal of flexibility in the questions you can ask. At the same time it is important to avoid questions that are based on the presumption of being offered […]

73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue

– [Interviewer] Well, this is a gorgeous way to start a video. Michael B. Jordan! – [Michael] Hey, what’s up, man? – [Interviewer] Popping into your workout for a 73-question interview. – Let’s do this. – [Interviewer] Let’s do this. Ok, so what are you up to these days? – Um, working. Working out. – […]

John Mulaney’s Awkward Child Interaction | Netflix Is A Joke

– Our real estate agent wanted us to have a baby more than anyone else in our lives, more than anyone in our family. She hinted about it constantly. Every room she walked into, she’d be like, “So this could be an office, (audience laughs) “or maybe a nursery.” Yeah, ha ha, no, like we […]

BTS On Their New Album, Reveals Who Has The Best Dance Moves & More | TIME 100 | TIME

Hi, we are BTS! Rm: Hi, TIME! ay, 다 말하지 너무 작던 내가 영웅이 된 거라고 (oh nah) Bts has a new music video called “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey The album “MAP OF THE SOUL:PERSONA” is out today Rm:It’s a new series, after ‘Love Yourself’ And, you know, ‘Love Yourself’ was, you know, something […]

Elon Musk’s Ultimate Advice for Students & College Grads – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

So what, what advice do I have for college graduates? Certainly, I do want you to apply for a job at solar city or Tesla or SpaceX and if not then, if that doesn’t work for whatever reason then apply to jobs at other companies in that arena or try starting a company. If you […]

How To Sell A Product – Sell Anything To Anyone With This Unusual Method

– Go ahead. Sell me this (vacuum whirs) vacuum cleaner. What would you say to me? How would you explain the features and benefits? What do you have to do to cause me to want to buy from you? Go ahead, comment below. (explosion) There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that said, “Hearing something 1,000 times […]

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges

Translator: Martin Laclaustra Reviewer: Denise RQ The art of stress free productivity is a martial art. I’ll start with a quick little story. 1990. I took an overnight sailing trip with my girlfriend at the time to Santa Cruz island, that is part of the Channel Islands, at 26 miles off the coast of Santa […]