SQL Server interview questions and answers :-What is CDC( Change data capture ) ?

In this video will try to understand what exactly is CDC CDC stands for Change Data Capture Many times in projects we would like to go and maintain audit trail for a table On the screen you know I have a simple sales table here I have two records here Shiv and Raju Somebody changes […]

C# Generic constraints ( C# interview questions)

In this video will talk about what exactly are generic constraints and why do we need them Before I go ahead and I talk about generic constraints My suggestion is to go and see this video what are generics to understand the concepts of generics In this .NET fundamental section I have this video what […]

c# and ADO.NET interview questions:- Dataset is a disconnect while datareader is connected.

In this video I am going to focus upon a very important sentence which developers talk about you know when they talk about dataset and data reader whenever developers talk about the differences between dataset and datareader the first thing which developer say is that dataset is a disconnected architecture while datareader is a connected […]

Explain ADO.NET Connection pooling ( ADO.NET Interview questions)

In this video will try to understand what exactly is ADO.NET connection pooling and will also iterate through some important points around connection pooling so when we use ADO.NET in our C# application or VB.NET application first thing is we create a connection object, we open it then we do all the operations like creating […]

IS vs AS Keyword ( C# Interview questions with answers)

In this video will try to understand what is the use of IS keyword and AS keyword in C# In order to make you understand the difference between the IS keyword and the AS keyword Le me paste two sentences before you If you read both of these sentences you will come to know what […]

SQL Server interview question :- What is use of Coalesce and ISNULL ( SQL Server training)?

In this video will try to understand what exactly is the use of ISNULL function and what is the use of Coalesce function Let me pronounce again coalesce I am not sure that if that pronounciation is right but english is my second language In case it is not right I am extremely sorry for […]

.NET and C# interview questions with answers on IL code, CLR, CTS, CAS

Hello everyone and welcome to the first section in .NET interview question preparation series In this section will try to cover important questions around IL code JIT, CLR, CTS and code access security i.e SAS Put a scope around you know what I am to cover in this video This video will not be demonstrating […]

Biztalk training:- What are Adapters,Pipeline,Maps and ports ?( Interview questions)

Today we will understand what are the different components in Biztalk? This video will not cover the indepth understanding of the different components but will make you familiar with those components and the terminologies that would help a developer to start coding in BizTalk BizTalk comprises of the following components Adapters, Pipelines, Schemas Maps, Orchestrations […]