Riverdale Cast Plays Who Would You Rather

Ooh. Do I get two options or is it, just, I choose. (You get to choose any Riverdale character.) I would call Betty. Or maybe FP. But then I’d be telling the cop, the Sheriff, which I wouldn’t want to do, so I’d tell Betty. Hiram. Yeah. OK, I would pick Reggie. Yeah, manpower. Jughead. […]

The Most WTF Moments In Riverdale | Netflix

– Hark, there she be. (dramatic threatening music plays) – Follow me. Your griffin queen. Away from this fortress and back to the kingdom of Eldervale. – But what about the king? (loud growls and scrapes) – The king is dead. – I case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit […]