NiGHTS into Dreams | Prototype Footage + Sonic Team Interview | Sega Video Magazine (May 1996)

Sega Saturn ??? Exhibition March 27 – Tokyo Prince Hotel As you’ll notice now and later, the level layout path for Spring Valley does not resemble the final version’s. It’s pretty empty. NiGHTS Production Team (Sonic Team) Producer – Yuji Naka Planner – Takashi Iizuka Director – Naoto Oshima Different font used for the point […]

Mega Man Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!

Boomstick: Today we’ve got access to all sorts of personalized data and 23andme can help you learn about yourself with the most trustworthy source around. Your own DNA. Wiz: With more than 125 genetic reports; 23 and Me can give you insight about your health physical traits and more. Boomstick: Feel like you can never […]