U.S. officials preparing for possible missile test by N. Korea: NYT

meanwhile US officials are reportedly preparing for that possible missile test by North Korea the New York Times reported Saturday that the Trump administration anticipates that the regime will test in the coming days an ICBM capable of reaching the US mainland sources told the Times that if the North does resume its missile tests […]

Revive Phoenix B-117 Takara Tomy – Unboxing, review, test et battle

Hi Bladers Before we start this video, I wanted to talk to you about The Portal 0 who is my Takara Tomy supplier. You can find them on instagram or Youtube thanks to the QR codes you see on the screen. He’s an excellent salesman who supplies products and quality services with particular care brought […]

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] U.S. “ready to be flexible”, but urges N. Korea to stop provocations

the UN Security Council held an open meeting in New York on Wednesday local time upon the request of the u.s. the meeting was triggered by North Korea’s latest provocations including a test of great significance according to the regime today we go in depth on the latest developments surrounding the stalled nuclear negotiations between […]

U.S. still hopeful N. Korea will stick to its commitment to denuclearize: Pentagon

so our top story this morning the United States says it hopes North Korea will refrain from nuclear and long-range missile tests the remarks from a top Pentagon official carmem it hints out of Pyongyang that the regime a resume such tests in the coming weeks Eason J starts us off during the press briefing […]

U.S. will not tolerate more ‘ill-advised’ behavior from N. Korea: Senior U.S. official

now top US official has warned North Korea against taking any ill-advised action amid the regime’s threats to resume nuclear and long-range missile tests us Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs David Stillwell made the remarks Thursday during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington he […]

U.S. “ready to be flexible”, but urges N. Korea to stop provocations

we start with the UN Security Council meeting that was triggered by North Korea’s test of quote great significance the US which convened the meeting called the North’s provocations a violation of UN resolutions but at the same time said it’s ready to be more flexible with its approach towards denuclearization China and Russia on […]

N. Korea claims “important” test conducted at Sohae satellite site

North Korea is stepping up its pressure on the US as the regime’s year-end deadline approaches for progress to be made in the nuclear negotiations today it said it conducted a very important test on Saturday at a missile engine test site it promised to destroy last year experts think the test could have been […]

In gara con la Giulia a Vallelunga (Alfa Revival Cup 2018) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

We are here in Vallelunga, I’m going to race in the Alfa Revival Cup with this ’64 Giulia T.I. Look at Cajani… when will you buy something decent to film? We did some free sessions yesterday, it’s hard for me because I’ve never raced with cars like these: we are trying to understand each other, […]

Eugene Babysits Ned’s Baby

– Today, I’m going to babysit Wes for the first time. (Wes cries) What do we do? What am I doing? Just tell me what you want! (Eugene groans) (sighs) (rock music) About half a year ago, one of my best friends and his wife decided to bring a baby into this world. And in […]

U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David Part 5–QUESTIONS ONLY!

This Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Today we will listen to our fifth interview with Officer David with the questions only so you can supply your own answers. You can download the typical citizenship interview from www.uscitizenpod.com and practice with a classmate, friend, or family member. Let’s get started. Hello, I am Officer David […]