Russia, U.S. to resume talks on avoiding accidental clashes over Syria 미국·러시아

U.S. officials say Russia has agreed to enter into talks aimed at ensuring the two countries forces avoid accidental clashes while conducting airstrikes over Syria. The Pentagon say the talks are likely to take place as soon as this weekend. The discussions will likely focus on how much distance there should be between U.S. and […]

Tokyo seeks to resume whaling, as Australia, New Zealand moves to block effort

At the International Whaling Commission conference in Slovenia… Japan is seeking to resume whale hunting, despite widespread global criticism that had culminated in a UN court ban. It pushed to change a resolution about global whaling criteria… to allow Tokyo to engage in what it calls, “scientific whaling.” The UN International Court of Justice had […]

Activists resume anti-N. Korea leaflet campaign 탈북단체, 대북전단 기습 살포…″전단 계속 날

A group of South Korean activists resumed sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets and DVDs of the movie ″The Interview″… across the inter-Korean border today. This… comes after another attempt by the same group last week was thwarted by police. Pyongyang has condemned the activists,… vowing to take revenge against their actions. South Korea′s unification ministry says it […]

Syrian air base resume operation just a day after being attack by U.S.’s cruise missile

America’s first direct assault against the Bashar al-Assad regime since the war in Syria broke out six years ago… took everyone by surprise. U.S. President Donald Trump promised additional actions, if deemed necessary… and the latest is this: the Syrian base resumed operations. Lee Ji-won looks into the possibility of more missile attacks from Washington. […]

LG releases new V20 smartphone; Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume Oct. 1

LG Electronics has released its much-anticipated new smartphone, the V-20. Sales began in Korea on Thursday and will start overseas in the coming weeks. Rival Samsung Electronics, meanwhile, less than a month after it began a massive recall of its new Galaxy Note 7 device,… plans to restart sales of the smartphone in Korea this […]

North Korea and Japan agree to resume gov’t talks

North Korea and Japan have agreed to resume stalled government talks. The decision came Thursday after a two-day informal meeting between Red Cross and government officials from both countries. Speaking at a press conference, an official from Japan’s foreign ministry… said the two governments had come to an agreement on holding formal bilateral meetings, but […]

Korea, Japan resume security dialogue after five years 한일 안보정책협의회 오늘 서울서 개최

Senior officials from Korea and Japan met for a round of defense talks in Seoul on this Tuesday. The meeting, which is the first since late 2009, focused on Japan′s moves to revise its security laws. Hwang Sung-hee reports. The so-called two-plus-two meeting, held in Seoul on Tuesday, was the first high-level security talks between […]

S. Korea, Japan resume sexual slavery talks

Senior officials from Seoul and Tokyo have been discussing ways to end the long-running diplomatic feud over Japan’s wartime sexual enslavement of women. But while these talks were taking place in Seoul Wednesday, a high-ranking Japanese official in Tokyo said the Japanese government had no plans to seek new measures to resolve the issue. Hwang […]

Russian FM: North Korea sending signals to resume six-party nuke talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says North Korea is signaling that it is ready to resume the long-stalled six-party denuclearization talks without any preconditions but other member nations are asking for the north to first demonstrate its sincerity at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday Lavrov said Russia is working closely with China for […]

Seoul to resume talks over bilateral military intelligence sharing pact with Tokyo

정부, 한일 군사정보협정 논의 재개…연내 체결 목표 South Korea hopes to seal a military intelligence sharing pact with Japan, a plan that was dropped four years ago mainly due to unresolved issues between Seoul and Tokyo. But North Korea’s two nuclear tests and dozens of missile launches this year alone have made South Korea change […]