What should be the support worker’s role?

I think in an ideal world the professional would listen carefully to what families would like to see and the families of course include the person with a disability as well so their voice needs to be well articulated and families are very very good at saying what they they need and want and they […]

In Pursuit of the Creative Life: Interview with Questlove

>>Jane Chu: It’s my privilege to introduce our keynote speaker. What a powerhouse of creativity. Questlove is a four-time Grammy Award winning drummer, DJ, designer, producer, culinary entrepreneur, co-founder of the band, The Roots, and the musical director for the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where his Roots crew serves as house band. He’s a […]

How To Restore Windows When Windows Cannot Start Normally | HP Computers | HP

Restore your computer when Windows cannot start normally using System Restore. Shut down the computer. If it will not shut down, press and hold the Power button until the computer shuts off. After a few seconds, turn the computer back on, and then press the F11 key repeatedly to open the Advanced Startup Options menu. […]

Are your skills from the military transferable to the civilian workplace?

I am surprised still about how long it’s taken me to find employment with my experience and qualifications and I never expected that coming out of the military. Gavin Ball from the RFEA helped me understand how my skills would be transferable. The skills we gain in our tenure with the military are endless and […]

Canon Pixma RESET – [English Subtitles] – Drucker zurücksetzen – [4K]

Hello and welcome to this video In this video I’ll show you how to reset your Canon Pixma printer If you’re experiencing any error messages on your Pixma then try to reset your printer Click on the infocard for further videos how to remove Canon printer errors But if you still get any error messages […]