On average, over 800,000 people kill themselves every year around the world. Suicide is the 15th leading cause of mortality accounting for some 1.5% of all deaths. More people die by suicide than are collectively murdered, die in traffic accidents, or are killed by animals. It remains entirely strange then that through the media we […]

One of Kurt Cobain’s Final Interviews – Incl. Extremely Rare Footage

Kurt Cobain Final Interview So… I do a book show in March. Where, we talk to… You do what? A book show… Oh!. Talk to different people about favorite books. That you’ve read and… How it’s inspired you or what you’ve learned from it, or something like that. So you do have a book that… […]

Bill Wiese (Man Who Went To Hell) – 23 Minutes in Hell

But if you want nothing to do with God, you want to deny Him there is a place prepared that has nothing to do with Him. God gives man a choice because that’s what love does, it gives a choice. He is the only way, there is no other way. I don’t care what you […]

Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare’s Hamlet Summary

Hamlet is the prince of Denmark his father was the king, but he died before the play begins Hamlet’s uncle Claudius has taken over as King and married Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. At the beginning at the play a ghost appears to some soldiers; he looks just like Hamlet’s father, the dead King. The soldiers agree […]