Job Interview Questions & Answers

Can Yaman ❖ Interview ❖ BeMan Magazine ❖ 2017 ❖ Closed Captions

So ALL the world can enjoy Turkish Drama. Hello everyone, this is Can Yaman. I am on the cover of BeMan Magazine’s September Issue. Q: Do you have a fast or slow pace lifestyle? It depends, changes depending on seasons. If I am taking summer vacations, I live with a fast pace lifestyle. But if […]

Michael Spicer: Top 10 Job Interview Tips

Hello. Today, I’m going to show you how to get the job you want with ten sure-fire job interview tips. Tip number one. Remember, every question is a test. So when they say, “How are you?” reply, “Goal orientated, thank you.” Tip number two. Be confident but subtle. Tap flattering comments about yourself in Morse […]