Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix

(dramatic music) – Hey bros, what does the golf team do to those who crash our party? – Take another fucking step and you’re dead. – Well fuck you, loser! (laughing) – (screaming) Is this what you were trying to do?! – I was trying to cut it clean off! It was gonna be rad! […]

Riverdale Cast Plays Who Would You Rather

Ooh. Do I get two options or is it, just, I choose. (You get to choose any Riverdale character.) I would call Betty. Or maybe FP. But then I’d be telling the cop, the Sheriff, which I wouldn’t want to do, so I’d tell Betty. Hiram. Yeah. OK, I would pick Reggie. Yeah, manpower. Jughead. […]

Veronica Mars: Everything You Need To Know | Cram Sesh

Veronica Mars is back. I’m Sadie Gennis, Dick Casablanca’s future starter wife. And here’s everything you need to know before watching the Veronica Mars revival. Veronica Mars is returning for an eight episode Hulu miniseries that is dropping all at once on Friday, July 26. This is the second time Veronica Mars has been revived […]