Swedish Language Data Lab – AI Innovation of Sweden

There is a great deal of interest in this project and the reference group that attended shows this It has been very interesting to hear how the reference group is applying NLP today and how they see that they can benefit from this models and data sets that have been developed. It feels great. We […]

[PC] Eternal Dread 2 [Revival of Evil / Boss Kwanpiz]

So. We went into some kind of crypt. What the hell is this? Treasure chest. This room is for relaxation. Monsters are resting here! Wow! Who is it? I will save you! What are these dangerous creatures standing there? Another opponent remained. Where did you all come from? You were not here before! Now the […]

How to brainstorm effectively and summarize results【Excel Template】

Today, I’ll explain how to conduct effective brainstorming and introduce a powerful checklist. [Intro Video] Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma Black Belt. I received this request. “Do you have a template for brainstorming?” Thank you, Borut for your request. As he requested, I made a brainstorming template. I’ll show you that later. You […]

FORTNITE Moments | Getting a Revive in 50vs50

Hello! Yo my dude! Yo can I get a rez? Yo c’mon…please. I’m RIGHT here c’mon dude. C’mon! Thank you. Aw dude, thank you, good guy. Thanks dude. Awe… No no t-t-that’s fine dude, you don’t need to– You can put that down… Dude. Stop. That’s fine. Okay okay thank you thank– NoooOOOOOOOOOO! PLEEEAAAAA– Let’s […]

TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

This is my first date. We’ve gone out on a bunch of dates. Yeah, but… those weren’t real. Where are we going? I figured this would be the place to give you this, because this is where it all started. Are you okay? Look, I just wanted to say that I really… I appreciate it,  […]

Ace Attorney: The Shield of Justice — Episode 1 (Turnabout Revival, Part 1)

You came alone, right? No one followed? No, of course not. She and I split up a bit ago, we’re fine. What’s this about, anyways? You’re getting too close to the enemy. He’s thinks you’re getting a bit too chummy. It’s starting to become a liability. What!? That’s what he said. Orders are orders. What […]

Pika Revival!

Turn on your light it’s gonna get dark Pretty Intense cave! It’s ded! FOOEY WOMAN!!! Gunna have to get my lighter Huh? What is that! Is that a- That’s a Pikachu!!!!! Gunna take this back home And uh, see if we can revive it Lets go! CHEF! What? Boil us some water! It’s ready Pikachu! […]


SALUTE! Hello, we are AB6IX. The reason why we are here today is because our first official fankit [ABNEW 1ST OFFICIAL FANKIT is now on sale] has come out! [FANKIT UNBOXING] So today, we will unbox this fankit. [Whoosh, whoosh] I guess when this clip is out [Ah… Please stop] every ABNEW must have received […]

Late Night Dioramas: 2019, the Year in Review

-You guys, 2019 is coming to an end. And we have talked a lot in the news this year. But not everyone is an auditory learner. Some people retain information better when it’s presented visually. So to make sure those viewers caught up on everything that happened, two of my writers, Jenny Hagel and Amber […]