4 Tips for Crafting Great Speeches and Presentations

At some point in your life, you’re probably gonna to be asked to give a presentation. And this could be a great opportunity for you, but only if you prepare correctly. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity for failure. Even if you are a great speaker, even if you’re charismatic and confident and you’re able to walk […]


Class, stand. Good morning Mr. Muthu Raja. Okay sit. BAD STUDENTS: GREETINGS Alright. Where’s the other half of the class? Hey, Mr. Muthu Raja. Nippon Paint. Selfie. Can you help me throw this? GOOD STUDENTS: PAYING ATTENTION Okay class. Today, I’m gonna explain this new formula PE equals N1S. Alright, now I’m gonna expand the […]

10 Books EVERY Student Should Read – Essential Book Recommendations

Hey, what is up guys? So, I have got some book recommendations for you today and I am doing these in the middle of the summer so for those of you who want to get ahead before the school semester starts. You’ll have at least a month and a half. Right, Martin? About two months, […]

5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Acing Multiple Choice Tests

When it comes to taking multiple choice tests, there’s this common piece of advice that often gets thrown around. “When in doubt, always choose C.” Right? Or maybe for you it was B ’cause this advice comes from everywhere. Maybe you heard it from your dad or your teacher or you read it on the […]

How to Study Effectively with Flash Cards – College Info Geek

This is a flashcard. More specifically, it’s a bad flashcard. And by the end of this video, you’re gonna understand exactly why because today, we’re talking about how to make effective flashcards and how to study them more efficiently. Now, flashcards are an incredibly powerful learning tool because they promote active recall, the process of […]

How to Be More Confident Than Anyone You Know: 5 Effective Tips

Hey, what’s goin’ on, guys? So, recently over on my site, College InfoGeek, I published a post on soft skills, which are important to learn for getting jobs and for doing basically anything in your life. And today, we’re gonna dive deep into one of those soft skills, because today, we’re talking about how to […]

Study Less Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary of Marty Lobdell’s Lecture – College Info Geek

If you’ve spent any time at all on YouTube looking for study advice, then you’ve probably come across this video called Study Less, Study Smart. This is a recorded lecture from Professor Dr. Marty Lobdell, who is a former psychology professor at Pierce College, and wanted to give his thoughts on how to be an […]