Q5: On the hardening of attitudes between China and the US (19th Forbes Global CEO Conference 2019)

That is a real problem Because you had tensions before, you had issues before but with the way the issues have been joined and raised to a high profile, attitudes have hardened on both sides. If you go to the United States, you will find that it is not just the administration or the White […]

Interview with Binance’s Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

Can you tell us your story? So who is CZ or where do you come from? So I was born in China and then I moved to Canada when I was 12. Even in China, I moved between three or four cities when I was young. So I was always moving around, living in different […]


Class, stand. Good morning Mr. Muthu Raja. Okay sit. BAD STUDENTS: GREETINGS Alright. Where’s the other half of the class? Hey, Mr. Muthu Raja. Nippon Paint. Selfie. Can you help me throw this? GOOD STUDENTS: PAYING ATTENTION Okay class. Today, I’m gonna explain this new formula PE equals N1S. Alright, now I’m gonna expand the […]

12 Types of Students During Recess

Good morning friends and teachers today for show-and-tell I brought something special This is a pot. This pot is special because it belongs to my mother She used to cook in this and if you guys listen close enough, you guys still can hear her voice? Okay, thank you Ren Yi Xiang please take a […]

Singaporeans Try: Reacting To Old Report Cards Because Grades Are NOT Everything!

Wah! Why my score so shitty?! Hi guys! Hi! Hi! How long has it been since you’ve graduated from secondary school? Actually what… Oh My God, 10 years eh! 7 years. 10 years. Wow. That means you graduated in 2007. 8 years. 13 years. How was your schooling experience? In primary school I was a […]


>>Good morning, Mrs. June.>>What’s wrong with you all? Never eat breakfast, is it? One more time with energy.>>Good Morning, Mrs. June.>>Is that the best you’ve got? One more time!>>GOOD MORNING, MRS. JUNE!>>Slightly better. Sit down. THE BIASED TEACHER>>So class, if you have any further questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. I always encourage my […]

Singaporeans Try: 48 Hours In Paris

Cheers! Oh! – Oh my god. – Oh my god.. – Bonjour! – Bonjour! So in the previous episode, you watched us travel through London. And right now, as you can see, we’re here in Paris. And we got here using the Eurostar train. Yea and of course you’ll need your internet to travel. That […]

RunSohFast: I Tried to Beat the National Half Marathon Record (Gold Coast Marathon)

What’s up guys? I’m Soh Rui Yong, two times SEA games gold medalist in the marathon. In the previous episode, you watched me run from the West to the East of Singapore. This time, with special thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland, I’m headed to the land down under to compete in the 21km event […]

Singaporeans Try: Non Drivers Take The BTT

TheSmartLocal.com You might as well just replace (it) with a quote. “Do whatever you want.” “Do what makes you happy!” PD: Hi guys! Hi! What is your most frequent mode of transport? MRT! Grab too, actually. Oh yah, Grab too. Train. Bus and train, because you can save money. PD: Then, do you all drive? […]