We don’t know exactly when, but somewhere in 2017, AMD will release a new generation of Radeon GPU’s codenamed “VEGA”. a couple of weeks ago AMD shared some of the technical details of the cards. Let’s take a look at what we know so far. [intro] AMD wants us to know that VEGA is much […]

JC INTERVIEW #9 DOUG REESH (Tom DeLonge’s guitar tech)

Elon Musk Talks SEC, Childhood And More In ‘60 Minutes’ Interview | TODAY

Interview With Deborah Harrison: With Great Dialog Comes Great Responsibility

Jenara: I’m Jenara Nerenberg, I’m a journalist and we’re here at the RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit and we’re talking with Deborah Harrison now and Deborah thank you so much for being with us Deborah: It is my pleasure I’m delighted Jenara: We first just want to hear a little bit about your background and your […]

Boston Dynamics Spot hands-on: new dog, new tricks

– Hi, I’m Russell and this is Spot. (happy music) So you’ve probably seen this robot before, maybe hauling a truck or dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” ♪ And my band ’bout that money ♪ ♪ Break it down ♪ ♪ Girls hit your hallelujah ♪ It’s the first of this generation of semi-autonomous, […]

The Life of Andy Warhol (documentary – part two)

Maybe this is really bourgeois of me, but we want fuller lives and we want to know the meanings of the things that drive our lives. We want to redeem the garbage in our life. It seems to me it’s why I look at art. And the thing I feel, when I look at Warhol, […]

Charli XCX interview: how artists optimize for streaming

(electronic music) – I was never intentionally really thinking about, I wanna break the system. Like I just, for me it’s just like, I was feeling very creative and wanted to release my music rapidly and when I wanted. Without streaming it would be so difficult to be able to do that. – [Female Narrator] […]

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for tech jobs

Tech candidates who show the most commitment to interview preparation tend to get more offers. So do something different, don’t just check the company website, research recent news and industry blogs for updates on the company’s activities and work out why you specifically want to work for them.

GBTI Gwinnett Tech Student Interview – Career Preparation

I am most interested in research and development development for pharmaceutical companies, maybe improving drug effectiveness and the way drugs work. That’s what bioscience does improves products that exist or develop new products. I came to Gwinnett Tech because I wanted to me a nurse. and I didn’t get into the LPN (nursing) program I […]

oracle interview questions and answers | coding interview | Job interview

Hello everyone I’m Surbhi Mittal from IT department, 8th semester from IGDTU I’m here to share my interview experience with you. I would like to thank Placement Boat for giving me this opportunity to share and express my views and for what all I went through in my interviews. I’m placed in Oracle and the […]