Greek debt talks to resume after euro rejection 그리스-채권단, 합의 불발…유로그룹 회의 난항 예고

We connect now to Paul Yi at the News Center for the top international headlines. Paul, let′s start with the latest on the Greek debt crisis. Any signs of a breakthrough? Well, despite high hopes earlier this week, the Greek government and its international creditors have yet again failed to narrow their differences. However, time […]

Negotiations resume for TPP talks TPP협상 재개-목표는 내년초, 타결은 불투명

Negotiations for a regional free-trade agreement for twelve countries, known as TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership, have resumed in Washington. The six-day working-level meeting, which started on Sunday, follows last month′s APEC summit in Beijing… in which leaders reaffirmed their will to conclude an agreement as early as next year. The TPP countries are expected […]

Russia, Ukraine, EU to resume talks ahead of gas bill deadline

Talks between the EU, Russia and Ukraine have yet again, broken down over a gas price dispute ahead of a looming deadline. With more on this story, we now turn to Paul Yi at the New Center. Paul, tensions between Moscow and Kiev continue to strain any diplomatic solution to the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. […]

S. Korea seeks to resume family reunions, as N. Korea protests upcoming military

There′s a tug of war going on between the two Koreas,… acting as a drag on the momentum for dialogue. The South wants to hold a round of reunions for war-separated families,… while the North is protesting upcoming joint military drills between Seoul and Washington. Hwang Sung-hee reports. South Korea says its proposal for a […]

S. Korea, Japan resume sexual slavery talks today

Korea and Japan are currently holding talks in Seoul… on the Japanese military’s forced sexual enslavement of women before and during World War II. It marks the first such meeting since Tokyo released the results of its review of the Kono Statement, in which the Japanese government apologized for its wartime atrocities. The Korean government […]

Korea, China, Japan to resume trilateral FTA negotiations 오늘부터 한중일 FTA 6차 실무협상

Korea, China and Japan will resume their free trade negotiations in Tokyo on this Monday. Korea′s trade ministry says the three countries will focus on negotiation principles for tariff concessions and ways to liberalize the service sector and investments. And the chief negotiators will meet separately, away from the working-level talks, in a bid to […]

Two Koreas resume high-level meeting after adjournment (MNG)남북 고위급 회담 재개

The two Koreas have resumed their high-level meeting, which was adjourned in the early hours this Sunday without yielding any substantial results. For the latest details, we connect to our presidential office correspondent Choi You-sun . You-sun, have officials from Seoul and Pyongyang returned to the negotiating table? South Korea′s presidential office has confirmed that […]

North Korea, Japan to resume Red Cross talks Wednesday

Moving on,… North Korea and Japan are set to meet for two days of Red Cross talks in China’s northeastern city of Shenyang… starting on this Wednesday. Pyongyang’s return of the remains of Japanese nationals from the end of World War Two will top the agenda at the dialogue, which follows up on a previous […]

Hillary Clinton to resume campaigning as Obama stumps for Clinton

Hillary Clinton will return to the campaign trail on Thursday after taking three days off to recover from pneumonia. The Democratic presidential nominee abruptly left a 9/11 commemoration ceremony Sunday after what her campaign said was an episode of “overheating” but later revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneunomia. The incident prompted further scrutiny […]