Apple and Steve Jobs’ Biggest Mistakes Ep 1 – The Macintosh

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The iBook Guy. Now, because I run a channel which is primarily focused on Apple products, I’m often criticized and called an Apple fanboy, told that I’m biased or not objective in regarding Apple products, and that’s just not true. In fact, I’m often critical of Apple products, […]

Best Of: Will Ferrell | Netflix Is A Joke

What the fuck happened? Hey. I asked you to deliver 10 episodes of your show by 9 a.m. Yeah it’s 9 a.m. It’s before 9 a.m. 9 a.m. Tokyo time! Before the markets open! I can’t do anything with these. They are worthless to me. You fat idiot! Vivica, you know what I heard when […]


go Well than you sling to ease back point Side-tracked on a rotten Forget the two get wrapped up here come on Not to mention get Excuse me This is the root of human faces bamboo take home Did it get drained Look like this Well good comfort Bamboo human face Like this it is […]

Two words that summarize all of ecommerce in China

All the agencies you talk to, and everyone in the industry that sells you something digital throws words at you that don’t mean anything… okay? It don’t mean anything. There’s actually only two words that matter to everyone in this room and it’s how you can treat everything going forward. I’m gonna make it easy […]

Lana Condor & Noah Centineo Break Down the Fair Scene Shot By Shot | To All the Boys | Netflix

– Hey, I’m Lana. – And I’m Noah. – We are going to take you through the fair scene shot by shot. – Let’s do this. (mellow vibe music) – Yeah? – Come on, let’s go! – This right here, you see us entering, right? And then you’re gonna see us selfie-mode. That stuff was […]

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez | Official Trailer | Netflix

This case is going to be very emotional. At any point you find yourself getting a little overwhelmed, please step out of the courtroom, compose yourself,  and then come back inside. This was the case that… just has followed me from that night. It’s still hard to believe two people did all those horrible things to […]

– SPECIALE 100 ISCRITTI – Vento Aureo’s Ending Thoroughly Summarized DUBBING ITA

Hey babes! Did I miss something? Oh my God No Way Oh You didn’t really do THIS You can bet your balls!>:3 I’m so fucking pissed right now… OH SHIT SHITSTORM INCOMING * This is how italians take a breath * Do you want to see me transform into a super saiyan? You can’t do […]

Ugly Delicious 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

You should sit down and eat with us. People will find the things that are gonna be delicious. Deliciousness as a whole is like a meme: it’s gonna find a way to survive. That’s insane! It smells delicious in here. -You think this is delicious? -It’s delicious! Do you guys have a steak knife? -This […]

Legends Summarized: Underworld Myths

Alright everybody, listen up because today we’re talking about the underworld. So the first question is: What IS the underworld? Now, I promise this gets smarter from here on out. Traditionally, it’s a place where all the dead dudes hang out. And this concept is very old, which makes sense because it’s answering a very […]

How To Summarize And Analyze Big Data Using Pivot Table – In Excel?

Welcome Everybody My Name’s Ola Elhossiny Microsoft Certified Professional And Microsoft Office Specialist In This Tutorial I’m Going To Show You How To Summarize Your Data And Represent It As A Chart In This Tutorial We Are A Company Working In Smart Phone And We Want To Know The Percentage Of Each Brand Along To […]