Clint Dantinne 2015 Video Résumé (Virtual Interview)

[Clint Dantinne Career Highlights 2015] Hi I’m Clint Dantinne and I love storytelling Please join me for the next few minutes as I tell the story of my own career so far While still in high school I landed a part-time job on the air at WVCH AM radio station near Philadelphia and their New […]

Cinematic Video CV – Bioinformatician

(Video Resume) Elsa Putri Ariani – 1801438542

Hi, my name is Elsa Putri Ariani. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Raised in Doha, Qatar. I’m 18 years old I studied at Cambridge International School for Girls in Doha and I graduated from Middle East International School, Doha, Class of 2014 with a high school diploma based on the California standards. I am […]

Hip hop / rap cv resume, Tobia Donati

I’m a PM that loves user experience and that can improve your site performance. My responsibility is learn from mistakes to play as a web wizard and change any shapes. I’m great in any difficult situation because I have a skill called adaptation. I worked for many kind of company and every time I felt […]

Chartered Psychologist, development trainer – Graham W Price, Abicord, video resume

i am graham price i am psychologyst and development trainer and coach uh… development rehna attention and stress management consultant and various other things i became interested in psychology many years ago when another guy senior executive of very large company uh… guy calld Stewart McGill shared with me his secrets of success success and […]

Dania Yamout’s Video Resume 2014

Her face is a map of the world Is a map of the world You can see she’s a beautiful girl She’s a beautiful girl And everything around her is a silver pool of light The people who surround her feel the benefit of it It makes you calm She holds you captivated in her […]

Video Resume and Cover Letter – Stephane LAURENT

Good morning Stephane, how are you doing? Good Morning Shiva, I’m fine thank you Would you like to review your digital news as usual? Not today. Time to get a new job Wise decision Could you please launch the profile interface? I need to make some updates Ok where is the worker profile? Here it […]

Video resume sample | motion graphics | kinemaster | By Genius Says


CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Introduction (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Hi! I’m Haroutioun Derderian, your next enthusiastic administrator. I enjoy to introduce myself as an experienced administrator who has a successful record in NGO, governmental and hospitality sectors. And in another hand, as an active volunteer in Educational field. Actually, I don’t like to be considered as “office robot” so I always try to challenge […]

CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Why Me ! (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Tough question! But easy to answer! Actually, I like to be visible and being around any time as “center point of information” My colleagues in executive level trust on my ability to manage, plan and administer a range of administrative operations across many different departments. My supervision method is always in the shape of teamwork […]