History vs. Henry VIII – Mark Robinson and Alex Gendler

He was a powerful king whose break with the church of Rome would forever change the course of English history. But was he a charismatic reformer or a bullying tyrant? Find out on History versus Henry VIII. Judge: Order, order. Now, who do we have here? Looks like quite the dashing fellow. Defense: Indeed, your […]

Contrasting Equalities – Revival for Mission

According to the census bureau, New York state has a population of nearly twenty million, two thirds of which reside in the metropolitan New York city area, making New York the most populated city in the United States. Shungnak, Alaska is a village with two-hundred fifty-six, spread through fifty-six households and fifty-one families. The state […]

Kate Orff: Reviving New York’s rivers — with oysters!

I am passionate about the American landscape and how the physical form of the land, from the great Central Valley of California to the bedrock of Manhattan, has really shaped our history and our character. But one thing is clear. In the last 100 years alone, our country — and this is a sprawl map […]

TEDxSydney – Veena Sahajwalla – Reviving Waste

Veena Sahajwalla: Well, thank you very much for having me here today. I wanted to just begin quickly by giving you a little bit of insight as to why I actually think that reviving waste, bringing it back to life, is the way of the future. We talk about recycling, so I’ll tell you a […]

How does a jellyfish sting? – Neosha S Kashef

You’re swimming in the ocean when something brushes your leg. When the tingling sets in, you realize you’ve been stung by a jellyfish. How do these beautiful, gelatinous creatures pack such a painful punch? Jellyfish are soft because they are 95% water and are mostly made of a translucent gel-like substance called mesoglea. With such […]

Modern science. Interview with Rupert Sheldrake – part 2/4 | KOSMOS MAGAZINE

My name is Jens Christian Hermansen. I am the editor of Kosmos, a quarterly magazine about spiritual science. I believe in the value of open-minded and critical thinking. I am in London to meet Dr Rupert Sheldrake. We are going to talk about science, God and visions for the future. Sheldrake is a renowned British […]

Federico Pistono – Robots Will Steal Your Job, but That’s OK – TedxVienna

TEDx Vienna. X=independently organized TED event Hello everyone. Hi, welcome. How are you doing today? Good? Yeah? It’s a wonderful day, isn’t it? Well, let me fix that for you. I’ll talk about jobs. Can I have please a quick show of hands? Raise your hand if you either work or know somebody close to […]

From life to death, beyond and back | Thomas Fleischmann | TEDxTUHHSalon

Translator: 陳 俊 Reviewer: Nadine Hennig Ladies and gentleman, I see dead people. What may be a punch line from the film, the movie, “The Sixth Sense” for you, is dire reality for me. As an emergency physician, I took care of thousands of people when they approached the line between life and death. Many […]

How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Ivana Korom Wow, what an honor. I always wondered what this would feel like. So eight years ago, I got the worst career advice of my life. I had a friend tell me, “Don’t worry about how much you like the work you’re doing now. It’s all about just building your […]

Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound

Translator: Capa Girl Reviewer: Wendy Morales So, where do you start when you have a program that’s about integrating lives with passions? Well, you start with “why.” Why? And that kicks us off for the first speaker tonight – Simon Sinek and his talk “Start with why.” Simon Sinek: We assume, even, we know why […]