c# and .NET interview questions and answers :- How are interview questions asked in .NET interview ?

In the previous video we discussed what kind of questions are asked to dotnet Professionals so if you remember right in previous video we talked about 4 important sections the first one is .Net basics where absolute fundamental things are asked then second one is new technology where people query about WCF, Silverlight, LINQ those […]

Anonymous methods in c# .Net step by step – Interview Question.

In this video we will try to understand what are anonymous methods Now anonymous methods are very much connected to delegates So what we will do first is first will try to understand how a normal delegates looks like you already talked about normal delegates in the previous part of the video but we will […]

Visual studio Build VS Rebuild Vs Clean (c# interview questions with answers )

As a Visual Studio Developer i am not aware of a single day in my life when i have not clicked on build Rebuild or Clean Solution menu i am sure that many developer’s are aware of difference between these menus but believe me many developers are not aware of it so in this video […]

What is volatile keyword , c# (Csharp) and .NET interview questions ?

What of the most unsung keyword not discussed keyword not talk keyword or not known keyword i will say is the Volatile keyword now 90% time you will never use this key word but in case you are developing multi thread application and if you want to Handel concurrency in a better manner then definitely […]

Explain Coalescing operator ( ?? ) in c# ? C# and .NET interview questions with answers

In this video we will try to understand what exactly is Coalescing Operators in C# now let’s consider this simple scenario here you can see that i have 4 string here str1, str2, str3 and str4 now let’s say you would like to go and write a logic which actually first checks str1 if str1 […]

c# Fragile class problem ( .NET and c# interview question videos)

In the previous part of the video We saw what exactly is a Fragile classes problem and how to solve them In this video We will talk about How .NET Framework handles automatically some of the fragile class issues In order to understand the same What I have done is I have created two classes […]

What are Portable Class library in c#? (C# and .NET interview questions)

The hole point of creating a class library project is re-usability now we want this re-usability not only within in a .NET project or not across .NET project but also across different types of .NET projects now different types of .NET projects means which are created by templates of WPF windows, Silverlight, windows phone etc.. […]

c# interview questions :- What are indexers in c# ( Csharp) ?

In this video we will try to understand what exactly are indexers in what scenarios we need indexers Many times classes can have aggregated collections aggregated collection means for example you can see over here I have the customer class and i have a address class We have a requirement which says that One customer […]

c# (Csharp) and .NET interview questions:- What are the different types of collection in .NET and c#

In dot net development community there is lot of confusion regarding dot net collections now this confusion is not from the fundamental aspect in other words people are not confused that what is the collection and what is the benefit of collection etc but they are confused because of the different flavours of dot net […]

What kind of questions are asked in C# (Csharp) and .NET interviews ?

This is the very interesting question and very interesting topic and if you asked any dotnet developer he will quickly zero down to specific question like ASP.NET page life cycle difference between abstract class interface but that is not answer this question in complete totality and when we talk about IT market is very competitive […]