The Bold Type | Season 4, Episode 7 Trailer | Raven-Symoné Guest Stars

Hold on. You’re gonna be styling Alice Knight? You’re an assistant? Please, let me explain. You wasted my time. I think I’m gonna eat by myself and contemplate Nobody there seemed to have an issue with the fact that I’m bisexual. The only one who really had a problem with it was you.

Video Resume | Aditya Kulkarni | Advertising and Marketing | Toronto

If you are an advertising or marketing recruiter, hiring manager, or just anyone with industry contacts, please don’t skip this video. Hi, my name is Aditya _ ck and I am from Toronto. Well, I was born and raised in India but at the age of 27 I decided to pack all my stuff and […]

Walking with God | Cody Archer | Revive Israel

Hi there, Revive Israel family around the world! I don’t know about you, but I’ve met some incredible people in my life, that when I hear them talk about their relationship with God, it makes me go: “Ah, I want what you have, I want that connection, that intimacy, I want to know God’s voice […]

Discipleship for revival in Europe – Rene

Hi guys, my name is René. I was invited to speak to you a little about discipleship and I love to do this. The reason is, when we want to see Europe saved, when we talk about revival, it’s going to be discipleship in beginning, discipleship in the middle and discipleship in the end. When […]

Revive Phoenix B-117 Takara Tomy – Unboxing, review, test et battle

Hi Bladers Before we start this video, I wanted to talk to you about The Portal 0 who is my Takara Tomy supplier. You can find them on instagram or Youtube thanks to the QR codes you see on the screen. He’s an excellent salesman who supplies products and quality services with particular care brought […]

Revive Israel

Our vision is to advance the kingdom of Yeshua to an apostolic ministry team established in Israel. Restore the apostolic commission of the book of Acts and be prepared for Yeshua’s return. We begin each workday with prayer, praise, prophecy. As well as equipping Bible teaching in Hebrew. This is the source of all our […]

Being ready for AI

Today I will talk about being Ready for AI. Most executives know that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way they do business and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But what many business leaders don’t know is how to deploy AI, not […]

What Happened At Aberfan? This Is The Full Story | The Crown

– [Narrator] In 1966, a disaster scarred a village in South Wales. What happened was unthinkable. A coal tip on a mountain slope above the village of Alba Van collapsed, crashing directly into a local school below it. In an instant, much of a village’s generation was lost. Many of those who survived were traumatized […]

In gara con la Giulia a Vallelunga (Alfa Revival Cup 2018) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

We are here in Vallelunga, I’m going to race in the Alfa Revival Cup with this ’64 Giulia T.I. Look at Cajani… when will you buy something decent to film? We did some free sessions yesterday, it’s hard for me because I’ve never raced with cars like these: we are trying to understand each other, […]