SQL Server join :- Inner join,Left join,Right join and full outer join

In this video we will talk about four important Joins Inner Join Left Join Right Join and Full Outer Join In order to understand these four joins you can see that I have created two tables here One table is called as Country Table it has threee records you can see One for India two […]

SQL Server interview questions and answers :-What is CDC( Change data capture ) ?

In this video will try to understand what exactly is CDC CDC stands for Change Data Capture Many times in projects we would like to go and maintain audit trail for a table On the screen you know I have a simple sales table here I have two records here Shiv and Raju Somebody changes […]

Creating an HTML Résumé

Making an HTML Résumé In this overview we’ll cover how you should design your résumé on paper first, use a table toorganize it. (See previous videos for how to build tables in HTML.) Use links to your e-mail, to your employer, to your school, to your home page. And don’t forget, this is a résumé, […]