Reviving Charlottetown’s skating club

The Charlottetown Skating Club has been in operation for close to 60 years. Looking back, when I grew up in the club, things weren’t as expensive. Ice costs or the registration fees weren’t as expensive and, probably 10 years ago, there were new sports that came in, that became popular, and so, the cost of […]

Genie Idol – UNB [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.06.22]

K-RUSH viewers, here’s our hello. Let’s be UNB! Hello, we’re UNB! Make a wish! What’s this all of a sudden? From what I hear, the first to try out for Genie-Idols is us guys, UNB! How is this going to work? In this segment, fans interested in Seoul get to pick out new places to […]

Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

[all chanting] Hey, hey, hey, y’all, wait up, hold on. Hold on. Listen up. Listen up. – Yeah. – Come on, man. Y’all ready for this? (all) Yeah! That’s right, y’all. ‘Cause you know what? We only get one chance. [all cheering] Let’s leave it all on the field today. [all cheering] No doubt. We […]

Regular People Try To Beat The Fastest Man In The World

– So, we got Usain Bolt dropping by the office today to surprise a bunch of regular people and challenge them to see if they can beat his personal best time. – What’s his best time? – 9.58 seconds, 100 meters, in Berlin, 2009. – I feel like if there was food at the other […]

Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming

How you doing? Good, I’m very well. How are you? I’m doing well, thank you. And I want to say I saw– it was a rough cut of the movie. But it is easily the best Spider-Man movie and a great movie. – Thank you. Thank you. [cheering] JIMMY KIMMEL: And we were all knocked […]

How to Prepare for your Interview – Sports Journalism

I am Doctor John Price and I am the program leader for… The interview for Sports Journalism can take a number of forms we do group interviews sometimes where students will sit down with other Sports Journalism applicants we do telephone, 1 to 1 interviews where again we speak to students for maybe 10 minutes […]

KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

All Sports Baseball Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up, guys? Welcome to the F.A.D.P.A.S.B.B. Nice. First annual Dude Perfect All Sports Baseball Battle. Here we go! Dude Perfect. The rules of this battle are simple. After each Round, the dude with the lowest score will be eliminated. Welcome to the first of three competitions. Obviously, with all sports baseball battle there will […]

How To Dismount & Remount A Cyclo-cross Bike | CX Skills

How to get on and off of your bike has been discussed on GCN by many prominent riders. Now, like a good old recipe from your grandmother, it’s passed down through the generations. I learned it a certain way. Maybe the Belgians learned it a different way and their cookies taste different than our cookies […]