How to Write a Skills Section for Your Resume in 2020 [Examples Included]

Hi! We’re Kickresume and we’re going to show you how to list your skills on a resume. Ultimately, your skills section can look like this: This: Or even this: The key here is relevancy. That means you should only mention those skills that are essential for the job you want. Carefully reread the job description […]

Prioritisation (Study skills)

I’m going to talk about a time frame based method of prioritisation that’s adapted from a really helpful blog post by Blurt, which is a charity that works with people with depression. I’ll link the blog post in the comments if you want to read it. So first of all, you need to work out […]

Summarize Scale Data with Frequencies and Descriptives Commands in SPSS (Ep.6A)

In our last video, we learn to explore categorical data; both ordered categories called “ordinal”, and unordered categories, called “nominal”. But what about continuous data like interval and ratio? We are going to dive deeper into exploring and summarizing scale level data with SPSS. After you import your data, but before you run your hypothesis […]

Explore and Summarize Categorical (Nominal or Ordinal) Data in SPSS (Ep.5)

After you import your data, but before you run your hypothesis tests, you should explore your data. When you have categorical variables, you want to know if you have any missing data. You want to see frequencies, percentages, and get a picture of how those data look. We are going to dive deeper into exploring […]

Further Ponderings on the Skills Gap

The gap between the skills that job applicants possess and those that employers require is called the “skills gap.” With unemployment at a record low, the pool of qualified applicants—which wasn’t that large to begin with—is drying up. Exactly what skills are we talking about? Thought leaders break these skills down into two types, hard […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Illegal Job Interview Questions

This is Peggy Charlton at the end of the job interview for Expert Village. There are several things that you will not want to discuss during the interview such as you have the legal right not to be asked about your personal life, your religion, your children or what your husband does. These are actually […]

Assessments on the Resume Builder Tool

Welcome to our video series on using the Illinois workNet Resume Builder, powered by Optimal Resume. This video explains how to create or edit an Assessment series from your Document Center. From the Document Center of your Resume Builder account, find the Assessments block. You can find other assessments that you created or Create a […]

Lena ep. 7 – Using Transferable Skills In My CV | The Great Grad Job Hunt

Hi guys, this is Lena coming to you from The Great Grad Job Hunt. What I want to talk to you about today are transferable skills. So, to get down to it, what are transferable skills? They can be defined as skills developed in one situation which can be transferred to another situation. They are […]

What is a functional CV & what is it good for?

A functional CV focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. The idea here is to group your skills together under themes, rather than present a chronological work history. It is typically used by job seekers who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history. In this […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Job Interview Tips

Hello! Peggy Charlton here for Expert Village. When you are ending the interview, make sure you thank them, shake their hand again, look the person in the eye and say I hope I will be hearing from you soon. When you are in your job interview, something strange or unavoidable might happen in the room […]