This is a philosopher who helps us think about money, capitalism, and our runaway consumer societies Epicurus was an Ancient Greek born in 341 BC. What made him famous was that he spent all his life trying to work out the largest puzzle there is: what makes people happy? Philosophers before him had discussed at […]


Georg Friedrich Hegel was born in Stuttgart in 1770. Intellectually he was adventurous, but in externals, respectable, conventional, and proud of it. He ascended the academic tree and reached the top most branch, head of the University of Berlin, when he was sixty years old; he died the following year. Hegel wrote some very long […]


On average, over 800,000 people kill themselves every year around the world. Suicide is the 15th leading cause of mortality accounting for some 1.5% of all deaths. More people die by suicide than are collectively murdered, die in traffic accidents, or are killed by animals. It remains entirely strange then that through the media we […]

POLITICAL THEORY – Niccolò Machiavelli

We’re often appalled by how sly and dishonest many politicians are, but we shouldn’t be. In moods like this we need to remember and read the works of Niccolo Machiavelli. A late 15th century political advisor and political theorist who argued that we shouldn’t think that politicians are imoral and simply bad for lying and […]

PHILOSOPHY – René Descartes

René Descartes was a French 17th century philosopher, famous above all for saying ‘I think therefore I am’, but worthy of our attention for many reasons beyond this. What makes him stand out is that he was a fierce rationalist. In an age when many philosophers still backed up their arguments with appeals to God, […]

Bartenders Guess Who’s Underage 1 | Lineup | Cut

– He’s really serious, he’s mugging me right now. It’s kinda hard, doesn’t make it hard to tell. (classical music) – I’ve been bartending for 13 years – Pretty close to 40 years – I’ve been bartending for about three weeks. Yes (laughs) – I would like to think so – I think I do […]

Kareena Kapoor Khan Spills Her Thoughts: July 2016 Cover Girl | Interview & Photoshoot | VOGUE India

I think these word associations are tough one.. It’s my husband, Saif Ali Khan. I think me, myself! I think Sonam. Because she’s so diva-like. Well, I think none other than Deepika. Ranveer Singh. I don’t think this time, since I’ve worked with anyone… anybody has two left feet because everybody is a smashing dancer. […]

How to Make an Attractive City

Cities are a big deal: we pretty much all have to live in them; We should try hard to get them right. So few cities are nice; very, very few out of many thousands are really beautiful. Embarrassingly, the more appealing ones tend to be old, which is weird because we’re mostly much better at […]

3. Tip No. 3 on interview preparation. How can I demonstrate my abilities during the interview?

Today I’m sharing with you again tip number 3, just incase you missed it and because also I think it’s a really important one. Once you’ve decided your 5 best achievements to date, think about the competencies that you demonstrated during those achievements. For example: leadership skills, project management skills, the ability to work in […]

11 Things About Chartbreaker Summer Walker You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hey this is Billboard, and you should know me, Summer Walker. (lighthearted music) – I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to master the skill of knife throwing. I fart. (laughs) My backstage ritual is flatulence. I think he slid into the DMs and was like, “I saw your video on a […]