How These ‘Entitled’ Millennials Want Jobs That ‘Pay’

D: Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this really weird video. I already don’t know how we’re going to title it. D: It’s gonna be like an interview conversation thing. I’m Daniel O’Brien, this is Talia Jane D: You’ve written a couple articles for us here at Cracked. D: You can find them on […]

If Gayle King was Black

(upbeat music muted for copyright claim) Lisa, are you ready? Yes. – Great, great! Mic check, mic check. – [Man] Mic check’s good. Mic is good. – Excellent, excellent. – [Man] And 5… 4… 3… 2… and 1. – Good evening, everyone. This is WBS, White Broadcasting System, and I’m Gayle King. And today’s special […]

Betrayal – PUBG Logic (reviving team mates and loot drops) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Okay, we gotta go guys. The blue’s coming in. *shots at the team* AAH! SH*T! *gunshots* Got em, got em! He’s down. Insta-kill! Good work! I’ll get Alan. No no no it’s all good. I’ll get him. I’ll get him. You guys go to cover! I’ve got him! I got him! The blue’s coming. No […]

Scrooge Encounters A Cyborg From Christmas In 3050 | Netflix Is A Joke

– [Man] We now return to the Channel 20 Christmas classic, “The Night Scrooge Saved Christmas.” (patting pajamas) (grunts) (dramatic music) – Oh! It’s Christmas! (ripping wall) (roars) Who are you? – I am the ghost of Christmas way future. – I’ve already met the ghost of Christmas future. – I said way future, Scrooge! […]

Art | Spaced | Series 1 Episode 3 | Dead Parrot

You want a piece of me? Come get some. Heads up. Oh, shit! – Oh, hiya. – Don’t sneak up on me like that! Ooohh! Do you want a cup of tea? Yes. – There’s your tea. – Thank you. – You’re up early. – I haven’t been to bed. Me and Mike met up […]

Jerah Milligan Wrote “Reparations” Based Off A Real Club Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

(beep) – “Reparations” is a sketch, oh I wrote that sketch. – Yeah I was like, “Yeah you wrote it!” – Sorry. (upbeat music) (typing sound) – It’s time to get lit! (sirens) Shout out to all the single ladies in the house. All the fellas with a good job, and to the black folk […]

Children Wreak Havoc On A Gingerbread Family | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(light holiday music) – Open it! – Okay, a gift. – Come on, come on. – (gasps) Chocolate! (laughing) (excited yelling) – We could use this for the roof. – Oh, yes! – You shouldn’t have. – Momma, Papa, we have an announcement. – [Both] We’re pregnant! (excited gasping) – Our baby’s having a baby! […]

How To Fake Your Way Through Astronomy Class | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, we’re Astronomy Club, and today, we’re gonna teach you about astronomy. (bright orchestral music) All right, so somebody pick something out the hat. – Galileo Galilei. – Come on, now. ♪ Galileo ♪ – Everyone knows about Galileo Galilei, or as we like to call double G. (group chatting) Well, everyone knows that […]

“Audition Room” Full Sketch | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(people chatting in distance) – Hi, yo, what up, fellas? (hands slapping) (laughing) I’m loving how many black people are in here. Aw man, you know a few years ago, this cast room was all white. – Oh, it feels so good to finally audition for a show with all black writers. – Yes. – […]

Astronomy Club Finds Out They Have A Netflix Show | Netflix Is A Joke

So it’s called “Edward Scissorhands.” – Yeah. – Okay. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club. Uh-huh. Yeah? M’hm. Yeah? – [gasps] – Oh! Yeah. – Aww. – Oh. Okay. Alright, playboy. I’ll see ya. We got a show. Netflix show! – Netflix show! – Hey, everybody! Wait. Just remember, we can’t let this change us. – Yeah. […]