Photographers in Focus: David LaChapelle

The only way to sort your thoughts out is to really turn off everything and not be distracted and be away from your friends, and your boyfriend and your girlfriend, and your parents And as an artist you’re faced with questions What are you going to give the world? And not, what are you going […]

History Summarized: Alexander the Great

In the half-century following the Peloponnesian War, Greece wasn’t really doing so hot. Athens’ once mighty maritime empire had been rendered moot, and its continued relevance was primarily if not entirely owed to its lasting dedication to culture, art, and philosophy. Sparta’s population–which was never all that large in the first place–steadily dwindled through the […]

John Mulaney Received The Call That Dave Chappelle Went Missing | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, I’m John Mulaney and this is how I got started. (fast-cooking jazz horns) So when I was growing up, there were 1,000 million comedians on TV all the time. The first comedian I ever saw was a guy named Dennis Wolfberg, who was a Chicago-based comedian, he was on cable. I liked The […]

Who is Beethoven? Watch Fun Facts for students from his Biography to find out! (Educational Cartoon)

Known in history as one of the best musical composers of all time, but was deaf in the process. Stay tuned for more as I share interesting facts from the biography of Beethoven. Starting out with fact number one, Beethoven was born around December 16, 1770. The reason I say he was born around that […]

✅ Kate Middleton could resume maternity leave – leaving royal out of public eye until October

 Despite giving birth to Prince Louis so recently, Kate Middleton has attended two major royal occasions.   Kate attended Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, as well as the Trooping the Colour for The Queen’s official birthday celebrations    However, it’s been claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge could now resume her maternity leave, meaning it’s possible she […]

I Was in The Black Eyed Peas. Then I Quit. | ‘Almost Famous’ by Op-Docs

[APPLAUSE] Yo, yo, yo, yo. What’s happening? Welcome to the show. Yeah, let me get everybody’s name. What’s up, y’all. This Taboo Nawasha. This Kim Hill, featured vocalist. All right. How would you describe the whole Black Eyed Peas musical concept? [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, they got rid of the black girl that they […]


MICHEL GONDRY: It’s running? MALE SPEAKER 1: Yeah. It is. CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG: [LAUGH] MICHEL GONDRY: What about my make up? I know my nose is always shiny. I don’t care. OK, also, we speak English? OK. I remember when we shot Science of Sleep, you were hiding from the camera, especially in the first scenes. […]

Jerah Milligan Wrote “Reparations” Based Off A Real Club Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

(beep) – “Reparations” is a sketch, oh I wrote that sketch. – Yeah I was like, “Yeah you wrote it!” – Sorry. (upbeat music) (typing sound) – It’s time to get lit! (sirens) Shout out to all the single ladies in the house. All the fellas with a good job, and to the black folk […]

How Britney Spears Accidentally Saved the Game Awards

The 2019 Game Awards are upon us, providing a flurry of game news and a celebration of the successes of the past year. The Game Awards are a relatively new institution, but they build on a long legacy of awarding games developers for their achievements. While many talented people work hard to create these award […]

My Dad Is A Pathetic Loser. He Also Has Two Children I Didn’t Know About

Hey, guys. My name is Christy. My story is about how I found out that every secret sooner or later becomes clear. And the longer you hide it, the more you hurt your loved ones. It happened to me and my parents. And my life hasn’t been the same since then. I have to say, […]