All 50 U.S. states summarized (Geography Now!)

Hey Geograpeeps! So, this is a little video that I kind of wanted to make for a while, but never really had time. Until now! So, of course the majority of Geography Now! subscribers are from, you know, my home country; The U.S. However, we do have a very, very noticeable and sizeable community of […]

Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

Hey everybody so this is gonna have to be a filler week because as you know, Right now I am working on the next few country episodes but in the meantime This is gonna be part two of the last video that I did for filler week explaining the largest cities in the USA per […]

The largest CITIES in the USA summarized – Part 1 (Geography Now!)

Hey, everybody could see you again. So two things number one. We are filming the next few country episodes So I gotta give you a filler week topic second of all very quickly A lot of you have been asking me what am I gonna do about? Swati me, you know the name that Swaziland’s […]

Your Role in the Life of a Student with a Disability

This video will introduce you to your role in the life of a student with a documented disability and your related responsibilities as an Instructor. Student Accessibility Services is a unit in the Dean of Students Office in the Division of Student Affairs. Student Accessibility Services works with current ISU students who have self-identified as […]

How to Dress and Prepare for a Skype Interview as an ESL English Teacher Going Overseas to Teach

what’s up everybody I’m coming at you live it’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Florida so a question that I’ve asked myself quite a bit that you may have asked yourself what should I wear in a Skype interview is this the same as a regular interview is it different should it be […]

Alaa Youzbashi – Video resume

hello my name is Alaa Youzbashi. I’m from Syria. I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor degree in English literature and in 2016 I earned my master’s degree in linguistics with the thesis related to EFL composition and discourse analysis. I’m currently teaching English to adult learners. In the last few years I’ve been able […]

Job Interview Questions & Answers

Prepare yourself for a job interview , be more fluent in English

Hi and welcome to our course , Today is our third session and also we were so long in between with no videos but we were preparing for this one this one actually we are going to focus on some tips that many people asked me why we cannot speak English in a fluent way […]

General Education & Teaching Tips : How to Interview for a Teaching Job

Hi this is Laura Turner and today I’m going to talk to you about how to interview for a teaching job. The most important thing that you are going to need to develop for your interview process as a teacher interviewing is your curriculum vita or your CV which is going to contain all your […]