How To Get Companies To Pay You Closing For Them

Like, I was talking with a buddy of mine and he was… Closing and he’s wondering, “Why would anybody hire me “if nobody knows who I am,” right? Don’t you need to have credibility to be a closer? Well I think, first of all, he has to understand it’s not about him, right? Companies nowadays, […]

How To Answer The Interview Question, “What’s Your Dream Job?”

5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire – Grant Cardone Trains His Sales Team LIVE

I’m getting ready to go in and do a meeting for my sales team They’re on the phone every day. They think I’m going in there talk about sales I’m going in there talk about money because if you don’t have your money, right if you’re not thinking about money correctly. Guess what? You’re never […]

Here’s How To Ace The Interview Question, “Why Do You Want This Job?” | CNBC Make It.

why do you want this job your answer to this common interview question will either cement your place in a hiring managers list or erase you from it if you want to stand out from the pack here’s how you can ace a question you are sure to get it seems simple enough when you’re […]