ABC: What kind of audience do you play to, I mean what do you . . Who do you think is listening when you perform your music and what do you try to tell them? Or do you try to tell them anything? Michael: You mean when I’m singing? ABC: Yeah Michael: Uh . . […]

What it’s like working at Adifo Software

Who are you? I am Filip Snauwaert I am Lieselot I am Cédric Uyttendaele What is your position at Adifo? I’m a BESTMIX Consultant at Adifo I’m an Internal BESTMIX Consultant I’m a Technical Consultant What does that entail? Mainly programming and assisting consultants Supporting our customers Everything from the installation of our software to […]

Presentation How-To: An Easy Expression To Summarize & Transition Topics (CC)

Hi, it’s Carl Kwan. When you give a presentation, it’s important to remember to give little breaks to your audience’s brains. But what the heck does that mean, right? What I mean is, the human brain can only pay attention to something for so long and then attention starts to drift. The additional problem is […]

[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.3 [3/4]

Dean! If you have a chance, you have to flirt Don’t miss your chance! You already have his LINE account Just text him No need to wait What are you waiting for? If you don’t know what to say Just send him a picture That is my mom’s “Hello Monday” sticker Unsend this. Unsend this […]

Mitha Talahatu – Pakai Aku Tuhan | Lagu Rohani Terbaru (Official Music Video)

“SUBSCRIBE” Cek lagu ROHANI TERBARU yang dirilis di channel ini Atau cek link di kolom deskripsi. Thx ♪ Come to Jesus ♪ ♪ Ask for what is needed from Him ♪ ♪ He will answer ♪ ♪ He gave more than anything ♪ ♪ That’s what I feel ♪ ♪ When I come and pray […]

Zach Galifianakis Tricked Jerry Seinfeld Into Doing Between Two Ferns | Netflix Is A Joke

– What would you like, Zach? – Just a doughnut. – I’ll have a doughnut too. (upbeat piano) – This is working out great– – Jerry, I’m just pleased that you’re a nice guy. I always find the people that are nice on TV, are not as nice. – No, they’re not. (laughing) – You […]

MALEFICENT 2 Behind The Scenes Clips & Bloopers – Mistress of Evil

Morning. – Will you stay a while? – A little while. But not to worry. I’ll see you at the Christening. (Director) And… go! Hello, Beastie. I missed you. (Director) 3, 2, 1 go! Will you try with a little less… fang? Of this so very kind of you to invite me this evening. Better. […]

100 Civics Questions (in random order) for Your U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David

This Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Today we will listen to our interview with Officer David. He will ask (all of) the USCIS civics questions (in random order). Let’s get started. What is a supreme law of the land? the Constitution What is the economic system in the United States? a market economy The […]