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My First Job

My first job was at a hardware store. I just needed a job for the summer, you know? Get a little extra cash, buy a laptop, for… school. And when the application asked “When are you available?” I was like uh, ALWAYS! It’s summer, dummy! Which was a mistake! Cuz it got me the job. […]

Exiled Chinese Billionaire Uses YouTube To Wage A War On Corruption (HBO)

Magazine Hid Explosive Interview With Adult Film Star Alleging Trump Affair For 7 Years

The White House has been relatively silent about the recent accusations made by several porn actresses that Donald Trump had affairs with them, or at least attempted to have affairs with them. Now, one of the actresses, Stormy Daniels, has been at the center of all this. She is the one who allegedly signed a […]

Trying to answer stupid job interview questions | The Ranganation – BBC

Interestingly, a study has found that asking brainteasers and random questions during an interview is a sign of a narcissistic and sadistic boss. So, let’s find out how well our Ranganation would do in a job interview. I’m going to play the sadistic boss. I’m going to ask you some brainteasers. These are all genuine […]

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Intimate Three-Day Wedding to Nick Jonas

I see you. Well, no, no. You asked for this. It’s not me. You said you wanted a shot of tequila every time you’re here. I do need tequila every time I’m here. That’s true. All right, so? Congratulations. Thank you. Happy birthday, Ellen. Congratulations to you, is what I say. Thank you. [CHEERING] So […]