Sebastian Maniscalco Fears Gas Stations At Midnight | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience laughing) – We gotta pull over at night at a gas station. My biggest fear, getting murdered… (audience laughing) at a gas station, pumping gas. ‘Cause we all have our gas stations that we go to. It’s your primary one, you go there and that’s your one. When you go outta your neighborhood and […]

Tan France Gives Tiffany Haddish A Lil Kim Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hello, I’m Tan France and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. Wanna watch me push their style game? Follow along. (upbeat joyful music) (knocking) – Tan is that you? I been looking for you. – Oh hey Tiffany Haddish! – I need you in […]

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Ordered A Fosters Beer In Australia | Netflix Is A Joke

– Out of all the countries I performed in, my favorite country outside of home, is Australia. And I’ll tell you why. Australia, much like us in America, has its list of priorities. You know what’s not on their list? Political correctness. They do not care about your feelings. It’s like a country full of […]

Chris Rock Reveals How Housewives Play Their Husbands | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience laughs) – Oh man. The older you get the more shit you learn. One thing, the gangster-ish shit in the world. You learn, nothing more gangster, nothing smarter, nothing more powerful than a housewife. Housewives are the smartest motherfuckers on earth. People think it’s the working woman. No! Suckers work. (audience laughs) (Chris chuckles) […]

Sebastian Maniscalco Tried To Baptize His Jewish Baby | Netflix Is A Joke

– Now I was dealing with the whole, you know, we got a Jewish baby. I’ve got, my side was like, “What you gonna do? (audience laughing) “How you gonna raise the baby, what you gonna do? “No Christmas, you’re not gonna have a tree?” (audience laughing) Lot of people deal with this. “Well, you […]

Nikki Glaser Learned About Blue Balls | Netflix Is A Joke

– I think it is by far our best option to get you off, is having sex, it’s the easiest. I never understand when girls are like, “No I didn’t have sex with him. “We did everything except sex.” I’m like, “Are you exhausted? “Why would you do all the hard stuff? (audience laughing) “What’s […]

Mike Birbiglia: The New One | Official Trailer | Netflix

Maybe I have a low tolerance for children because I’ve lost a lot of great friends to kids. Because it really is like a disease in some way. But it’s worse than a disease, because they want you to have it too. They’re like zombies. You should have kids too. I’m watching you do it, […]

Iliza: Unveiled | Official Trailer | Netflix

from the mine that brought you or paint freezing hot confirmed kills and elder millennial you don’t see a bachelorette party coming fucking hearing – and if you’re hearing it don’t shoot till you see the whites of their wines comes the terrifying truth about getting married getting there is not that much fun you’re […]

Chris Tucker Got Bad Tax Advice | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience clapping) – I haven’t been married I’m scared to get married, I’m scared. I just made some money I ain’t trying to lose this shit right away. (audience laughing) Marriage sometimes ain’t a good business deal, ooh. (audience laughing) I’m looking though, I’m looking though, but you know, I need a woman who gonna […]

Mariska Hargitay Was Fired from a Power Rangers Movie

-I feel like, every time you’re here, we talk about you’re about to break a record, you’re breaking a record. Now it’s official — the longest-running drama in television history. That’s amazing. -Crazy. [ Cheers and applause ] Crazy, crazy. -And the longest-running character, as well. You’ve been there from the beginning. Olivia’s been there […]