73 Questions With Emily Blunt | Vogue

– [Interviewer] Emily Blunt! – Hello Joe! Get out of here Sam. – [Interviewer] Here we are for your 73 question interview. – [Interviewer] Can’t wait and first of all if I may be blunt… Why are you here on the Vogue floor? – So, Anna is in Europe for the week and she’s asked […]

Ed Sheeran Reveals his Favourite New Tattoos | GQ Cover Stars | British GQ

I’m Ed Sheeran for GQ, we are under some train arches, and there’s one now. Budgets been slashed. Life has been great in the last year. I took 12 months off, and spent six months making an album, and six months travelling. I did get a tattoo while I was travelling, yeah. I got this […]

73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

– [Interviewer] Hailey, hey. – Hey. – [Interviewer] Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule to ask- – 73 questions. – [Interviewer] You know how this works. Is it true I’m catching you 17 hours and 19 minutes before your first ever Vogue cover shoot? – That’s true. – [Interviewer] How does […]

73 Questions With Gina Rodriguez | Vogue

– Coming! – Gina Rodriguez! – Hey. – [Interviewer] You better be ready to answer 73 questions in one go. – Sure. – [Interviewer] Ok. What have you been up to today? – Oh, today was the premiere of “Ferdinand.” – [Interviewer] Ok. And how did you start your day? – Looking in the mirror […]

73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

– Kanye. – Yo. – [Interviewer] I’m here to ask 73 questions. – I’m ready. – Babe. This is for me. – Oh. – The kids are in the room. – Kim. – [Interviewer] So I catch you guys home together. Is this like a rare thing? – It is really rare so lucky you. […]

How Jay Park is changing attitudes to Korean Beauty

I’m grace neutral a tattoo artist and activist I don’t know if my freaked out by my tattoos or the fact that I’m wearing a barber and coat in a spa I’m interested in ideas of alternative beauty and pushing our boundaries of positive body image I think never wear makeup again don’t you I […]

73 Questions With Saoirse Ronan | Vogue

– [Interviewer] Okay. [knocks] Saoirse! – Joe! – [Interviewer] Thanks for taking the time to answer seventy-three questions. – I’m honored. – [Interviewer] So honored also, myself, to be in London! – I know. – [Interviewer] What are you doing in London? – Just packin’ up my suitcase, do you want to come in? – […]

Tan France Gives Ali Wong A Movie Star Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, I’m Tan France and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – I don’t love this person. – Wanna watch me push that star game? – Hey Tan, who you talking to? Who the fuck are all these people? – They’re my crew. – […]

Tan France Gives John Mulaney a Hypebeast Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hello, I’m Tan France and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. I’m gonna push their style game so hard. Wanna watch? – Hello, I’m Tan France. Shit. – Your line is “I’m John Mulaney.” – Hi, I’m John Mulaney. Hello, Tan France. – Hello, […]

Prezi Tutorial: Creating a new presentation in Prezi (1080p)

Welcome to this short video showing you how to create a new Prezi from a template or from scratch. This video also shows you how to add and edit text on the canvas. To create a new Prezi, you must be on the ‘Your Prezis’ page. If you’re not here, click on Your Prezis from […]