Voices on Teaching: “You saved my life” — Appreciation like no other profession

There is an appreciation that you will get from being a teacher that you will not get in any other profession. And it’s unspoken. You can’t put your finger on it. You can’t draw a picture of it. But it’s a feeling. When the child that was the hardest one that you’ve ever taught, comes […]

3 Best Personal Loan Companies

if you’re looking for a personal loan online then definitely watch this video because I needed one in my own life and through a lot of research I found a few that are worth considering that I want to share with you guys so in this video I’ll be covering the pros and the cons […]

Why Do Interviewers Reject a Resume Without An Interview? | JobSearchTV.com

I’m Jeff up in the big game hunter a coach who helps people professionally and here I’m going to answer one of those fun questions I received from someone– “Why do interviewers reject the resume without an interview?” Wow! And I can only say that because I think you a bright person I don’t know […]

Top 10 Myths About Finding a Job in Data Science — Part 1/2

so in this call way we’re gonna do it is I’m gonna go over ten minutes about finding a job as data scientist essentially tell you why they’re wrong and then also what you can do instead awesome so if this is your first time welcome to the mentoring program super excited to have you […]

How to Find Your Dream Job (in a Tech Company)

Hi everyone! It’s Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. Now if you have been struggling with getting interviews and job offers and you’ve been wondering whether it’s even possible for you to land your dream job then you’re in for a treat because today I’m talking to […]

Pleasure of Your Company: Miltary Etiquette and Grooming, 1970

Oh no, it’s Captain York! I keep forgetting. He’s not an officer, so I let him open the door, right? I… I never know which one to use now let me see I… oh well, I wasn’t too hungry anyway Oh no! No one’s talking to the guest of honor good manners social grace and […]

As You Like It | Act 3, Scene 2 | Royal Shakespeare Company

There is a man haunts the forest, abuses our young plants with carving ‘Rosalind’ on their barks; hangs odes upon hawthorns and elegies on brambles, all, forsooth, deifying the name of Rosalind: if I could meet that fancy-monger I would give him some good counsel, for he seems to have the quotidian of love upon […]

Chicago’s Best Polish Sausage: Harczak’s Sausage Company

(polka music) – The weather in Chicago can be unpredictable. That’s why when it snows in the springtime, (bell rings) it’s nice to have the five drive modes of the super charged Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. One thing that is totally predictable about Chicago, (sizzling) we know how to make amazing Polish sausage. (truck engine […]

The Best Online ESL Company for Teaching ADULTS

Hi everyone! It’s me Carli and today I want to talk to you about what is the best online ESL teaching company for teaching adults. Yes. All right. So if you’ve never seen me before my name is Carli and I work for 51Talk it’s one of the biggest highest paying online ESL teaching companies […]

Interview Practice | Chef

Hi, I’m James. I’m a restaurant owner and I’m going to take you through some interview questions for chefs. I’ll ask you some common interview questions and I recommend you pause the video after each one to think about how you’d answer it. Say your answers out loud to practice what would it be like […]