Revive Serbia

Serbia is alive! We are a country where the people are genuinely hospitable, passionately care for others, and love to socialise. Despite their unique and loving qualities, Serbia suffers great challenges of economic depression, low economic standards, and divisions. The figure of Jesus Christ is not familiar to us. Pray for us evangelicals to be […]

Revive Norway

Despite being one of the happiest countries to live in, Norway has [a high] number of suicide cases every year. Alcohol and drug problems are common. Loneliness and insecurity are [rife]. Xenophobia, is widespread and “apatheism” is praised. Here are some ways you can pray for Norway. Wisdom for leaders and politicians as they lead […]

Revive Poland

Poland is still a Christian country in Europe. In spite of this fact, many people, especially the young, have a very bad image of church, and of God. Being a Christian nowadays is considered outdated and stupid. Please pray with us that God will break and change this stereotype. The biggest Polish idol we see […]

Using O Net Online to help build your resume

As you work on your resume it can be difficult to find the words to describe your work experiences in ways that are relevant to the jobs that you’re applying for. This is particularly difficult if you haven’t held a professional position before or if you’re changing fields. So I want to share with you […]

Revive Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an influential and rich country with a large financial sector and a high quality of life. This leads to a large focus on material things. Luxembourg is becoming increasingly secular and many people do not see the need for God. Pray that they will see God’s purpose for them, to share the gospel […]

Your Role in the Life of a Student with a Disability

This video will introduce you to your role in the life of a student with a documented disability and your related responsibilities as an Instructor. Student Accessibility Services is a unit in the Dean of Students Office in the Division of Student Affairs. Student Accessibility Services works with current ISU students who have self-identified as […]

Revive Slovakia

In Slovakia, people often worship religion and family, looking to these things to give their lives meaning. A feeling of hopelessness pervades among all generations, leading to people thinking that no matter what they do, nothing will ever change for the better. There is a growing group of people with strong nationalistic views, with a […]

How to Write a Summary

So we summarize all the time in our daily lives You may summarize something interesting that you read in the news Or you may summarize a movie plot line for a friend Or a lesson for a classmate who has been sick and missed the class And at some point in your academic carrer, you […]

How To Prepare For An Interview | Brandon Wisdom | University of Lincoln

Good day guys! My name is Brandon, and today we’re gonna be talking about one of my biggest trigger words as a student: Employment. *gasp* AHH! Wait, wait, before you click off of this video to recover, let me help you. One of the biggest problems that students encounter on their journey to getting a […]

Lena ep. 7 – Using Transferable Skills In My CV | The Great Grad Job Hunt

Hi guys, this is Lena coming to you from The Great Grad Job Hunt. What I want to talk to you about today are transferable skills. So, to get down to it, what are transferable skills? They can be defined as skills developed in one situation which can be transferred to another situation. They are […]