Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question with Sample Answer βœ“

Hi friends, this is Suma from in this video, we are going to see how to answer Tell Me About Youself in the interview Almost all the interviews start with the question, “Tell me about yourself“. With this answer you have to make a good first impression. Giving a good answer means that you […]

Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself” The Perfect Answer πŸ†

Hi there thanks for joining us today for the interview. Why don’t you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself are you a hundred percent sure that you know how to answer this question correctly because you need to because it’s going to affect the entire interview going forward and unfortunately if […]

How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF interview question

So you sent off your CV and your covering letter for that dream job and they’re impressed! You’re called to the interview they welcome you, you shake hands and they ask you the first question “Tell me about yourself?” what do you do? what do you say? where do you begin? well this question will […]

Tell me about yourself – Interview question . Perfect introduction for cabin crew

I wassup guys hello everyone I hope you’re doing really good and I’m sure the fact that you’re good going with the preparations for your cabin crew interviews as well and if you have interviews lined up in the month of November and December do good all the best and do fly with me yeah […]

Tell Me About Yourself – Interview Question Sample Answer

So tell me about yourself. How would you answer that question if you were in an interview? So today I’m going to give you just a couple of talking points on how to answer that question, “tell me about yourself”, if you’re in an interview and how to do it so that you can sell […]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview: 10 Steps for Success: Live Office Hours: Andrew LaCivita

Hey everybody. It is Andy. It is 11:00. It’s Thursday, 11:00 Central Time, Thursday in the US, and you found my YouTube channel and my live office hours, and I am giving free career and job search advice, and with a wonderful heart and a little bit of a sad face, this is the fifth […]

How to Write a Perfect COVER LETTER in Six Steps (with Example)

Now if I told you there is something you can do to increase your chances of getting that dream job by about 90% you would pay attention wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you? well there is now your CV is your CV I hope it looks good and when you get to the interview I’m sure you’ll […]

Tell Me About Yourself: Best Way to Respond

Hey everybody, it’s Andy, with this week’s Tips for Work and Life. Today we’re going to tell me about yourself. This one goes out for all those people on my Tips for Work and Life Subscription List and my YouTube subscribers who have pelleted me with emails and comments asking to please shoot this video, […]

How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself Interview Question?

Hi friends Welcome to myTectra career question & answers videos in this series of videos We are going to talk about different questions which are asked by the HR in freshers interviews So specifically in this video we will talk about how we answer to the question. Tell me something about yourself If you ask […]

Winner Mind-Set for interview – Job interview preparation.

Think like a winner! Prepare like a winner! And perform like a winner! Plan your career path. What do you want from Job? Some people want salary and some people want career stability and some people want to work on specific location. Do you know what is Job? Answer is : The work that a […]