Resume Basics – Tutorial #2 – What Recruiters Look For

Now that we have the basic layout of resumes and how they’re put together I’m gonna talk to you a little bit more about what recruiters look for in resumes. now using the same resume template we used in the other video, recruiters are generally never reading your resume in it’s entirety. Typically on average […]

Cover Letter Basics – Tutorial #1 – Layout and Content

In this video we’re going to talk a little bit about cover letters. Now a cover letter is basically just a letter to the employer, emphasizing why they should hire you. Now with your cover letter there are a couple of basic elements that you are going to want to include, the first being is […]

Resume Basics – Tutorial #1 – Resume Layout

There are probably about a million different ways to do a resume and regardless of the way you choose to do your resume if you’re not getting call backs then you should think about changing it up, because the main point of the resume is to get you an interview. In this video, I’m gonna […]